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Let’s Be a Kid Again - Horoscopes for January 14-20

Let’s Be a Kid Again - Horoscopes for January 14-20

Looks like none of us are going to be too rational this week, and let’s be real. That isn’t a bad thing. That leaves us room to dream big and chase some fantasies. So, if you don’t feel like being too much of an adult this week, then don’t. Sit on your couch, drink a bottle of wine and read a naughty book or watch The Bachelor. You know, just one night where you can forget about all that adulting you’re ignoring. I mean, we do it every week, but this time you have permission. 

While we’re all being giant kids again, we can’t let ourselves completely sink into childhood again. Being too trusting or naive will get us screwed over in no time. Remember that the world isn’t all rainbows and butterflies and we can’t pretend like we don’t know that. So, sip your wine while being quietly suspicious of everyone. Oh, right. We already do that. 




Your creative and spiritual sides will let you dream big fantasies and see the bigger picture. Let yourself dive into your artsy side and do things that involve harmony like music or poetry. Getting in touch with your emotions can help you have deep conversations with everyone you meet, and help you work out issues in your relationships. 

Now what? Don’t be afraid to ask questions when dealing with problems. You may be afraid of the answer, but you need to hear it to move past any issues you’re having. Either you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the answer, or it’s the answer you needed to move on with your life.



Your inner balance will bring harmony to your outside life too, Aquarius. While others may not feel the same, don’t let them bring you down. You can help them out of the dumps as long as they don’t try to bring you down with them. It’ll be easy for you to help others with relationship problems because you can see both sides of the story clearly and without bias. You should also have fun this week and get a new beau or hang out with the one you have. Get dressed up, go out, and do something together

Now what? Your creativity is brimming to the top. Now’s the time to do the things you’re passionate about, or maybe even use it to wear something unique this weekend. 



You’re not about the tough love this week, Pisces. Stay away from your extra dominant friends and get some love from your soft-spoken ones. Your non-verbal communication skills will be on point, so you won’t have to have long conversations over coffee. Going to a movie will feel just as satisfying. You also have the power to persuade people into doing things they wouldn’t normally do or are wary of doing. This can be good when you try to get someone out of their comfort zone, but don’t abuse your power or you could lose some people. 

Now what? Let your brain do its own thing this week. It’s ability to probe the dark corners of your mind could have you uncovering secret about yourself that you never knew before. 



Trust no one. Being overly optimistic won’t pay off this week, so act like it’s the apocalypse and it’s just you and your loved ones. You may have even already screwed up this week and it cost you some resources. You should stay away from the party scene and basically hole yourself up in your house and watch Netflix all week. 

Now what? While you’re home, you’ll be able to easily be yourself which will attract others. Being yourself will have you emanating such a peaceful vibe that no one can get enough of you. But don’t trust them. 



The Moon is in your sign at the beginning of this week, so you’ll be extra in touch with your feelings. Connect with your family and talk out tense areas in your relationships. Hiding your true personality could be what’s holding you back so let her out. And if your conversation gets a little intense, it might be a good idea to talk to a counselor. A counselor might help you discover things about your partner or yourself that can help solve any problems you’re having. 

Now what? There’s always been a stigma behind going to a therapist, but you shouldn’t worry. Plenty of people have one and you don’t have to have a mental illness to be validated for going to one. Therapists are there to figure out the things that you can’t do alone. 



Say goodbye to that pessimistic outlook on life. This week, it’s all sunshine and roses which will make you feel calmer than ever. You’ll be a dream to work with in group projects and you’ll be making friends left and right. It’s also a good week to go out and socialize. You’re a perfect mix of sexy and affection and you’ll find a new crush in no time. 

Now what? Because such a good vibe is constantly emanating off you, now’s the best time to chase your desires without the threat of non succeeding. With a positive week like yours, there’s no way you can fail. 



You’ll be hella perceptive and intuitive thanks to the Moon swapping over to your sign midweek. So much so that people will want to be around you because you already know how they’re feeling. Now’s also the perfect time to talk about relationship issues because not much needs to be said. Your partner will feel more understood and will be more open to talking things out instead of a screaming match. But if things do get tense, look to familiar faces and places for support. 

Now what? Because you’re so in tune with your emotions, now’s a good time to dive into meditation or yoga if you haven’t already done so. Helping others with how they feel can knock you off balance sometimes, and this is a good way to recenter yourself. 



Your job this week is to be yourself. Simple as that. Once you get the stress of pleasing others out your head, you can focus on everything else, like work and relaxing. Because you focus on work, you get everything done and that leaves you time to truly relax. Now you don’t have to force yourself to relax while you worry about all the stuff you’re not doing. 

Now what? This week is all about the love with none of the ulterior motives. Open yourself up to love and be love and don’t be worried about whether or not it’s genuine. It is. 



Your words are here to heal, Virgo. And your strong sense of intuition will make it easy to notice when others need it. Your presence alone will make them feel better because they might not even need to tell you how they feel. But you might also be feeling a little down this week. You might feel that others are judging you based on how you look, and that might be getting in the way of new love. 

Now what? A good way to get rid of that paranoia is to imagine what you notice when you walk into a room. Do you judge others the way you think they are judging you? You think the way most people think, and most of the time no one notices the small blemish on your face or the stain on your shirt. 



You keep finding yourself plopped in tense and awkward situations, but hop on out of there whenever you can. Trust your sense of judgement and get out of situations that don’t involve you. Even being in the room can get you sucked in and you don’t need that negative energy in your life. Now is prime time to start up a new love life because you are a perfect balance between soft love and raw sexuality. You can feel at ease and be direct as you please without the fear of scaring your new crush off. 

Now what? You may struggle to juggle your home life, work life, and your responsibilities, but don’t let that hold you back from being hella productive. You’re a strong boss babe and being busy never held you back from anything. 



Trust your gut when it comes to nasty people. If your strong intuition is to get away from them, then do it. You’re prone to absorb negative energy this week and that can affect your inner balance. Don’t jeopardize your happiness because you wanted to be polite and stick around for a cup of coffee. Instead, surround yourself with those people who will have a deep and mysterious conversation with you. Those are the people best worth your time.  

Now what? During those mysterious conversations, let your brain uncover some hidden meanings that could be buried beneath the surface with you or the other. You might find a pleasant outcome. 



Balanced energy from your home life will bring peace to every other part of your life. No more tense moments in the kitchen means you get to focus more on your professional work and less on the passive aggressive hints you’ll be giving later. For now, you get to focus on what you want next and how you should go about getting it. There’s nothing holding you back from your dreams; you’re afraid of nothing. 

Now what? If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to your aspirations, look to a powerful woman in your life. Chances are she’s battled hard to get where she is and she’s willing to share her story. She can help you get where you need to be with half the hassle.

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