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DC Date Spots For The Daring and Romantic Lovers

DC Date Spots For The Daring and Romantic Lovers

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Though cuffing season has been all but ushered out the door, what better time to start dating when a multitude of all the fun things lie in wait for us in Washington, DC!

Whether the move is snuggling up with your (potensh) new bae bae or kicking his booty at the barcade, here is my foolproof guide to my favorite date spots in DC from, yours truly.

If you’re going for intimate or posh

Whiskey Charlie

Whiskey Charlie, Washington DC via  Trip Advisor

Whiskey Charlie, Washington DC via Trip Advisor

Ever been kissed on a rooftop? Me neither but how sick does that sound! This rooftop bar offers apps and cocktails and views for days. Enjoy a nice lil’ pano from Reagan airport to the Capital Building, curled up on a couch wit dat hunnie of yours as you enjoy a nice little crush buzz and boozie buzz from one of their Moscow Mules. It’s also got this low-key exclusive vibe going on, in that it’s a tad hidden away at the top of a hotel on DC’s Wharf waterfront, with its own button on the elevator. Take it to the top floor, hun!

Tail Up Goat

Tail Up Goat, Washington DC via  Washingtonian

Tail Up Goat, Washington DC via Washingtonian

The name might sound a tad weird, but the story behind it is pretty cute. The restaurant owner, during a visit to South America, noticed a little trick that locals had for differentiating goats from cows among mass flocks of livestock: “tail down, cow; tail up, goat.” He carried the idea back home and opened a restaurant named for it. The food is phenomenal, the menu eclectic, the service well-read and descriptive if you have questions, and the mood is super sexy - dimly lit, candles on the tables, two-seaters for intimate conversation, and a gorgeous walls covered in beautiful blue hues that bring you straight to the Mediterranean coastline. (The festive walls continue, as you’ll see if you visit the bathrooms in the back.)

Benjamin Bar

Benjamin Bar via  Fox News

Benjamin Bar via Fox News

Glow up time - this venue will make you want to throw on those sky-high heels if you’re out to look extra sexy. Inside the Trump Hotel, this bar and lounge is one of the best splurge nights you’ll find in the city. Friday nights are the way to go, because every week they have a dessert night special: for a fixed price (about thirty-nine bucks), they offer unlimited dessert. That’s right…in one of the finest establishments in the city, it is accepted – nay, encouraged – to stuff yourself with all the most elaborate treats on offer. Bon appetit.

If you’re keeping it loud and fun

Buffalo Billiards

Big hell yes and an even bigger thumbs up to BB. Right off DuPont Circle, this bar is enormous – its expansive underground space stretches in a massive u-shaped area, with back rooms for private events and more secluded pool tables. Decent happy hour apps, Wednesday trivia nights, and a guaranteed packed house if any major football or basketball game is on. Their dozens of TV screens promise a view of the game! They have tons of pool tables, but the back has a good variety of other games, too.

Player’s Club

A lot like stepping into an Austin Powers movie, it’s a total time warp back to the 1970s. Friends and I showed up looking for pool tables and ended up playing half a dozen other games while we were at it. After grabbing a drink at their equally ‘70s-themed bar, feel free to shoot baskets, have him win you something on the claw machine, or grab a board game and set up shop on their cozy couches. (There might even be a massage chair...buckle the heck up.)

H Street Country Club

All the games! I went here on a double date and we had so much fun. If you head upstairs to their putt-putt course, you’ll learn pretty quickly what his sense of humor is - each hole in the course has its own wacky and super weird theme, like zombie presidents or other DC-esque history. It’s a pretty big space, in that it goes on and on and on from the front to the back of the block. Putt putt golf is upstairs and basketball, shuffleboard, giant Jenga, and other games are downstairs. They offer quite yummy pub-style apps and decent selection of beers on tap.

Axe Throwing

Kraken Axes via  Washington Post

Kraken Axes via Washington Post

Why not throw in a doozy? Kraken Axes made for a really fun date night and my arms were even sore the next day. #worthit. This spot jams music while you throw your choice of axes. Heavier ones require gripping the handle with two hands, or you can double up and throw two at once! Bonus points if you happen to be able to partner up with a double date and compete against the other couple. What better way to bond than teaming up to take down another opposing couple!

Who else is from DC? What are your favorite date spots to visit in the city?

Cover image via Washington

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