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Could Street Style Be Dead This Summer? A Transition Toward Feminine-Chic...

Could Street Style Be Dead This Summer? A Transition Toward Feminine-Chic...

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I think we can all agree that edgy, street-style clothing has been all the rave for a few years now, but it looks like there may be a new guy in town. Say hello to a summer of dainty and feminine pieces that will have your wardrobe doing a full 180. In this article we take a little trip from the dark ages of mesh, leather, and cargo-wear to a summer of lace, satin, and all things feminine-chic. Now, I am not going to diss either style (because I adore both), but I think we need to have a conversation about this major shift in clothing this summer. 

Mesh tops to corset crops


Whether styled over a bralette, under a tee, or with silver accessories, the mesh top has definitely made a statement in the fashion world. Mesh signifies a more rebellious look and definitely contributed to the 2016-2018 “black is my favorite color” vibes. 

However, as the temps begin to rise this summer, consumers gravitate toward pieces that compliment the colors of flowers, plants, and beautiful sunsets. So…our nostalgia kicks in and we start wearing the most uncomfortable item we can think of, a corset. That’s right, this seventeenth century piece has made a comeback, but this time it’s quite a bit more comfortable (thank g).   (click images to shop)

This summer’s spin on the corset top is quite creative. Modern day corset tops can be worn over tees, dressed up with lace accents, or bedazzled with beads. They also give off a sexy yet elegant vibe and will give any look an extra oomph.  

Could satin and silk be the new sweat suit this season?

From the time Danielle Guizio introduced her classic sweatsuit, oversized sweatshirts and sweatpants have become a staple piece in every fashionista’s wardrobe. Pairing an oversized sweatshirt with biker shorts is a simple way to look like you tried super hard, but really didn’t. (click images to shop)

However, this season we are all for items that accentuate our figures and show off a little more skin than a baggy sweatshirt. Silk and satin materials look incredibly elegant when worn with various accessories. One of the most popular items on the market right now is the satin skirt. I love the look of a midi skirt paired with a cropped top and some strappy heels. 

Touch by Touch Satin Midi Skirt,  $20

Touch by Touch Satin Midi Skirt, $20

Silk can make anyone feel like an angel, even if you’re far from that category lol. Just look at these gorgeous dresses that highlight a more feminine side. (click images to shop)


Mules might just be the new sneakers, who knew?

Sneakers have dominated the shoe market for quite some time now and will almost certainly continue to transform streetstyle looks. Although the classic chunky sneaker continues to be a trend this summer, mules and strappy sandals have also captivated our attention this season. Mules date back to the seventeenth century and served as house slippers. I mean can you imagine puttering around the house in these? Seems a little uncomfortable huh? Today, mules and short-heeled sandals are seen on countless celebs and influencers, and these babies are selling out on websites like Asos, Topshop, Missguided, Revolve and more. They can complement a dressier outfit like a ruffled skirt, a lace dress or make your beach day outfit a little classier.  (click images to shop)

Day dresses that will keep you cool and collective 

Although this isn’t the first time we are unpacking our sundresses, it definitely won’t be the last. The versatility of day dresses makes finding a brunch, picnic, or day at the park outfit undeniably easier. Wrap dresses are definitely a fav of mine, and I highly suggest pairing them with chunky white sneakers or a classier heel. 

If you haven’t heard of Realisation Par by now, get on that girl! They have a large selection of the most tasteful dresses you can imagine. Take a look and you’ll immediately fall in love. (click images to shop)

Replacing dark, hot leather with light sweaters

Dark clothing often appeals to the streets of NYC where grunge/edgy clothing thrives. However, we are currently transitioning from somber black leather toward pale-colored clothing. All I have to say is, button.up.sweater. These dainty cropped sweaters are insanely popular at this time and compliment any bathing suit or boring tank. Feeling a little chilly in the afternoon? Easy. Throw one of these on and completely transform your outfit. 

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