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Introducing The Fab, Fit Ladies On The 'Gram That Will Make You Say "Kayla Itsines, Who?"

Introducing The Fab, Fit Ladies On The 'Gram That Will Make You Say "Kayla Itsines, Who?"

If you don’t already know about her, you’re about to. Kayla Itsines is an entrepreneurial fitness guru who launched a not-so-little workout app called Sweat (the bikini body guide) that will take your body to new heights and make you feel like your healthiest, happiest self. Fitness is her passion and getting you healthy is her main goal. 

With so much well-deserved hype around Itsines, you’re probably wondering who else is out there slaying dragons in the world of fitness tech and technique. No problem! We got you (don’t we always?). No need to thank us—but we’ve compiled a list of lady game changers that are ready to take you to fitness heaven with their incredible creations and techniques. These fab ladies are so good…they will make the Bikini Body Guide a thing of the past. Sorry, Kayla! 


Hannah Bronfman is an absolute rockstar when it comes to fitness. She launched HBFIT.com which covers her secrets to health, fitness and beauty. She understands that health starts from the inside out. Bronfman is quick to share her recipes workout routines and her beauty go-tos so that you can become your best self. She is all about mind-body connection and feeling good inside your body.


This K-named duo made up of Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott launched the app Tone It Up. Their goal in the app creation was to make workouts accessible, fun and social. The app has an online community where you can interact with others on their fitness journeys. They connect women of all ages, body types and stages in their health journeys. After all, fitness is always more fun and attainable with a group cheering you on (what else is Instagram for?).


Natalie Jill is not messing around when it comes to fitness. When you land on her ‘gram it says that she likes to “Kill fat and get you radical results.” If you are looking for a total body makeover head on over to her page. She created the 7 Day Jump Start to give those the right tools on your journey to health success! She is ready to teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable, no matter what the haters say.


Creator of the Body Love app, Anna Victoria wants to teach you how to live healthy and love yourself fully! She has meal plans, workouts and educational tools to teach you how to get the body and health you desire. She is big on teaching how to set goals and achieve them. Her ‘gram is full of fitness photos and inspirational words to keep you motivated on the days you’re feeling sluggish.


If gentle yoga is more your speed, then Caitlin Turner is perfect to acquaint yourself with. Her ‘gram is full of gorgeous yoga poses that will heal your mind, body and spirit. She helped to design clothing for Alo that will keep you zen and cozy during your yoga workouts. Yoga looks effortless, but those muscle groups beg to differ!


Jessamyn is a goddess representing all the curvy fit girls out there. Her Instagram will show you how to embrace your curves with high energy vinyasa flow yoga moves on your journey to health. This boss babe has a podcast called Jessamyn Explains It All where she talks about living a yogi lifestyle in the 21st century. Its focus on body positivity will have you glowing from the inside and out.


Hello, Hollywood! Jeanette Jenkins is a celebrity fitness guru that is here to change your lifestyle to change your life. She has worked with Amber Rose, Kelly Rowland and Serena Williams to name a few. Her Instagram is full of healthy meal choices, big smiles and advice to get you to your fitness goals! She has DVDs available that will get you into shape in the comfort of your own home.


Emily Skye is a triple threat. She is a mom, fitness star and beauty maven. Her Insta is going to show you how to tone your arms, shape your butt and get rock hard abs (we all love our bodies here at Exhibit A—but it sounds like we’d love them a little more with her help!). If you have a super busy life and feel like you have no time for working out, Skye will show you how it’s done. She combines High Intensity Circuit Training (HIIT) that burns calories, functional weight training that sculpts muscles and stretch sessions that correct posture and lengthen muscles. 


This blonde bombshell is on a mission. Alex Silver-Fagan is here to show you how to get healthy with her fitness advice. She is a certified NIKE master trainer, so she knows a whole lot about training your muscles and pushing your body to its target goals. Her ‘gram is going to inspire a lot of determination and strength in you both body and mind. She has programs available on her website that include; the bodyweight workout, dumbell workout, and kettlebell workouts. It’s all about the strength training, ladies!


Lyzabeth Lopez is known for her “hourglass workouts” to get that timeless (see what we did there?) hourglass shape you have been dreaming about for years. She is a holistic nutritionist and will teach you how to nourish your body in ways that will help you shed the pounds effortlessly. Her booty boosting fitness app called “Train with Lyzabeth” sure to make your badonkadonk look KILLER in that new dress you just bought!

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