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The Night Time Routine Celebs Use To Lock In Firmer, Younger, Plumper Skin For Good

The Night Time Routine Celebs Use To Lock In Firmer, Younger, Plumper Skin For Good

Have you ever noticed yourself fixated on a picture of Jennifer Aniston for a prolonged period of time because she is clearly much older than you, but still has the skin of an angel...me too. We often find ourselves wondering how much celebrities spend on skin procedures such as botox and filler injections, but what about those who choose the all-natural route. Gratefully with our generation of beauty gurus, makeup artists, and skincare professionals, we are developing a more modern understanding of preventative skincare and beneficial measures.

As you scroll through this article, continue to be mindful of your skin’s texture, type, and genetics. While one recommendation may work for one person, it may not serve the same advantages for others. Let’s dive into the glorious skincare routines of some of our favorite celeb crushes and learn a thing or two about non-invasive skincare routines. 

Back away from the ice cream hunny!

Listen up ladies and gents, it’s time to dive into the concepts of self care and healthy eating. So, grab your apple (you thought I was going to say popcorn didn’t you) and join me on this journey toward beaming, clear, and all around healthier skin. Over the years, studies have shown the positive/negative effects of certain foods on our bodies and suggestions on healthier alternatives. With endless amounts of scrumptious snacks, drinks, and meals that this world has to offer, people often feel helpless when wanting to change their diet. However, reducing your intake of unhealthy sugars, dairy, and salt can do wonders for your skin. For instance, dairy products such as milk contain hormones that can overstimulate the oil glands in your face which can ultimately lead to an increase in breakouts. In addition to dairy products, foods with refined sugar (high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, etc) disable strong collagen proteins to form. Collagen is essential for the formation of smooth, glowing, and youthful skin (as well as other purposes too).

Olivia Culpo via  @celebmafia

Olivia Culpo via @celebmafia


Olivia Culpo, who was named miss USA and miss universe in 2012 has completely eliminated dairy from her diet. Not only has she said bye-bye to that chocolate ice cream, she has also re-welcomed those yummy greens into her diet. 

Slather that vaseline

via  Youtube

Since the early ages of the 1870’s, vaseline has served so many very fine purposes: an eyebrow gel, highlighter, dewy skin gel, chapstick, cuticle conditioner, and a night cream/moisturizer. It is no secret that this petroleum jelly has swept us off our feet with these numerous benefits. Celebs such as Tyra Banks, J-Lo, hillary Duff and more, swear by this product and we now see why. 

Tyra Banks and Jennifer Lopez use this jelly to remove excess makeup, which also moisturizes the skin around their eyes. A nice two in one deal we have here! Vaseline locks in the moisture in your skin and is especially beneficial when used as a night moisturizer. 

Moisture, moisture, and more moisture 

Now that we’ve established a relationship with the wonderful Vaseline, we must also form bonds with the most important items in our skincare routine: serums, oils, and thick lotions. Let me tell you, if you’re using a night moisturizer, it better be thicker than a bowl of oatmeal (but non-comedogenic of course). 

The Euphoria babe, Zendaya, has disclosed some of her go-to natural skincare items and I am absolutely living for them. Zendaya has the skin of a goddess and does not gravitate toward any harsh treatments. 

Night serum

Online Only Body Shop Vitamin E Night Serum,  $26

Online Only Body Shop Vitamin E Night Serum, $26


She raves about this vitamin E night serum which is fast absorbing and contains wheatgerm oil. 

Vitamin E Witch Hazel

She also uses witch hazel for her problem areas because it does not contain any chemicals and leaves a nice finish on the skin. 

Alicia Keys via  Harpers Bazaar

Alicia Keys via Harpers Bazaar

Over the last decade, serums have become a staple in almost every woman’s routine. They work to rejuvenate the skin and smooth those pesky lines in your skin. 

Now, we can’t  possibly forget one of the most legendary skin care queens, Alicia Keys. Miss Alicia started her #nomakeup epidemic in 2016 and we are all living for it. Not only does she stay clear of makeup products, she also loves to pamper her skin. 

Take a look at these babies: 

Jojoba oil

Pure Jojoba,  $43

Pure Jojoba, $43

Alicia’s makeup artists says, "It's so close to the natural sebum we produce in our skin,” (Dotti).

Valmont Under-eye Cream

Vamont Prime Contour Corrective Treatment,  $155

Vamont Prime Contour Corrective Treatment, $155


After masking your eyes with concealer during the day, it’s nice to recuperate with a heavy eye cream.

Meet our new BFF: SPF 50 

Aveeno Mineral Sensitive Sunscreen  SPF 50

Aveeno Mineral Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 50


Last but certainly not least: SPF my friend. 

Exposure to the sun is contributed to 90% of skin aging! If this doesn’t serve as a warning then I don’t know what will. It is highly suggested that a person wears at least SPF 30, but there are still risks involved. Take a lil break from the sun, use self-tanner, do what you have to do to protect your skin girl!

Jennifer Aniston , via  LA Times

Jennifer Aniston , via LA Times

Jennifer Aniston, the 50 going on 20 year old, swears by Aveeno’s SPF 50 sunscreen. If this is what Jennifer is using, then hunny you better be using it too.

It is quite impossible to completely avoid the formation of fine lines, wrinkles and scarring on the face, however the modern-day beauty industry has so generously provided us with intense creams, serums, and skin protectants that help to hydrate our skin and prevent these nuisances from getting completely out of control. 

Cover image via OK Magazine

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