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Beauty Instagrammers To Follow If You Want To Hit Your Glam Goals

Beauty Instagrammers To Follow If You Want To Hit Your Glam Goals

Instagram is a place that is filled with memes, friends vacationing to Europe and Starbucks newest (and strangest) coffee concoctions. However, if you’re big on beauty trends then you’re going to want to fill your feed with beauty gurus that are slaying the game all across the globe. Here are 10 beauty Instagram accounts to follow that will show you how-to, what’s hot right now, and complete makeup looks that will elevate your life. These are a diverse set of Instagrams for all skin tones, personality types and moods.

Katie Jane Hughes

Instagram: @KatieJaneHughes

What she’s all about: When you head to Katie Jane Hughes’ Instagram account, you are going to find close up looks of gorgeous makeup you’ll want to emulate.  Her makeup looks range from funky and fun to classy and demure.

Quote: “I love the Caudalie serum called Premier Cru. It lifts and tones the skin. It was also allegedly five years in the making. Some Harvard scientists were behind it or something very official.”

Pat McGrath

Instagram: @patmcgrathreal

What she’s all about: Pat McGrath is a legendary makeup artist. Her artistry has been described as fierce and innovative. When you head to her Instagram, you’ll find jaw dropping makeup looks that hit the runway on the regular.

Quote: “Creativity is your best makeup skill, don't be afraid to experiment.”

Ofunne Amaka

Instagram: @cocoaswatches

What she’s all about: Ofunne Amaka is representing the “underrepresented complexions” on her Insta account. She is the queen of makeup swatches. If you’re interested in what you’re next favorite eyeshadow looks like then head over to her account.

Quote: “Liquid lipsticks are definitely my favourite beauty product. I have always loved a matte lip and liquid lipstick makes it look so good. Colourpop, Stila, Coloured Raine, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Milani have some of my favourite formulas. I also can’t live without my eyeliner. I love L’Oreal’s Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner in Carbon Black.”

Karen Yeung

Instagram: @iamkareno

What she’s all about: Karen Yeung found beauty fame on YouTube. Her authenticity was what created a major draw to her viewer count (which is at a whopping 1.5M). Her Insta is jam packed with dewy skin, gorgeous lipsticks and super cute style.

Quote: “Watching early beauty YouTubers like Michelle Phan was crucial for me. I still get most of my beauty and fashion education from YouTube nowadays. Michelle taught me to dream and believe in yourself. She’s a big dreamer and has accomplished so much because of her positive beliefs.”

Jaclyn Hill

Instagram: @jaclynhill

What she’s all about: Jaclyn Hill is a beauty YouTuber who you can now follow on Instagram (Hello 21st century!). This beauty-guru-turned-entrepreneur teased her eyeshadow palette which can be found here: https://www.morphebrushes.com/products/jh2-jaclyn-hill-ii-palette Her Instagram is filled with rock star smoky eyes and a unmatched brow game.  

Quote: “My passion is makeup and that’s also my brand and my business, and I am so blessed that I get to have both in one. I just feel like if you follow your heart, if you keep getting up, you’ll never fail.”


Instagram: @sortofobsessed

What she’s all about: Adri is for those who are obsessed with millennial pink, skincare, and oddly satisfying organization. If you’re looking for new skincare products, this is the Instagram of your dreams.

Quote: “I Google ingredients in my downtime,” she says. “I want to know how things work.”

Robin Black

Instagram: @beautyisboring_ (Robin Black)

What she’s all about: Robin Black runs Beauty is Boring. She’s a celebrity makeup artist whose work has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. When you land on her Instagram you’re going to find innovative makeup looks that are completely drool worthy.

Quote: “I launched Beauty Is Boring completely on a whim in 2012. I had moved to Los Angeles and since the work here was more celebrity than fashion, I decided to keep my editorial skills sharp by snapping Polaroids of makeup looks on my model friends.”


Instagram: @lotstar

What she’s all about: Lottie is a celebrity makeup artist that has planted her lovely looks on  Emilia Clarke, Halsey and Rihanna. Her expertise is with color, form and paying attention to light. This Insta is superb for you if you love editorial looks and fresh, fun colors in your everyday makeup routine.

Quote: “I use mostly Caudalie skincare on myself, I have very dry and sensitive skin and this works best for me. Another favorite line for my own use is By Terry foundation and powder.”

Sonjdra Deluxe

Instagram: @sonhdradeluxe

What she’s all about: Sonjdra Deluxe is a drag queen and beauty blogger that is big on celebration of the self. On the gram you’ll find luxe beauty looks, glowy cheeks and gorgeous red lips. This is the perfect Instagram to check out if you’re looking to go completely glam on special occasions and nights out on the town.

Quote: "I love the cream and powder highlighting palettes by Sleek. To have these products at their price point and quality is really an incredible find."

Farrah Dhukai

Instagram: @farahdhukai

What she’s all about: Farrah Dhukai is the Instagram to go to for new beauty tips and tricks. Her up-close signature style helps you to see which tools she’s using and how to use them. She also will show you some awesome face masks.

Quote: “It started all thanks to my mom and grandma. They taught me a lot about our traditional Indian remedies. My grandma and I were inseparable, so her wisdom was passed down to me a lot. I became a homemade beauty remedy junkie/nerd and read up on so many natural ways to take care of yourself.”


Instagram: @ponysmakeup

What she’s all about: Pony’s Instagram account is stocked full of fun makeup looks. With 600k YouTube and  5.3M Instagram followers- she’s one of South Korea’s most famous beauty gurus.

Quote: “I like to settle my complexion (base makeup) and contouring before I do eye and lip makeup. Once I apply the base makeup and contouring, I feel more confident to do the rest of my makeup, and can happily complete my makeup because the preview looks good.”
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