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Best Spots For A Girl Squad Night To Remember: Nashville Edition

Best Spots For A Girl Squad Night To Remember: Nashville Edition

They don’t call it “Nashvegas” for nothing. Nashville is one of America’s fastest growing cities, right now. The lure that brings people to Music City are the countless songwriters, growing food culture and the thrilling nightlife. Nashville is the 2nd most popular destination for bridal parties (Las Vegas being number one, if that tells you anything). With so much excitement in Nashville, it’s the perfect destination for a weekend getaway with the girls! Pack your bags, gear up mentally for the weekend and jump into your car with your besties because you’re about to have the best weekend ever. 

Sing Your Heart Out At Santa’s Pub

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Santa’s Pub is - get this - a karaoke, cash only, trailer bar. Yes, you read that right. You’re going to witness some phenomenal singers at Santa’s because everyone is a singer-songwriter in this city..just ask. One of the best rules of Santa’s is to “Be nice.” We can get down with that. Do not miss out on this destination when  you are in Nashville. If you do, you’re going to miss one of the most unique and best experiences located in Music City. 

Grab Dinner At The Treehouse 

One of East Nashville’s most delectable spots to eat is The Treehouse. Yes, there is an actual treehouse. This restaurant is a great spot to start your girl’s night, so you won’t be drinking on empty stomachs. Your taste buds will thank you when you grab a plate of this divine food. You will find yourself craving to head back to the East Side of Nashville to eat there, again!

Check Out Some Music At Robert’s Western World

Robert’s Western World is located where all the action happens - on Broadway. Robert’s (as the locals know it) is one of the only bars on Broadway that locals will venture out to. That’s saying a whole lot since downtown parking for locals is a NIGHTMARE. You will find fried bologna sandwiches, cheap beer and phenomenal musicians at Robert’s. One night The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach and The Eagle’s Joe Walsh showed up unannounced one night and played to the crowd. You just never know what the night will bring at Robert’s. 

Night Nachos At Bastion

Bastion has the best nachos. Who knows how they do it, but it’s been done. You will not find a better nacho on this earth. This is a great spot to start your night out with the girls. They have strong, but delicious cocktails. So, why not try a couple before making your way to Broadway?! Oh, and the bartenders are pretty cute! Maybe you’ll score their number before you head out to your next destination of the night!

See A Show At The Ryman Auditorium

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Nashvillians call The Ryman the “Mother Church.” The facility used to actually be a church, but now it’s a place to have a spiritual music experience. I think everyone should at least go once to see a show here. You can hear a pin drop in the room. It makes you feel connected to not only the artist playing, but to the audience. No matter how many times you have seen an artist, The Ryman show is going to be a special one. So, go take the girls to see a show then hit up Broadway since it’s only one street over! 

Straight To The Top At L.A. Jackson

If you want a view of Nashville that you are going to want to soak in, then head to the top of the L.A. Jackson. This is a new hotel that allows guests to come breathe in the extraordinary views of the Nashville skyline. Just being on the rooftop makes you feel bougie AF. People who come here are usually dressed up and looking fabulous. This is a great stop to grab some wine and flirt with a handsome young bachelor at the bar. 

Finish Your Night At Dino’s

After all that dancing and adventuring, you’re going to be hungry for some dive bar food. Go to Dino’s. This is a hipster/musician paradise that claims it’s fame as “Nashville’s Oldest Dive Bar.” You can get anything from a 40 oz to a greasy hamburger straight from the grill at 1 AM. Their mascot is an armadillo. Need I say more? Just go and enjoy. 

Bonus: Sunday Brunch at Suzy Wong’s House of Yum

Ok, we get it. You had a little too much fun doing just about everything Saturday night. As you’re trying to remember the name of the cute stranger you met and locate your wallet at whatever 5th bar you were at, why not get brunch? Sunday Brunch at Suzy Wong’s House of Yum is going to make your sunday come alive. Sundays are all about the drag queen show with a side of champagne and eggs. This is just what you need to end the weekend feeling fabulous, honey!

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