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Beauty Regimens from Celebrities that don’t Age...Ever

Beauty Regimens from Celebrities that don’t Age...Ever

It would not take long for you to see youth in the faces of the ladies placed in magazine advertising and on television. However, these airbrushed beauties rocking the mainstream media are aging. There’s no magic stop watch when it comes to the aging process. But, what you can do, is preserve and nourish your skin’s longevity. With the desire to appear youthful, many celebrities turn to plastic surgery. But, there are also many A-list celebrities that have had no plastic surgery, no botox, etc, and have not really changed one bit since they were in their late 20s.

To prove that you can remain young, glowing, and vibrant without any procedures, we have compiled a list of celebrities that do not take to plastic surgery to maintain their youthful glow. We will tell you their beauty secrets that have allowed them to age so gracefully. You may just find your favorite new anti-aging product or beauty regimen to adhere to!

Kate Beckinsale


Brunette bombshell Kate Beckinsale is a big believer in going to a dermatologist before a red-carpet event. The secret is to make your skin stay and look hydrated. For an at-home daily routine First, massage a cleanser into your skin for about a minute. Try Chanel’s Gel Pureté. ($45)


Second, add enzymes. Try Eminence Organic Skin Care.


Third, got milk? Take about 8 oz. of organic milk, warm and splash on your face a few times. Leave on for about 3 minutes. This method adds Vitamin A to your skin routine. Fourth, add a cream mask. Try Manuka Doctor Apinourish Rejuvenating Mask. ($94)

Salma Hayek


Salma Hayek likes to keep it simple and natural. She starts her day by spritzing rose water on her face. She exfoliates lightly because over-exfoliation can cause the skin to look too shiny. She keeps her makeup routine simple as well. For lip color she uses Clinique Pop Line. ($18.50)


She swears by Kevyn Aucoin for blush.


To take her makeup off she uses coconut oil. She also does not dye her hair and allows her luscious locks to age gracefully and naturally.

Jennifer Lopez


Queen J.LO’s beauty regime is to be kind, not smoke, and not consume caffeine. She is cautious about spending time in the sun, as well. She makes sure to eat plenty of green vegetables such as broccoli, green beans, asparagus and kale. For peace of mind, she turns to meditation. Start by practicing for 5 minutes a day and build your way up until you are meditation about 20-30 minutes a day. Jennifer is a huge fan of sleep, getting about 10 hours a night.

Halle Berry


Goddess Halle Berry swears by working out 3x a week. She does light weights and cardio. To help her skin stay hydrated, she likes Chanel Sublimage Le Crème Yeux.


Her favorite skincare products are by Kinara Skin Care Clinic.


Julia Roberts


To start the day, Julia Roberts uses Lancome’s Mousse Radiance Clarifying Self-foaming Cleanser. ($32)


She follows by applying Lancome’s Hydra-Intense Masque. ($36)

Roberts then makes applies sunblock to prevent skin damage. To remove makeup she uses Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover.   ($30)


Naomi Campbell


Natural beauty Naomi Campbell says that two of her biggest beauty secrets are to stay away from sugar and to drink plenty of water. Her go-to exercise routine consists of mixing between yoga and pilates. Because she travels so often and is eating many different type of food, she makes a point to cleanse her system by going on a juice cleanse twice a month to give her system a reboot. One of her favorite products is Susan Ciminelli Algae Fine Powder, Algae Deep Cleanse, and Marine Lotion. ($65)


Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston believes in the holy grail of anti-aging: water, sunscreen, and sleep. She likes to keep her makeup routine light and natural looking. One of her go-to products is tinted moisturizer by Laura  Mercier. ($44) 


She also likes Armani Face Fabric.


Staying out of the line of harm from sun damage, she uses Aveeno SPF 50.




Beyoncé can do it all: sing, dance, act, be a mom, and entrepreneur; all while looking FLAWLESS. When she is dancing, her go-to is L'Oréal Paris Elnett hairspray. ($12)


She uses eye cream all over her face for super soft skin. She drinks kale which is high in vitamin K. Kale also increases circulation to your system. Keeping your nails in top shape  ensures your hands will look lovely.

Drew Barrymore 


Did you know that Drew Barrymore has her own beauty line called FLOWER? Check it out here.

Her Instagram is filled with insight into her beauty routine and products that she uses. One product that she has raved about is GLAMGLOW Super Mud Clearing Treatment, which can be found at Sephora. ($69)









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