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Let's Ditch Self-Care Sundays and Have Self-Self Care Everyday!

Let's Ditch Self-Care Sundays and Have Self-Self Care Everyday!

In today’s fast-paced world, slowing down can seem impossible. However, when we slow down, we become more productive in our daily lives because we are taking care of our body, heart and mind. When these three elements are in sync, I guarantee you will feel like a million bucks. Self-care is so crucial that it shouldn’t be restricted to one day a week. Taking small moments throughout your day to practice self-care will really pay off to make you feel your best every day. We have complied some ways to de-stress and take yourself to a place of Zen. 

These Sneaks Are Made For Walking...


A great way to de-stress is to go for a walk. If you have an hour break at work, this is the perfect time to take a walk around the city. Not only does this help you de-stress, walking makes you notice all the details you miss in life by taking the car and public transportation. Walking has so many benefits. Walking helps you maintain a healthy weight, improves your mood, improves your balance, and prevents various conditions such as heart disease.

Meditate For A Good State


Another great way to practice self-care is meditation. If you are new to meditation, don’t worry. You can use apps like Insight Timer or Headspace. If you are able to meditate up to at least 20 minutes a day, you will notice your life will change dramatically. Benefits of yoga, a type of meditation, include; increase in happiness, slowing aging, cardiovascular health and less agitation.

Writer's Therapy


    After you’ve meditated, journaling is up next. Journaling is great for de stressing because it allows you to process your thoughts and feelings outside of your head. Sometimes our thoughts can get tangled and we feel like there is no way out of the repetitive cycle of stress. When you journal you can bullet point, scribble down ideas, and express things you want to say. Journaling does wonders for your mental health and is such a cheap and easy tool to access, anytime.

Complete Shutdown


Next, it’s time to shut off your screens for a little while. Take a step away from your computer. Turn your cell phone off. We all know that comparing our lives to others on Instagram 24/7 can be a total bummer. Take this screen off time to do things you enjoy that are outside of internet world. You can visit your favorite coffee shop, strike up a conversation with a stranger or read a book that you’ve been hoping to get into.

Eat Well, Be Well...


Another great way to practice self-care is to eat well. Getting your fruits and veggies in, will  boost your mood and overall health. You will feel your body running efficiently and your energy levels will be better. Apples, avocados and oranges are great snacks to take to the office when you feel your energy dipping.

These are only a few ways to de-stress and practice self-care every single day. The small things we do day-to-day, add up to a grand picture of better health, less stress and extra happiness. And always remember—never turn away a good belly laugh with your friends! Connect with your social groups and never be afraid to ask for support when you need it. We all get stressed sometimes and that is totally ok. Practicing self-love is so important and you deserve it!


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