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Still Got Those Resolutions?  - Horoscopes for January 7-13

Still Got Those Resolutions? - Horoscopes for January 7-13

We’re a full week into the new year, so let’s hope none of us have given up on our resolutions yet. Many of us will be blessed with strong determinations which means our resolutions will last another week at least. Keep it up, girls! Only two weeks after this and those will all become habits. Then we’ll be rich, fit, and fabulous in no time. 

While we work on that, we all have to watch out for impulsive decision making. This week is the week to think things through before we hop into big ideas. Seek professional advice if you absolutely need to make a big decision. Advice from your friends is great, but they might be suffering from the impulsive decisions, too. 



Take a second and think before you jump into any conclusions and especially before you speak without a thought. You might be impatient and aggressive, so you might say something that could piss someone off or burn a bridge you didn’t want to burn. You also have to power to influence your outcomes, but you’ll have to dodge manipulative behavior from others. Remember: only you have the power to control where your life takes you. 

Now what? You have the determination and investigation skills to get to the bottom of any mystery or secret. If you feel that someone is hiding something from you, do your best to uncover it now. Be Nancy Drew, girl! 



The Moon is in Aquarius, so your private and home life is in focus. It’s the perfect time to talk about relationships because you’ll be more in tune with your emotions. Don’t be afraid to delve into those deep feelings and say what you’re really feeling. You may have to lean on the emotional support from others, but you’ll feel better once you get everything off your chest. 

Now what? Speaking of deep emotions, some surprising feelings may come to the surface. A hidden crush may finally reveal itself, so chase after it. Don’t be afraid of a new love. 



Embrace your surroundings, Pisces, you’re more in touch with nature and close friends and family. The bad part is that you’ll feel most of the negative energy instead of the positive. Instead of focusing on that negative energy, surround yourself with positive people that you enjoy being around. You’ll also be more productive and on top of your work this week without having to worry about having to worry about bad habits getting in the way. 

Now what? Your bad habits won’t be much of a bother to you, but you’ll still have to harness them. Channel all that bad energy into getting your work done in a more proficient way. Shouldn’t be too hard. 



Think before you speak, Aries. You might find yourself impatient and aggressive, which can lead to impulsive decisions. Now’s not the time to make big decisions on your own. But your aggressiveness will give way to to deeper connections with your family and especially with your significant other. Your relationship with your SO will gain a newfound intensity and sensual desire from this. 

Now what? The hobbies you love will benefit from a blast of passion. Now’s a great time to jump back into the projects you haven’t been working on in a while. You’ll be blessed with creativity, so use it to your advantage. 



Your rational side is here to balance out your emotional side. You’re prepared to make keen perceptions which will allow you to access any situation for the best next mood. You’ll be able to read others like an open book, so you’ll always know exactly what to do. Naturally, you’ll be more connected to those people that you comfort, so use this newfound power to your advantage and learn a few things. 

Now what? Say hello to positive transformation. You have the power to make positive influences in your life. No more procrastinating. Now’s the time to change your destiny. 



Fast reflexes and a strong sense of purpose means you’re equipped to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time. If you have had work piling on for ages, now’s the time to sit yourself down and get it all done at once. You’ll have the energy and the strength to do anything you set your mind to. As long as you set realistic goals and be honest with yourself, you’ll be all set. 

Now what? Faith in yourself may be tested later in the week. You might have over idealized or trusted someone too much and suffered a loss. Don’t let that get you down. Dry your tears and keep on dreaming. 



Your family and significant other, will want to cozy up to you all week because of the tender love you’ll be doling out all week. And if you don’t already have a relationship to do that with, then don’t worry. Your charm and natural beauty will have you finding a beau in no time. All it takes is a little honesty and openness to kindle that love. Your only stepping stone this week is communication. Any hard work that comes your way should be done alone because involving more than one person might end up slowing you down. 

Now what? Now’s not the time to rely solely on the words of others. Trust your gut and pay attention to your surroundings so that you don’t get screwed over with blind trust. 



Take this week to relax because your relationships are stress free (Hallelujah!). Feel free to express all the love and affection you want without the fear of receiving passive aggressive comments. And since everyone will be in such a jovial mood, go ahead and ask for favors because no one’s here to turn you down. But an event or a person could have you feeling like you don’t have any power. Sometimes a compromise is needed to keep everyone feeling satisfied and for you to keep your ego.  

Now what? This buildup of pressure could have you making impulsive decisions. Use all the self-control you can muster to keep yourself from making any wrong choices. 



Your love life is in the limelight, but it might not be in a good way. Underlying tensions might make it hard to go out and have fun, so you may want to get to the bottom of whatever is causing those tensions. But try not to use people to get pleasure for yourself. They will catch on quick and then you’ll have some noticeable tension in a different relationship. 

Now what? You have control over your life, and especially with people in power. Go out there and make a big impression. Things are bound to go your way. 



It’s time to take initiative with your love and money, Libra. You’re bound to succeed with the help and support from your friends and family. They’re here this week to back you up in whatever you decide instead of trying to control what you do. But while you have control over your money and love life, try to relinquish control on other things that could get you in trouble with authority. Don’t let your ego get in the way at work. Try to let some things go, even if it pains you to do so. 

Now what? If you have any strains in your relationship, the best way to fix it is with love. Any drama that you might have can quickly be solved by doling out lots of kisses. Easy peasy. 



Your extra mental energy and concentration means it’s a good time for studies and paperwork. Your need to succeed will also have you working faster than ever. Those bad tendencies that used to hold you back will actually help you out this week, so take advantage. 

Any risks or adventures you want to take will pay off in the end, so don’t be afraid to jump off a cliff into the unknown. 

Now what? All this positive energy might have you feeling invincible. Everything will continue to go your way as long as you don’t abuse your power. Bad juju will follow. 



Your love and creativity will come into focus this week, Sag. Others will be attracted to your warmth and charisma. So, get out the house and embrace your new social life. New friendships and relationships will come easily to you. You’ll also attract material goods, so now’s the perfect time to treat yo’self. Free stuff will be flying at you left and right. 

Now what? Later in the week, your faith will be tested by an embarrassing loss. You might trust someone too much and have your heart broken, but don’t let them break your spirit. Pick yourself back up and try again. 

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