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Let Loose - Horoscopes for April 22-28

Let Loose - Horoscopes for April 22-28

We might all still be sleeping on our couches from the Easter feasts we’ve been eating, or we might be sleeping on our parents’ couches. Many of you could use some prolonged family time to catch up, and be with people who you feel actually give a damn about you. It feels nice sometimes to feel the love. And once we’re done there, we can all see each other in the club when we go party it up thanks to our new sociable personalities. After all, spring is here and we can’t hide in our winter clothes anymore. 



It’s time to get that ball rollin’, Aries! All that confidence and enthusiasm to start new projects or maybe just something new is here to set you free. No more lack of motivation or dreading going to work or doing extracurricular activities. For this week at least, you’ll be waking up for your first alarm because you just can’t wait to start to the day. You’ll also be craving attention from your home life where you feel comfortable and safe. So, while you’re taking risks out there in the big world, just know you can always come home for a bear hug. 

Now what? While you’re focused on bigger and better things at work, remember that sometimes you can make subconscious connections with others. Remember that during your next big presentation. 



Get those claws out Taurus, but only use them if you need them. You’re likely to feel more protective of your family and friends, but you don’t need to make it blatantly obvious, like a lion peeing everywhere. Show your loved ones that you care by doing small things for them or just let them know that you’re here if they need you. You’ll also be more fun loving and sociable this week, making all your relationships less stressful and more relaxing. 

Now what? Because you’re more sociable, then if your partner will also benefit from your fun loving vibe and maybe you two can get to bonding. 



It’s all rainbows and lollipops this week, Gemini. Your week is full of pleasant surprises, so now’s the perfect time for risk taking and all that jazz. Meet new people, let your wild side out, whatever feels right. You’re charming and friendly, so be ready to meet a lot of new people along the way. You can never have too many friends, right? 

Now what? Now’s also a good time to ask for favors. Maybe not from your new pals, but if you’ve been doing a lot for others, maybe it’s time they helped you out. 



It’s time to let the chatterbox in you out, Cancer. Even if you tend to be a little shy, you might be feeling more of an urge to speak up this week. Your social skills are finally getting that boost you’ve been waiting for and you are about to let your wings unfold, you little social butterfly. If you’re more in tune with your feelings, then use that to your advantage; they can help you say the right thing at the right time. 

Now what? Because you’re so good at this talking thing, people might be more inclined to share their feelings with you. Now’s the perfect time to create stronger bonds with your friends just by listening to what they have to say. 



Wave buh-bye to that comfort zone of yours, Leo. This week, you’ll be more willing to let your more quirky side face the world. With the bravery it takes to do that, you can do anything that you wouldn’t normally dream of doing. Go on adventures you can brag about to your co-workers, or take a different route than you normally do and see what you find. The world is yours for the taking. 

Now what? Now’s the time to get some much need relaxation in. Make a girls day out of it and take that time off that you all deserve. 



You’ve got eyes like a hawk, Virgo, and your intuition won’t miss any tiny detail. You’ve got the low down on any situation that comes your way, so you won’t be thrown off by any new information. You will also be scarily good at analyzing people this week, so no one can lie to your face and get away with it. Which might come in handy if any tough subject comes up in a conversation. You can be assured that you’ve got the emotional strength to handle anything, but you don’t want to put that limit to the test. 

Now what? Even though you might have just spent the Easter holiday weekend with your fam, it might be a good idea to stick around for a few days. Spending time with them could be just what you need. 



Look for insight wherever you can find it, Libra, especially from past experiences. You can also find insight in new and exciting encounters with strangers that might change the way you think about things. You’ll also be more inclined to show off your flamboyant personality that you’ve been hiding, which might draw your partner closer to you. 

Now what? You’ll be more comfortable at parties and social gatherings, so take this opportunity to party it up with your partner. 



You’ll feel a fierce love for your family and friends, especially your partner, Scorpio. Show them that you care through chores and small acts of kindness. If they simply need you to be a shoulder to cry on, be it willingly. And if they bare their heart to you, feel free to do it as well. You’re buried emotions might come bubbling to the surface which means it might be time to tell someone how you feel about them, good or bad. 

Now what? Use your intuition to find the cause of some bad habit that you’ve noticed you keep doing. Locating the source of the problem can help you kick that bad habit out the window. 



Let those freedom bells ring, Sag, because it’s your time to be free and rebellious, especially if you never had that streak when you were younger. Don’t wait for change to happen to you, be the thing that makes change happen. You could change the course of your life forever, so stop sitting on your couch and waiting for stuff to happen to you. 

Now what? With all this energy, now’s the perfect time to celebrate. Whether that’s being a hostess or being the life of the party, take initiative and make that party lively. 



Ever thought you were psychic? This week you might, Cappy. You’re so in tune with the universe that you almost sense things happening before they do. You also might feel strong emotional connections with some people that you meet this week. But with all this responsibility comes a little bit of paranoia. After this week ends, you might be feeling that maybe it’s a good thing you’re so oblivious all the time. 

Now what? With all this information flying at ya all week, it might be good to take a moment and relax when you feel overwhelmed. 



You might be noticing change happening in your life, Aquarius. And whether it’s big or small, it very well might be making you uncomfortable. Don’t let all this tension build up in you until you do something sporadic. Try to keep yourself calm with some normal routines that you’re used to doing. Maybe spending time with family and friends will help to calm you down. 

Now what? Your popularity and charisma make it a good time to socialize and be with friends. This could also help you take your mind off all that stressful shit happening in your life. 



You have the need to succeed, Pisces, and there can be no other alternative. You can use those obsessive tendencies that usually hold you back to get your stuff done in record timing. Let your determination fuel your projects into fruition. And then relax when it’s all done. There’s no need to work, work, work and no play. 

Now what? Some of your more intimate relationships can benefit from some bonding time so get to it. 

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