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Going Minimal: How To REALLY Pack For a Week In A Carry-on

Going Minimal: How To REALLY Pack For a Week In A Carry-on

Heyyy ladies, Taylor back atcha with my first piece for our wanderlust fanatics out there. This is for all of us who are reliable over-packers…so basically all of us women in general. Compared to guys, we typically have more hair to deal with, more toiletries, and definitely more outfits.

I get it. We want to be ready to dress for every occasion, and packing FOMO is real, hunnie…I mean forgetting your favorite eye shadow palette so you can no longer step out in that sexy smoky eye in the streets of wherever-you-happen-to-be-on-vacation, it’s one of many possible and frustrating setbacks.

But whether you plan your luggage a week in advance or your style is more night-before packing, there are ways for all of us to start packing less, and leaving things we don’t need back home. All it takes is a little bit of planning, a different mindset, and some honest self-reflection. These three ingredients will take your packing game from hot mess to suave jetsetter.

Take Your Work To Go

Via  Updato

Via Updato

First, for my techie or working girls who work from a laptop, I’d recommend investing in an iPad. As a freelancer, I do a lot of work from my laptop, and leaving it at home when I go on trips is not an option for me. But it adds weight to my carry on faster than anything else I bring. That’s why I’m getting a device that’s easier on my shoulders! Find a keyboard accesory on Amazon for easier typing and you’re golden.

Neutrals Always Win

Next, thou shalt always carry a handful of neutrals. Whatever your style, there are the tried-and-true trusties that everyone should have in their closet: dark skinny jeans, a black turtleneck, a white T-shirt, comfortable closed-toe black shoes, nude heels or flats, an LBD, and a black or navy blazer. Others are out there, but this is a good starting place. With the right combination of neutrals, you will 100% kick ass with all the outfit possibilities, and you’ve set yourself up to win.

Editor’s tip: Watch this video by blogger Chriselle Lim for some multi-outfit inspo with only a handful of basic pieces, and this one for wearing one dress, seven different ways.

Under Garments Matter Too

Also, don’t skimp out on socks and underwear. Clean lingerie and socks are the first line of defense for a fresh outfit, and because they’re the smallest items you’ll be packing in among your clothes, it’s the easiest group to bulk up on.

What's The Availability?

Next, determine what will already be available at your destination. Shampoos, conditioners, and soap are often provided at your accommodation, depending on where you stay. (For the record, guys’ shampoos work just the same as ours do, ‘mkay? So if that’s all that’s available, shampoo is shampoo.) For toiletries you must bring, you are killing yourself by packing full-sized bottles and tubes. Two words: travel sized. No excuses.

Editor’s tip: I’d recommend giving shampoo bars a try. They’re eco-friendly and plastic-free, and while they’re not for every hair type, it’s certainly worth it to see if it could work for yours. If nothing else, leave it (clean and dry!) as a gift for your host, or the next guest after you. Another travel-friendly brand is Yaby. These cute and tiny little eye shadows are magnetic. I made my own custom shadow palette using a recycled gum tin and magnet strips. These dime-sized eye shadows are made in Canada and the perfect little travel-sized cosmetics.

Pack Less Of What You Need

And, perhaps most challenging of all, you think you’ll need to bring, half it, then half it again. It’s that simple. Especially if this is your first attempt packing lighter, I promise that everything you lay out to pack will be more than you actually need.

Editor’s tip: Sorelle Amore is a spunky and wildly fun little Youtuber and a full-time traveler. Aka her packing game is b-e-a-t. Watch her video here for more tips on packing like a minimalist af pro.

Via  Newly AG

Finally, for your travel/airport outfit, try to wear layers and your chunkiest pieces as best you can. My sneakers tend to take up the most room in my suitcase, so that’s the pair I wear when I fly. It’s less strain on your back and shoulders when you have to carry your things to your hotel/air bnb/friend of a friend who’s doing you a favor by loaning out their couch, fo’ free. #sobrokenojoke

Happy travels, pretty peeps!

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