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How To Cure Nausea, When Nothing Else Works...

How To Cure Nausea, When Nothing Else Works...

Nausea is one of the worst feelings. You can barely move, feel like you could vomit at any moment, and treating it can be tough. I often suffer from nausea and used to think there was nothing I could do about it aside from rolling into a ball and waiting for the bout to pass. Then one day, I decided to try out some home remedies to see if anything actually worked. Here are my top remedies that actually make a difference:

Relax your muscles with a heating pad

Huggable Llama Cooling & Heating Pad  $29

Huggable Llama Cooling & Heating Pad $29

People would often tell me to take a bath when I was feeling nauseous, but the thought of going into the bathroom, turning on the water, waiting for the tub to fill up, fiddling with the temperature, and then all the fuss of getting undressed, bathing, drying off, putting clothes back on, and crawling back into bed was just too much to ask my fragile body. Instead, I purchased a small heating pad for under $15 and it was a complete gamechanger. I just lay it across my stomach and let it heat up, relaxing the muscles and alleviating pain. You can also get this really adorable microwavable llama to keep your tum warm. 

Discover the magic of peppermint


One time while lying in bed feeling nauseous, I remembered reading somewhere that peppermint can aid in nausea. I had a pack of Altoids nearby, so I popped one in my mouth. I was so surprised, but it worked! They didn’t make my nausea subside 100%, but they definitely made a difference. I now make sure I have Altoids in my purse and next to my bed at all times. They’re perfect if you wake up feeling sick and need a little relief before getting up, or if you’re at the office and can’t whip out your heated llama at your desk. I’ve also heard that sniffing a bit of peppermint oil can also help, but I haven’t tried that.

 Chew on some ginger

Ginger is widely touted for its ability to aid in stomach aches and nausea. It’s a go-to for anyone sick with the flu or a nasty hangover. That’s because ginger stimulates digestion, effectively relieving an upset stomach. I personally reach for a ginger ale so I can take advantage of the bubbles, which also help relieve nausea, but I know many people who just chew directly on some ginger root for maximum ginger power. 

Refresh with citrus

Citrus is also known to help with nausea. Some people like to slice a lemon so they can inhale the scent, or use a lemon essential oil. I like to turn a couple of lemon slices into a hot tea and sip on it slowly, often with some ginger and honey mixed in. I’ve also heard of people mixing some lime juice with water, a bit of sugar, and a teaspoon of baking soda. The baking soda neutralizes acids in the stomach, which can further alleviate pain. I’ve used baking soda and water to alleviate symptoms of UTIs in the past, but haven’t tested it on nausea.

I hope these remedies can deliver some relief the next time you’re suffering from nausea! The best thing that’s worked for me is to be prepared; I have a heating pad near my bed, my Altoid tins within reach, and ginger and lemon are staples in my kitchen. These are all the things that work best for me, but I’m not a doctor, so if you’re suffering from chronic conditions, always be sure to consult a professional!

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