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New Moon Equals New You! Horoscopes for October 8-14

New Moon Equals New You! Horoscopes for October 8-14

It’s a new moon this week, babes, and we all know what that means! It’s basically like New Year’s come early. This new moon in Libra will allow us to not only have a fresh start this week but it doesn’t have to be some boring resolution that we never actually get around to. These new beginnings will be exciting and (hopefully!) long lasting.

And because you’re finding your new you, it’s about time you let what’s under the surface out, baby! You don’t have to keep holding everything back because you don’t think anyone is there to listen or because you don’t want to bother anyone. Well, get ready for those deep convos. It’s time to ruffle up some feathers because you can’t keep your emotions hidden forever.



This new moon brings on a transformational journey for you Libras. And if you want to truly transform yourselves, you can’t forget that you must build some parts of you up from the ground. Whether that means piecing together what’s broken or actively breaking some parts only to build it up again, just know that some major healing is up ahead.

Now what? Maybe you feel that a new job is on the horizon of your journey. You might feel a little obsessive over finding a new job, but try not to get too caught up with it. You still need to do your best work at your current job because, hey, your boss might give you a great recommendation when you do leave.



It’s time to lose control, Scorpios! I bet you don’t hear that often. Well, here’s your sign to let go of those things that you might be gripping a little too tightly. This week you might find yourself taking things a little too seriously, but just know that you don’t need to! Life doesn’t have to be all business and planned life goals. Sometimes it can get messy and this week you get to live in it!

Now what? If you think that letting loose is something that you just can’t do, take some baby steps. Try to let some of the minor things go. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll decrease your stress (and we can all use a little of that). Each time you successfully let loose, go ahead and reward yourself!



My legacy, what? Yeah, this week has the potential to be monumental. Even the smallest choices you make can make a very long lasting impact. So, take a moment or two and think about how you want people to remember you. Maybe you’ve been making some rash decisions lately that you’re not too proud of. Well, now’s the time to fix up your image to what you want it to be!

Now what? One way to really get thinking about how you want to be remembered is to be comfortable in your own skin. That way, you can control the way that people see you. Once you start to love yourself, everyone else will begin to see it too and then you can shine like the star you were born to be, baby.



Stop sweeping everything under the carpet, dear Cappys. The more you push it to the side, the more you’re going to blow up when you just can’t take it anymore. So, use this week to let it all out and find what’s bothering you the most. You might find that you’ve been obsessing over something too much or that some of your loved ones just aren’t there like they should be. Whatever it is that you uncover, get ready for some major heart healing.

Now what? Maybe this reflection isn’t about discussing your problems with your bestie. This week you might want to take a step away from everyone else and figure things out on your own. For all you know, you could be having problems with that person you always vent to.



Independance? Yes, please! This week you will definitely feel like doing it all on your own, you boss babes you! When you take a look at where your love goals are headed, you might discover that a little time off from the love scene is all that you need. But hey! You can always use this newfound independence to take a trip that you’ve been itching to take. Traveling alone can be a lot more fun than you expect.

Now what? If you don’t feel like a travel experience is for you just this very moment, then that’s fine! You can use your newfound individuality to focus on your career. Maybe you’ve been putting it off for other things, but it’s time to make you some money, girl! Put your effort into that job that you love.



Let your roar out, girl! It’s time to connect with your primal indulgences. Whether it’s sensual or not, it’s okay to live in indulgence this week. Those things you feel deep inside you is what makes you you so don’t be afraid to live completely in your youness. It’s time to empower yourself instead of tearing yourself down, so don’t be afraid to growl.

Now what? Don’t think you deserve to indulge? Well, not every indulgence has to break the bank. It can be anything from watching TV in bed all day instead of cleaning the house or dressing up nice even if you have no place to go. No one is here to tell you what to do, so just live your life!



Is love in the air? This week, it might be time to either take a step forward in your relationship or evaluate why you aren’t ready to. This is a big step but this week is all about power moves that last a long time, so think before you make anything permanent. If you’re not in a relationship, you might find your powers of seduction a little too strong. Be careful out there because not all the fish you reel in are good ones.

Now what? This week is all about thinking before you move in the realm of love. So, refrain from making rash decisions but if you do, just let that guy you came home with last night that it might not lead to anything more. You don’t have time for that drama, honey!



When was the last time you took care of yourself? This week is all about self care, dear Taurus. But that doesn’t mean the stereotypical spas and face masks. Self care is personalized, so you just need to do whatever will refresh you. It can be anything from taking a break from the social scene to getting your life reorganized and back in check.

Now what? This week you might find your loved ones relying on you a little too much, but don’t let them derail you from your self care. Sure, they might need your help but you don’t need to put your life on hold to help them out. Especially if they don’t do it for you. Remember you gotta put yourself first sometimes!



Step into the limelight, sweet Geminis. And I don’t mean in the humble way. It’s time for shameless self-promotion. It’s time you gladly take the mic from everyone who’s had it for too long and demand attention. Don’t be shy! It’s your time to shine and show everyone what you’ve got. Maybe everyone has forgotten what special gift you bring to the table.

Now what? One way to bring attention to yourself? A new look! Maybe it’s time to play around with different hairstyles or makeup techniques. Maybe it’s time to splurge and buy yourself a whole new outfit or just a really gorgeous statement piece. Whatever you decide, the spotlight is yours!



It’s a blast from the past, Cancers! You need to take a step back from your past experiences and figure out where you need to just let go. Got a grudge that you just love to hold? Maybe it’s time to finally cut the drama that you love to hate. Instead, use that energy to fix up your space. You might find that you can be a lot more creative when you’re less angry.

Now what? Your power of charisma is amplified this week! So, if dropping a little bit of your past means dropping a someone then maybe it’s time for some confrontation. But not the bad kind! You might find that you’re able to work things out with that person, even if you haven’t spoken to them in a long time.



Go outside and smell the roses! And other things. Leos, this week is time for you to get out your house a little more and do some observing. You might start to see things with a different eye after you do it for a while. And you might even meet a few new and interesting people along the way. You never know what you can learn from them too.

Now what?  Deep friendships can develop from the oddest connections. While you’re on your daily stroll this week, don’t be afraid to spark up a conversation with someone you find intriguing. Even if that connection doesn’t last a long time, you never know what you can learn from it.



Doctor’s orders are to rest up, Virgos! You don’t need to sweat your butt off to earn a reward. Sometimes you just need to reward yourself for just getting out of bed and doing what you need to do. And you’re definitely going to need your rest because soon you’ll find your social life taking over your entire life.

Now what? Take a break! You need it, girl! Sure, you might not feel like you deserve one or need one because you’re always on the go but everyone needs a little R&R sometimes. You don’t need to go out of your way to go to a spa; it can be as simple as just staying in your PJ’s all day long.

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