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What is Getting into “Proposal Shape” and Why You Never Should

What is Getting into “Proposal Shape” and Why You Never Should

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Big life changes can cause an upheaval in the way we function in our everyday lives. A proposal is one of these life-altering events that can cause some jitters. 

Women are starting to obsess over being in the best shape of their lives not for their weddings, but their proposals. Getting into “proposal shape” means obsessing about dieting, thinking about how it is all going to go down in a perfectionistic manner, and how you are going to look to their followers on social media when it happens. #HumbleBrag, anyone? (insert sarcasm)

Women may begin to get the inkling that a man is about to propose to them, but what if he never does? You’ll have spent all this time and energy worrying about your instagram-worthy moment that could never happen. 

 Torturing yourself over the anticipation of a proposal may also cause a true emotional upheaval that may make you in a bad mood on the start to your new life journey due to exhaustion over diets, daydreaming, and obsessing. 

Here are some reasons why getting into “proposal shape” is totally ridiculous: 

He already loves you the way that you are


Think about this: the person that is excited to propose to you already took a look at you and thought you were the most incredible thing they have witnessed. They decided they wish to spend the rest of their lives with you. They value you and find you interesting enough to wake up to and live with until death do you part. Cutting down on a few pounds or getting your hair highlighted isn’t going to change this fact. 

 You can easily become obsessed with the details, and it could totally ruin the moment


Fantasizing about how the proposal is going to go down, is going to turn you into a perfectionist. Think of some of your favorite moments in life. They are most likely the times where you let go of control and let the situation unfold on its own terms. 

When you start to try and control the way the proposal is going to happen inside your mind, the reality may not align with your thoughts causing disappointment. Try to be okay with whatever happens because the moment won’t let you down as it is exciting in and of itself.

He may not propose


It’s a real possibility that the person you are with, decides that they are not ready to propose. Just because you talked about the potential proposal, does not ultimately guarantee it’s going to happen. The decision to get married is not one that should be taken lightly. If you spend months obsessing over how you will look in this moment and then he does not propose, you’re going to feel really let down and feel like your investment to commit to “proposal shape” was a waste of the time you can never have back. It also may cause damage to the relationship because he realizes that you have turned your focus to the engagement and forgot about the relationship.

Body positivity is sexy


There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel stronger and sexier, but if you are obsessing about calorie consumption 24/7 due to a potential proposal, that can really take a toll on your emotional health and your relationship. Have confidence in yourself and know that you are going to absolutely rock any pictures taken on your engagement day even if you haven’t crash dieted weekend beforehand. You’re going to feel a lot better having breakfast, coffee and a maybe a 30 minute walk beforehand. That is enough to feel glowing, confident and sexy.

So, when a potential proposal is in the air, please do remember the age old “your body is a temple.” Your boo is proposing because he thinks you are his soulmate and life partner. Embrace the proposal with an open-mind, heart and the ability to be your bright shining self. “Proposal shape” is just another phrase for exhaustion and overthinking. Let’s bring on the “proposal bliss” by living in the moment and getting excited for your new journey with your future husband! 

Cover image via Wedding Bee

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