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Raquel Beauty Sponges: Changing Makeup Application, To Makeup Transformation

Raquel Beauty Sponges: Changing Makeup Application, To Makeup Transformation

Beauty sponges have completely cleaned up the way we apply makeup every day. The days of our fingers being caked with foundation as we apply, are long gone! But, that’s not the only reason we love beauty sponges….thanks to these little miracle sponges, our makeup goes on with precision like none other. This means that our makeup will always look like it was applied by a pro. But, no …..the pro is just these little egg shaped miracle workers. Why did it take us this long to center our makeup routines around these things?! They should have been our go-to’s since the days of Marie Antoinette (#bossbabeOG).

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 5.05.07 PM.png

Because beauty sponges have now become an essential item in beauty routines across the globe, many cosmetic companies have created their own sponges. So, needless to say, the options are truly endless. But, we’ll let you in on a little secret. Sometimes when a tool becomes so popular, you’re better off keeping an eye out for smaller or independent vendors. Why? Because they have made the tool (in this case, our handy dandy sponge), their specialty. Which means, their beauty sponges are extra magical :). 

Lucky for us, we recently came into contact with a new, up and coming beauty sponge vendor. She has just recently launched her beauty sponge biz, and after trying out her sponges, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her be our new sponge go-to!

Raquel Gonzalez is the new owner of Raquel Beauty Sponges. She prides herself in their style, quality, and usability. She spent a lot of time researching, and doing trial and errors to find the perfect manufacturing process. Her sponges are latex free, and hypoallergenic. So, even those with the most sensitive skin, can now enjoy flawless makeup application. 


Some of the highlights of these particular beauty sponges are that they don’t color bleed when wet, and no cracking/crumbling due to manufacturing processes that lead to overly dry sponges. 

Raquel is aware that the competition for this beauty niche is fierce. Here’s her two cents on that, “You may see some other brands offer vegan, green, or other types of niche offerings….we all know how compromises work, they lead most times to settling for less. Hence the reason you tend to stray away from reduced fat Oreos, and instead have unsettling dreams of double stuffed greatness!” Yep! We’ll clap to that!


We asked Raquel some questions about her new product, so you can get “all the tea” on these puppies, that are selling like hot cakes:

Will these sponges help makeup last longer?

Yes. There are two potential methods to prolong your look - Use the sponge dry and apply makeup to it for a more medium coverage foundation finish OR wet the sponge enough so that it is damp and then apply makeup for a more full coverage finish .

What are the sponges best for? Foundation? Powder? Highlighter, etc?

These sponges are for any type of makeup. The softness and flexibility of the sponge gives a flawless, pore blurring finish when used with any kind of liquid, cream, or powder.

Is there any particular way you would suggest to use the sponge, in order to achieve the best makeup results?

For results leave the sponge dry for light to medium coverage and wet the sponge until damp for full coverage. Apply makeup in a "stippling" or "bouncing" motion to blend product into skin. Flat surface to apply product on large surface areas Use sides of sponge to seamlessly blend lines. Use point pointed tip of sponge to guide precise straight lines.

Where can people purchase your sponges?

We just launched this product April of this year fulfilled by Amazon! It will be offered with many shipping options including prime shipping and NOT as an add-on item! You can buy them here. They are $10 each. They also come with a beautiful silk bag for storage.

What can you guarantee buyer's of these sponges?

I can personally guarantee the quality and effectiveness of my sponges to exceed those of your average sponge. I can also say with high confidence that you will look to Raquel beauty sponges as your go to makeup sponge provider, for any of your future needs. Don't take the chance of the dealing with the common trial and error of online shopping. Our sponges are quality and effective, look no further!

In just a short period of time, Raquel has been able to put a quality stamp in the beauty world. Her product has been selling fast, and loved already by so many. If you’d like to collaborate with her, or would like to inquire about wholesale opportunities, you can email her at raquelgonzalez2294@gmail.com . You can also follow her on Instagram, @_raquelbeauty .




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