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A Ranking of The Most Fun And Effective Workouts For Your Best Body

A Ranking of The Most Fun And Effective Workouts For Your Best Body

Habits can make or break success… and this is especially true of fitness. If you are in the routine of kicking back with some pinot and ‘skinny pop’ after a day of instagram stalking and snapchatting, your next bill of health may cost you more than you’re ready to accept. An activity’s reward needs to exist in the short term and in the long term for it to be sustainable. New fitness trends acquire buzz because they are immediately fun — you immediately feel the burn, see the sweat, and, most importantly, can Instagram yourself with a half leg perch in your newest Outdoor Voices athleisure leggings. More often than not, those sweats see a little more leisure than athletics. If you're like most of us…a.k.a. stuck in your routine of not moving talking about working out, these workout options will get you going again.

1. Barre


 Get ready for a rush of benefits! Barre is a combination of postures inspired by ballet and other disciplines like Yoga and Pilates. The barre is used as your prop to for strength training. It helps hold your body still while you contract specific muscles. Posture and balance are great, but so is having a body like Missy Copeland. Don’t be fooled by the yoga mats and bare feet; your new affinity for crop tops and sleeveless shirts will be a reminder of how good this workout really is. 

2. Orangetheory


Orangetheory is based on high intensity interval training, or HIIT— which we know is legit because… Kayla Itsines says so. All participants are led through the a circuit of exercises in a beautiful gestalt of being able to ignore one another and focus on their own heart rates. It's really you against yourself, with the added motivation of knowing your waistline is shrinking.

3. SoulCycle


The barrier to entry here, is a little high. This workout is for the highly organized, über competitive, or those who are motivated by someone screaming in their face to a dubstep version of Jay-Z in the background. With a guarantee to burn at least 600-800 calories a class, this low-key masochistic— albeit relaxing— experience will take over your life and workout regiment. 

4. Boxing


Boxing is the workout of choice for many of the Victoria’s Secret models. Boxing classes are sure to have you fired up, and a superb body. You always knew you had it in you to kick the shit out of something, now it is finally your time.

5. Crossfit


If you are looking for community, look no further than these pits of awesomeness. You will be welcomed at any age or ability level. Sharing the experience with new friends will motivate your return and cement your habits deeper like the cinder blocks around you. You will be pounding the protein gummies before you know it, as you see your strength develop session over session.

6. Fitbit


Not a workout but, it’s trendy. So, it made the list. Fitbit has made the in-between parts of your day, a forum for obsessing over calories and fitness. Fitbit is a great way to start thinking about exercise as something that takes place outside of a timer, and that is a fluid and continuous part of life. Encouraging us not to dismiss basic activities like taking the stairs (apparently this makes a difference) Fibit helps you find out which exercises are actually the best workout for you. 



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