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Love Is In The Air. Kind Of.  Horoscopes for October 1-7

Love Is In The Air. Kind Of. Horoscopes for October 1-7

It’s a new month, boss babes! Halloween is coming up and that means facing some scary things, maybe even responsibilities and turmoils in your love life. And that can be worse than ghosts! This month with Venus going into retrograde on the 5th, you could be learning a lot about your love life, like what you want for sure and whether or not you’re in the place you want to be. See a red flag? Drop him!


You might even find out that you want something drastically different than what you’re used to. Like Anastasia Steele played by Dakota Johnson (who turns 28 this week!) in “50 Shades of Grey.” But don’t get too crazy, because Venus retrograde means that you might get too impulsive, so you probably need to lay low and think things through before you act. Bummer.



Balance out your lives, Libras! Or don’t. You might feel tempted to immediately sort out any relationship turmoil, but hold back, girl. Not everyone is meant to be in your life. Who knows, something better could come along and you definitely don’t want to miss that! This week you also might want to lay back on the treats. Maybe you’ve been telling yourself the phrase more often these past few weeks, but it’s been hurting your wallet.

Now what? Turmoil can be scary, especially if it’s in your love life. You could be scared of losing the one you’re close to, but try not to manifest those fears in a clingy way. Smothering your partner can snuff out the flame faster than you can cultivate it.



Your birthday is almost here, so get ready to party! You have the power to make what you want happen and you might even discover some new desires along the way. Explore those new feelings but take your time with them as well. This week is perfect for you to live in those adventurous desires and start looking at the idea of taking a much needed vacay. Maybe it’s time for you to finally get your passport and see what it’s like on the other side of the ocean.

Now what? Any of those desires telling you to change your style in a dramatic way? Well, before you cut your hair off, don’t do it. That Venus retrograde will have you feeling super impulsive, so maybe just buy a statement piece like this Jackie Faux Fur Leo Coat .



50 Shades? Not for you this week, darlings. Instead of heating things up, you might find yourself attracted to quieter people than you normally go for. It’ll be good for you because you might find some lovely qualities in that person that you didn’t even know you liked. You know what else you might find out? That you could be working a lot smarter and not harder. Take a step back, girl. If you want to be the boss, you can’t be on the grind for your whole life.

Now what? Because you might be going through some changes in your love life, you might have some turmoil going on in your heart. Surround yourself with all the love and support you can get from friends and family and work your stuff out.



Got a longing feeling in your heart, like something is just missing? This could be because you’ve been longing for a genuine friendship that you haven’t found yet. You might find it when you reconnect with old friends this week. You may also find that you have some imbalances between you and your significant other. It’s time to set them right, sweetie. If you let that build, it will only drive you further apart.

Now what? Once you set your imbalances right, find a transition into talking about the future. I know, it’s a scary topic to venture into, but it’s gotta happen sometime right? You may find that your partner has some things planned that don’t exactly include you, and you need to find out where that leaves your relationship.



Feel like you’re getting mixed signals? Well, it might actually be you who’s sending those signals. You’re going to be having a lot of erratic energy flowing your way this week, so you might want to keep an eye on what message you’re sending to your partner. And while you’re at it, don’t try to plan exactly where you think your relationship is going, because that Venus retrograde will make it super hard.

Now what? I know you don’t want to hear this, but one way to help yourself feel the best you can (and not send super messed up signals to people) is to eat wholesome foods. Stop eating chicken nuggets from the drive thru! Eat like one vegetable. You might even like it.



Hate to pop your emotional bubble, Pisces, but this entire month you’ll find that your emotions will be constantly at the surface. But you don’t have to do this alone; find someone who you know will be there for you. After you dig deep into those emotions, you’ll find that you can’t keep slapping a happy face sticker on situations that are definitely not happy. Take this week to rip off that fake sticker, honey.

Now what? If you find yourself slipping into the emotional wormhole, you might find yourself standing in front of a very good looking man who is probably a player. Don’t fall for it! You know it won’t end well for you, and this week need to be about your personal rejuvenation.



There’s lusty temptations up ahead, dear Aries. Whether you’re looking for a new hot lover or you already have the perfect significant other, you’ll find yourself spicing up your love life this week. But the Venus retrograde could also make your love life all too confusing. Maybe just focus on the steamy love and don’t trust you intuitions about new beaus or picking fights right out of the gate. You might find during this time that your beau also has a secret to share.

Now what? Every time you feel like you might be making a rash decision, head over to Target and buy something cute for your house. A small sprucing up will help you feel like a whole new person. And you won’t be making choices that you can’t go back on.



You deserve the finer things in life! But maybe you should step down from your throne and mingle with the peasants. This week, you should take some time to explore your neighborhood a little bit. You might find that you actually enjoy some of the things that your town has to offer. And who knows, you might actually be hella good at trivia.

Now what? While you mingle this week, you might find a little tugging at your heartstrings. But watch out, girlfriend. If you see any red flags, don’t hesitate. Just leave. Don’t give him a chance; just nope right on out of there.



You might be out of breath by the end of the month, sweet Geminis. Love and drama and drama with love could leave you exhausted by Halloween. But good things are to come out of it. Take your time this week and get to know a new lover or your current partner a little better. You might find a best friend that you never knew you needed.

Now what? When cultivating your new BFF, try to stay away from pouring your emotions out all at once. Listen to your partner talk for a while before you let it all out. A friendship is a two way street and you should let your new BFF speak first.



Do you have charisma? Yes, you do! This week is all about showing off your beautiful personality. But you might feel like the relationships you have now, especially with your significant other, are not fulfilling your desire for deeper connections. While you’re out on the town, you might be tempted to create an emotional affair, but I’m telling you now. Don’t do it! If you feel the need to have a deeper conversation with someone who isn’t your partner, then there might be some problems that you need to sort out.

Now what? Whether you’re single or not, now is not the time to welcome back burned out flames. Thanks, retrograde. If you find your thumb hovering over your ex’s call button, go eat some chocolate or something. It’ll give you more joy than they will.



Everyone has FOMO. But you might feel it the most this month, Leos. Everyone around you might be enjoying a seemingly picture perfect relationship and you might be finding yourself acting a little impulsively. Just remember that if it’s a relationship that’s worth it, it’s worth waiting for. To take your mind off love for a while, reconnect with some of those powerful women that you know in your life. They can provide you with more joy than an empty love affair.

Now what? Believe in magic you Muggle! Something will happen this week that will make you believe in the power of the universe again. Don’t be such a cynic! You’ll find that life can be more powerful that way.



Do they have a friend in you? Are you best friends with your significant other? It’s a great feeling to know that the person that you love will be there for anything, even your rants you do on a daily basis. If you feel like you could get a little closer to your beau, take this week to do just that! Listen to what they have to say instead of spilling your guts.Practice your communication skills by listening instead of talking, Virgos.

Now what? You can also use those communication skills to be more assertive in the social scene. Take control of your virtual presence and curate your social media profiles. Just like you social media stalk dates before you go on them, they do the same thing to you.  

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