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8 Workout Apps That Will Have You Ghosting Your Gym Membership

8 Workout Apps That Will Have You Ghosting Your Gym Membership

I know, I know. Getting your butt into a gym – somewhat regularly, anyway – is a pain. No one enjoys feeling like a lamb walking into a meat market (thank you, gawking gym bro’s) or being territorially shunned by Gym Barbies. Hard pass. 

Also, do I really want one more time suck stealing away my beloved two hours with The Bachelorette? After waking up every morning at an ungodly hour to squeeze these thunder thighs into a pencil skirt and show up at the office on time five days a week without spilling coffee on myself, what do you think?

But nowadays, there’s an app for everything… including (bless up) fitness apps. So ditch the gym membership and save yourself money and time, cause there’s no excuse not to break a sweat on the reg! Think endorphins, people. You’re welcome.  

Whether you actually prefer working out at home, or you just wanna give the wallet-friendly option a try (props, ladies), here are eight apps that could be the secret to getting your booty fit and fine as a glass of wine.

Sweat With Kayla: Kayla Itsines’ bikini body workout (BBG) app (4.2 rating)

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 2.43.06 PM.png

This twenty-seven-year-old Aussie workout queen has completely swept the fitness industry. Her personal brand – which includes books, this personal training app, and other cool entrepreneurial things we’d like to be doing – that’s rocketed into a lucrative empire. And I thought I was proud of rolling out of bed on time (ish) this morning.

Sweat with Kayla, which generated more revenue in 2016 than any other fitness app on the market, will fire up your metabolism and works for all body sizes. 

Sold? So are we. Download her app here.

Studio Toneitup: Workouts with Karena and Katrina (4.5 rating)

Ever wanted to make a career out of getting hot, tan, and fit with your best friend? Well, it can be done. California physical trainers and BBF’s Karena Scott and Katrina Dawn shared both a passion for fitness and a vision for a community of women helping one another reach their goals. Boo-ya! So along came Toneitup, “a community of strong women who support and motivate you to lead your healthiest, happiest lives and make your dreams come true.” Well.

But there’s more. This is ya lazy girl’s one-stop shop for anything and everything to get fit and healthy AF. The app walks you through workout inspo, recipe ideas, success stories, and more.

Fitplan: Gym & Home Workouts (4.4 rating)

For all the big-booty fanatics out there trying to grow dat peach, train with fitness guru Jen Selter, who boasts the “best butt on Instagram.” Yes, that’s a thing. And there’s no better ass to market a fitness app; Jen’s famously perky booty will have you living for leg day in no time. Her peach sends the message loud and clear: these workouts are dope. Follow Jen’s six-week lower body and booty workout plan for sculpted legs and firmer glutes. They’re forty minutes and simple, but don’t be fooled – they’ll leave your body fat crying.


“Skip the gym,” says 8 Fit’s peppy little turquoise homepage. Everything is completely customizable, from meals to HIIT workouts, which they chirp as the most science-backed exercise for weight loss. Each 15-minute workout saves you beaucoup time so ayyyy more time to finish off that pint of Schweddy Balls (jokes, people…The Tonight Doe is the way to go.) For all my visual learners, each exercise and recipe includes pictures to make sure you don’t f*** it up.

Sworkit app

This lil baby claims to help you dramatically improve your fitness in six weeks. Lazy girls, unite, and join the 25 million other Sworkit users who clearly know something we don’t. It even prompts you to start with a warm-up stretch. Thank you. (‘Cause LBH we were gonna forget anyway.) Depending on your goals, customize the length of each program in your workout. Don’t need a ton of time for legs but tryna shred dem abs? With Sworkit, you can adjust accordingly.

Workout for Women (4.8 rating)

Sounds right on point already, eh? Their slogan’s as short as it is sweet: Get pumped. Lose weight. Feel great. 

If you’re often short on time, give WFW a shot. This weight loss and exercise app gets glowing reviews (the first one I read, a five-star rating: “This app changed my life.” Well.)  Another user’s review caught my attention when she shared that this app helped her achieve that six-pack ab line. The coveted ab line?? Stick a fork in me…’cause I’m done.

Fitbod weight lifting tracker (4.8 rating)

If a fitness goal of yours is to include more strength-training, Fitbod’s a good place to start. If you have trouble keeping your workouts consistent and organized, set reminders on this app to hold you to it. Create a notification schedule to prompt you to focus on a new muscle group. There’s lots of tailoring options to best suit your fitness goals – you can even request that it excludes certain workouts you don’t like. Accountability partner in an app? Yaz please.

MyFitnessPal (4.7 rating)

For the religious calorie counters. This app swears by keeping a food journal, which studies have shown to help you double your weight loss. It’s been featured in media megas like Marie Claire and Men’s Health (so yayyyy if you’re boo’ed up cause you can use this with your boo thang). Paying more attention to what you put in your mouth often triggers people to get moving more, too – so doing both? #selflove

Whatever your reason for shredding up at home, I’m confident that at least one of these will help get you where you want to be. Heck, try a cocktail of two or three apps, if that’s what’s going to git’er done. Seeing results? Leave your opinions in the comments below. 

Stay classy, babes.

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