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Wear All of the Clothes in Your Closet With These Easy Color Combinations

Wear All of the Clothes in Your Closet With These Easy Color Combinations

Ah, the never-ending struggle, trying to find new ways to wear the clothes you already have in your closet. The worst part is feeling unable to wear colors from the summer into the fall and winter. No one has the time to worry about whether or not certain colors are “seasonally appropriate”, so let’s take another approach.

Restricting yourself from wearing certain colors is the wrong way to get dressed. No color is meant for one season, and when it comes to color coordination, there’s no need to make everything so matchy-matchy.

Explore seven different “summer” colors along with their fall counterparts to make your outfit seasonally ambiguous, so that you’ll be all set up to conquer the color-blocking trend like a champ.

Colors Better Than Fall’s Harvest

Summer Color: Sunflower Yellow

Pair It With: Olive, Chestnut 

During the summer, you were probably planning trips to a sunflower field, but you shouldn’t put yellow away for the winter just yet. Olive green and chestnut bring out the best in yellow, and you’ll look like a suave color-blocking savage pulling off the shades. I’d wear this outfit to a day at the office when you want to feel comfy in a sweater while still looking coordinated in a professional setting. (Click on images to shop)

Whoever Said Orange Is The New Pink Was Seriously Disturbed

Summer Color: Apricot

Pair It With: Fuschia, Merlot

Bet you didn’t expect a bright pink with an orange for September, did you? When it comes to colors, the resident color expert (myself) says that you can mix any bright colors as long as you pair one with a darker shade in the same family.

Wear this outfit on a Friday night when you and your friends decide to go to the cool new restaurant that everyone has been talking about. Wear your hair up or tucked behind your ears to let the earrings stand out. (Click on images to shop)

I’ll Teal You What

Summer Color: Teal

Pair It With: Sangria, Cobalt

Sticking with the theme of combining two colors of different shades, wear your teal clothes these next few months with shades of cobalt and a wine like sangria. This outfit will make you feel like you’re dressed up at any occasion even though you just threw together a couple of contrasting colors. Wear simple black flats with these two statement pieces but if you need some extra pizazz, black heels are also recommended. (Click on images to shop)

A Sophisticated Version of the Pink That We All Know and Love

Summer Color: Blush

Pair It With: Burgundy, Gold, and Black

Several people have asked me over the past few weeks if their blush colored clothes will work in the fall. The answer is always yes, especially when combined with black, and other dark red tones. In this outfit, let the show-stopping pink and burgundy pants speak for themselves with a black t-shirt. Throw on some statement gold earrings and shoes to look completely coordinated for any event. I’d recommend wearing this look for a get-together with your friends. (Click images to shop)

Two Purples Are Better Than One

Summer Color: Lavender

Pair It With: Stone, Royal Purple

For a fancy event, you don’t have to play it safe with a black dress. Jump outside of your comfort zone with a striking purple dress with coordinating lavender statement earrings. For shoes, choose a pair grey block-heels to stay within the color scheme. Tie the whole outfit together with small accessories such as this lavender clutch. The shade of purple that you once thought of as a summer color will make you look effortlessly stylish at any formal event! (Click images to shop)

The Citrus Makeover

Summer Color: Rosecloud

Pair It With: Saffron, Pumpkin

For all of those who hold neutral tones near and dear to their heart, I got your back. You may instinctively grab black pieces of clothing when trying to find an outfit for Friday night, but this time change up the way you wear your neutrals. If you have been rocking this pink-beige throughout the summer, keep wearing it this season by pairing it with citrus shades such as saffron yellow and pumpkin orange. This color combination makes me think of summer sorbets while also seamlessly transitioning you into a fall-appropriate outfit for any night you’re getting drinks with friends! (Click images to shop)

Cover image via Glamour

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