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The Healing Crystals You Need In Your Life ASAP (No Rocky)

The Healing Crystals You Need In Your Life ASAP (No Rocky)

We live in a society that values physical health, mental health (even if it took us a long time to get there)… but who is reminding you to focus on your SPIRITUAL health? Yes, some people will try to pass off spiritual health as some silly woo woo nonsense we millennials and gen z kids are spouting just to build up our brands Apparently, that’s ALL we care about, right? Well, that and what the Kardashian-Jenner girls are doing. 

But who cares what THEY think? WE’LL be running the world soon, perfectly aligned chakras and all. 

One way we’re clapping back at the old farts running the establishment is by taking matters of healing into our own hands. In a world where lupus patients are throwing away their medicine and using the foods they eat to cure their symptoms, and where CBD oil is being added to EVERYTHING we consume (patience—we’ve got you covered there too!), who’s to say we can’t use healing crystals as a way to prevent illnesses and ward off bad juju? In other words, we’re handling our personal health bidness like a straight up G. 

So, just when did the idea of dripping in crystals and finesse, start to make sense in the wellness world? 

Ummm, forever ago. While we can’t pinpoint the exact date, time and country responsible for bringing this discovery into the world and on fleek, we can at least acknowledge that it’s nothing new. We’re just finding new and more practical ways to use it, because we good like that. Crystals are in fact, some of the earliest of Earth’s structures and excellent transmitters of energy. Each one serves a different purpose, but you can use them in a variety of ways to unlock their maximum benefits…not to mention your inner goddess.

Build A Beautiful Altar

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

A sacred space is something we should all make a point to add to our list of self-care must-haves. Whether you follow a specific religious faith or not, an altar full of your favorite things can be a great place to visit—if only to remind yourself of how awesome you are. Remember, the most effective altars are built with a clear intention, and crystals can often provide clarity for your thoughts while being a place to pour your spiritual power into. 

Of course, selecting which crystals you display in this sacred space is an entirely personal decision. However, amethyst is one of the most popular choices. Known as the “all-purpose stone,” there is nothing this powerful purple gem can’t do. It calms the mind, fights off anxiety, sleepless nights and ultimately—connects you to your higher self. Raise your hand if you DON’T need a little of that. No? Didn’t think so.

Drink Your Medicine

Crystal-infused water is hardly a new concept—but crystal water bottles are, not to mention the most efficient way to absorb their healing powers. It is said that crystals are able to rid the body of toxins, and has been used as a way to cleanse water (be it for rituals, bathing or drinking) in the past. Taking these properties into your body will have you vibrating on a higher level. 

We recommend clear quartz for this, though you will probably be tempted to get one a little more colorful and insta worthy. Again, it’s up to you—and there is no wrong choice. However, if amethyst is the “all-purpose stone” (also great for providing protection during your travels, clear quarts is the “all-purpose healer.” It is a sure-fire cure for whatever ails you—whether physical and emotional.

Meditate Daily

Via  Shape

Via Shape

OK, this is just an all-around good idea. Getting into the habit of daily meditation—if you aren’t already—will purge your mind, body and spirit of all negative energy and activate your chakras. If you’re already on a regular meditation schedule, it is the ideal time to charge your crystals. That’s right, charge. No good general sends her troops into battle without prepping them first, and your crystals deserve the same kind of attention. They are fighting your demons after all. Affirmations, prayers, clear intentions—all good. Better yet, you can place them on yoga mats for the ultimate power cleanse. Inhale. Exhale. 

Rose Quartz is the way to go for this one, babes. It serves as a symbol of peace and love, reminding you to keep an open heart as we walk through life in what can sometimes be very dark, very cold places.

Show Off

Via  Etsy

Via Etsy

Crystals as jewelry?! What will they think of next? Just kidding. But this goes just a little deeper than your impulse to make a fashion statement. Wearing crystals on your body can offer protection when you step beyond the walls of your home or can be placed strategically near certain chakras depending on which aspect of your life needs the most TLC that day. And yes, they are gorgeous!

I’m rubber and you’re glue—whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you. Remember that one? Black Tourmaline is great to wear out because it can shield you from the negative thoughts of others, while turning it back around on them. Some sad news for you successful ladies: not everyone is wishing you well. Screw ‘em. Wait, that doesn’t sound like our higher selves talking…we’ll have to work on that one.

Take 'em For A Run

Via  Instagram

Well, maybe don’t run in these beautiful shoes. But, if a former Jimmy Choo shoe designer can find the merit of incorporating crystals into everyday life, that’s saying something. This wellness footwear brand is not coy about highlighting the scientific benefits of the shoe, nor is it shy about the shoe’s “grounding capabilities.” You probably spend more time in shoes than not, and your feet are what tether you to the earth. If don’t feel like being bougie about it, create your own crystal shoes. But, realize they are crystal shoes. They’re going to be extra no matter how you make them. #firstworldproblems. 

If you are going to try making them, first of all—good for you! Second, we suggest using Citrine or Aventurine. Both bring luck and prosperity either financially, or in life experiences. What better charm to have with you while you’re on the go?

The Choice Is Yours

Again, there are no wrong answers here ladies—we’re all on different paths and we have different needs and desires at different points in our lives. There are also plenty of crystals NOT mentioned in this list, and it’s up to you to find what works for you. Remember: it’s a journey, so have fun with it.

Cover via Dharma Wheel




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