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How To Nail A Layered Look During The Summer Time

How To Nail A Layered Look During The Summer Time

    “A layered look in the summer?!” You gasp. Yes, layered looks are not only great for winter and fall. You can totally layer your outfit even when the sun is shining it’s brightest.  The most important aspect to layering during the summer is that you just have to make sure you are picking the right materials, accessories and and pieces that will keep you feeling mighty fine in the summertime. The options are truly endless for layered summer looks. We are here to show you how, and guide you to some of the most bomb summer combinations that will land you on the front page of your local style blog. Layering causes your outfit to stand out because it allows you to hone in your style and personalize it to your personality. Anyone can learn to layer with a little practice! Whether you are at beach or at a picnic, you can layer and look super cute in all your summer pictures with your besties.

It’s a Sheer Thing

                             Bralette $20  /  Sheer Top $35  /  White Beaded Choker $7.20

                            Bralette $20 / Sheer Top $35 / White Beaded Choker $7.20

One of summer’s cutest looks is pairing a bralette with a sheer top and cute shorts. Sheer tops come in so many colors, so pick your favorite palette combo. You can choose a super flirty, lacy bralette to pair with the sheer top. This look would be great for a summer festival or hanging around the pool at a friend’s house. You can wear a choker with this, to top the look off.

Following the Rules Can Be Boring

                                      Jacket $300  /  Pants $14.99  /  Scarf $13

                                     Jacket $300 / Pants $14.99 / Scarf $13

                                     Booties $93

                                    Booties $93

Summer is one of those times where you can feel as free as you want to. From jumping into pools late, to night bonfires in the woods, it’s okay to break the occasional rule for the fun of it. This is why you’re going to want a gorgeous denim jacket for the summer nights for rebellion. Pick a plain white tank top and throw on Lindsey’s Kloset’s ‘Break the Rules’ denim jacket. With this playful jacket, you’ll want to wear some dark black slacks, a hankerchief around your neck, and some cute pink booties to match the lettering. 

Layering is the New Chic

                                         Jacket $450  /  Dress $59  /  Necklace $48

                                        Jacket $450 / Dress $59 / Necklace $48

Keeping in line with the girl boss attitude, Lindsey’s Kloset’s ‘I Don’t Give a Chic’  is perfection for when you’re feeling your sassiest. Since the jacket is black and white, you really can pair any color or pattern with this to take it to the next level. Try pairing this cool denim jacket with a floral printed, A-Line Dress. Finish the layering off with some delicate necklaces for the ultimate catwalk look. This look would be great for a girl’s night out on the town.

Over the Moon for Overalls

                                                       Overalls $67  /  Tee $29

                                                      Overalls $67 / Tee $29

                                                  Tassel Earrings $18

                                                 Tassel Earrings $18

So, overalls have been making a huge comeback for summer fashion lately. If you get the right overalls for your body, they can be super flattering (not to mention make your butt look great)! If you are into the overall trend happening, right now then you’re going to wait to do it right. The best thing to wear is a tee shirt underneath the overalls. You will want to pick a darker denim that looks classy and hip. Finish off the look with some cute tassel earrings. This would be a great look if you’re visiting a winery.

Bohemian Vibes for Summer

                                                          Kimono $98  /  Tee $15

                                                         Kimono $98 / Tee $15

                                Heels $53

                               Heels $53

Jump Into It

                                                 Earrings $118  /  Romper $35

                                                Earrings $118 / Romper $35

                                                        Belt $16  /  Hat $25

                                                       Belt $16 / Hat $25

Rompers are a great start for your layered look. Try a black romper, then layer on some colorful and fun accessories. Some accessories you can add to this look are; a belt, earrings and a lightweight, patterned summer scarf. You can even add a hat if you feel like it then head to the beach for a lovely day by the ocean!

Skirt, Shirt and Sandals...Check!

                                           Tee $45  /  Skirt $281  /  Watch $150

                                          Tee $45 / Skirt $281 / Watch $150

                                                         Shoes $22  /  Bangles $149

                                                        Shoes $22 / Bangles $149

Pairing a cute graphic tee with a printed skirt is a great way to go when starting to layer your look. You will want to pair this look with some cute sandals, as well. Make sure to add some cute bangles that will give this look some more texture. A watch can be added for your summertime casual  coffee days with your BFF.

All About that Tunic

                                                     Tunic $29  /  Bathing Suit $118

                                                    Tunic $29 / Bathing Suit $118

                                                                Shoes $79  /  Pants $22

                                                               Shoes $79 / Pants $22

Tunics are a great help when getting your summer layering look down. You can start off by putting on your bathing suit, then the tunic directly on top. You will then want to place some white capris and cute sandals to finish off this look. Once you’re ready, this look is great for heading out on a road trip for the beach!

Dress it Up

                                             Dress $7.99  /  Mesh Top $10  /  Necklace $45

                                            Dress $7.99 / Mesh Top $10 / Necklace $45

Yet another technique for layering in the summertime is to take a tank top dress you have and a mesh top and pair them together! This can take your plain summer dress look from ok to “Yassss Queen!” Just be sure to pick a dress that is a solid color and you can choose whatever color mesh top you would like. Add some mala beads and head out to a cabin retreat in the mountains with your friends for some “Om”some times.

InVEST in the Memories

                                                     Tee $16.99  /  Vest $108  /  Pants $16

                                                    Tee $16.99 / Vest $108 / Pants $16

                                                         Sneakers $185  /  Clutch $87

                                                        Sneakers $185 / Clutch $87

                                                       Necklace $24.50

                                                      Necklace $24.50

 If you are someone who likes to travel, then you know that what you wear has to be functional and comfortable while moving around the city or countryside. This is why a on-the-go layered look can include a super cute vest, tee shirt, capris, compact purse, adorable necklace and comfortable shoes. Who said traveling couldn’t be a moving fashion show?








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