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Countries Around The World Prove America Is Doing Breakfast All Wrong

Countries Around The World Prove America Is Doing Breakfast All Wrong

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what about when our breakfast consists of sugary cereals and pancakes smothered in syrup or eggs loaded with fatty bacon and cheese? Those don’t sound like very healthy ways to kickstart your day, yet they’re the first things that come to mind when thinking about breakfast in the US. 

Only a nutritious and well-balanced meal can really kickstart your day and set you up for healthy success! What that boils down to is lots of protein and fiber and staying away from cholesterol, fat, and sugar. So while eggs are a great start, adding bacon and processed white bread are not going to give you the nutrients your body needs. The fact is that most countries follow this rule of high protein breakfasts to really kickstart your metabolism and get you ready for the day. Let’s compare.

The United States

We already know about breakfast in the US. It typically involves a lot of carbs, salt, fat, and sugar. These foods aren’t the best way to start your day because of how heavy they are. Rather than waking you up and giving you the energy to go about your morning, a giant pile of pancakes is going to make you want to get back into bed and that sugary cereal is only going to keep you satisfied for a short burst before you’re hungry and groggy again. In these cases, it’s actually better to skip breakfast. Whenever I eat a more American breakfast, I typically find that I’m hungry a few hours later, whereas when I skip breakfast all together, I’m fine until lunch time. 


Japanese breakfast is my favorite thing in the entire world. It typically consists of grilled fish, miso soup, rice, tamago-yaki (a delicious and light egg dish), and various pickled vegetables. It sounds like a big meal, but it’s very light and also really high in protein. To me, it’s the perfect way to start your day and the protein boost will keep you full and satisfied until lunch time. 


via  Saveur

via Saveur

Breakfast in Mexico isn’t too far off from the US, usually involving eggs and coffee. The difference is there’s no fatty bacon or highly processed bread. Instead, there are beans and tortillas in their place. This makes the meal more nutritious and higher in protein.


Okay, Italy doesn’t have the healthiest breakfast. It’s usually some sort of sweet pastry and an espresso. I’d still argue it’s healthier than breakfast in the US though, because of its size. Breakfast in Italy is usually on-the-go, with people lining up along a café bar, drinking their espresso and chasing it with a pastry before running off to the rest of their day. It’s a very small pick-me-up that’s still light despite the pastry not being super healthy.


In Ghana, breakfast is usually a corn-based dumpling paired with fish. Because it’s pretty heavy, it can be a lot for breakfast, but when eaten in a small enough portion, will keep you satisfied and focused throughout the day. The fish is also high in protein to give you added energy as well. 

Cover Image Via Hello Fresh

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