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How To Use Accessories To Make Old Outfits, Always Look Like New Ones

How To Use Accessories To Make Old Outfits, Always Look Like New Ones

There are many things that can take an outfit from average to awesome. A killer piece of jewelry is one of the easiest ways to take your outfit to the next level. These particular pieces will make sure that you standout all year long, no matter where you are going. Some of them are perfect for date nights so your date will not be able to take their eyes off of you whereas others will help add some pep into your step during work days filled with meetings. 

Fringe Drop Earrings 

These fringe drop earrings will add just the right amount of sunshine on a rainy day. Pair them with this Lindsey’s Kloset “Its Slit” jumpsuit and, some bomb heels to have all of the office girls at your feet. These earrings are also great for a night out as they will be sure to stand out in even the most crowded bar! (Click images to shop)

Madeline Beaded Earrings 

If you are looking for a pair of earrings for a formal event, then these Mignonne Gavigan earrings are the way to go! These earrings will make a statement but won’t look too tacky that people will be whispering about you afterwards. These look amazing when paired with a smile white dress and some orange heels to tie everything together. These can be worn to the office or out to a fancy dinner with your bae. (Click images to shop)

Pendant Necklace 

Now we know what you are thinking, why is this simple pendant on a list of jewelry that is supposed to stand out among the rest?! Well, when worn with the correct outfit, this necklace will add just the right amount of bling to your outfit! Pair this adorable little pendant with a little black dress and some designer heels to have everyone wondering how you pulled off such a killer look with so little color or design! (Click images to shop)

The Sunburst Lariat Necklace 

If you are trying to find a look for a formal night out, such as a business event or even a wedding, then this one is sure to turn heads! The Sunburst Lariat Necklace from Lindsey’s Kloset pairs amazing with the Isabella Button Up Maxi Dress also available at Lindsey’s Kloset. The necklace has many layers which makes it speak for itself, this is why a simple dress with a pop of color is the perfect combination! (Click images to shop)

Belly Chain

There are few sexier accessories then this Faceted Bead Belly Chain from Lindsey’s Kloset. This adds just the right amount of mystery and wonder when going out for a night on the town with friends. It will let everyone know that you are there to have fun but will allow you to decide just what kind of what you are looking for ;) Pair this with a two-piece dress by Lulu’s and some booties to have a night to remember. (Click images to shop)

Tournis Tresse Bracelet 

Maybe necklaces and earrings are not really your thing, but you are still trying to find an accessory that stands out. Well, look no further because this Tournis Tresse Bracelet from Hermes is definitely the way to go! It is causal so it can be worn on as an everyday bracelet. What stands out most about this piece of jewelry is its unique color that somehow seems to match everything.  (click images to shop)

Cosmic Teardrop Choker 

Chokers are back, and we’re loving it! Chokers are a great accessory because since they sit so high up, and so close to your face they are a natural attention grabber. This Teardrop Choker from Lindsey’s Kloset has a little bit of glitz and glam so it can be worn with formal outfits. However, it is not too over the top so pair it with a cute top like this Lover Tee from Lindsey’s Kloset, and a pair of leather pants for a night out with friends.  (Click images to shop)

Moroccan Stud Ring 

When going for a more “cool girl” vibe, then rings are the way to go. They make it look like you are not trying too hard, even if you are! There is no way that the glitz of this Moroccan Stud Ring from Lindsey’s Kloset will not grab someone’s attention while walking down the street! This awesome jean jacket with a fur collar from Lindsey’s Kloset and some classic skinny jeans will have you strolling down the street without a care in the world. (Click images to shop)

Cover image via Stylish Women Outfits

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