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Uranus Retrograde Means No Backing Down - Horoscopes for September 17-23

Uranus Retrograde Means No Backing Down - Horoscopes for September 17-23

This week is ripe with opportunity, sweet astros. Not only is the equinox here to balance out our days, nights, and lives, but Uranus is in retrograde and that means finding change in places you’d never expect to find them. With Mars moving forward, now is the time for that balance and peace everyone is always talking about. This week means standing up for ourselves and not taking no for an answer. It means opening up our little baby bird wings and finding out things about ourselves that might even change our lives.

It’s time to think like Danielle Brooks’ character Taystee. Even if you’re not standing up for controversial social issues that doesn’t mean you can’t channel your inner Taystee, girl! Even if it’s something small, it’s your birthday week Libras and that means no backing down.

Via  Giphy

Via Giphy



Happy birthday, lovely Libras! Now that the Sun and Mercury are in your sign, it’s your time to lead. It’s your time to take control of your life and say no when you mean it. This week is the perfect time to manifest your inner girl power and make stuff happen! But don’t be too focused on the linear, little Libra. Life isn’t linear and your plans won’t always be.

Now what? It’s time to be bold, darling. Speak up for yourself, especially when you’re nervous. Don’t let people walk over you if you feel uncomfortable. Baby steps will lead to a new you that you love to be.


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Take a peek at those dark corners in your heart, Scorpios. This is a week for you to discover the spirituality deep inside yourself. It’s time to sit yourself down and explore those thoughts you haven’t had for a while. This week is all about finding your balance, even if that means digging up the dirty stuff.

Now what? Grab a shovel! And turn off that phone! You need to have a serious sit down with yourself. So, surround yourself with a bunch of pillows and maybe some incense and hone in on those feelings that might make you a little uncomfortable.



Get ready to run, betch! This week, the Waxing Moon is in your sign and that means that you’re on the move. But don’t forget to stop and smell up those roses, or daffodils, or whatever flower you like. Smell some grass if you want, just don’t forget those breathers. They’ll be important too. No longer will those breaks in your life be filled with impatience for the Next Big Thing! You’ll find that there will be something to learn in these small breaths in your busy week. It is all about balance after all.

Now what? You need to learn that pausing is just as good as being on the run. When you find yourself able to take a breather, make note of it. Enjoy it. Actually breathe. You might find that you enjoy it more than being on the go, go, go.



The week is yours for the taking, dazzling Cappies! Find that shimmer in your life, even if you’ve left it on the ground for a while. Uranus is here to let you have say in your life and if that means wearing a literal tiara, then do it! The bravery and courage that you might have lost sight of is up for grabs. Nothing is too good for you this week, you brave divas you.

Now what? You’re too glam to give a damn, Cappies! And so is this dress. Use this look to channel your inner diva and literally bring some sparkle into your life. Dazzle those haters away!



Get ready for your mind to be blown with ideas! With energetic Mars directly in your sign this week, that means that there will plenty of ideas and opportunities to choose from this week. And lucky you! There will be so many that it’ll be impossible to choose from one, but don’t worry about it. Don’t drown in those waves of great ideas, but use them to make the decisions that other people normally make for you. Don’t be shy! Say what you mean!

Now what? Now’s not the time to take your time! With all those new ideas flowing in, there’s no time for you to rest on them. Practice being decisive and don’t let others influence you too much. It’s time to learn just how good making up your own mind feels.



Don’t you just love to hear yourself talk? No? Well, too bad because this week is all about you communicating your way through tough situations and those unsolved issues you’ve got swimming between you and those you care about. Maybe you’ve been letting someone walk over you just a little bit and you need to voice your opinion. Don’t hold back, darling; this week is the week to do it.

Now what? It’s time to get real, young Pisces. Laughter is the best medicine but sometimes you do need to be serious. Don’t be afraid; it’s those serious moments that really tie us together.



Break out the romantic gestures this week, Aries! This week is kinda like Valentine’s Day for you, so break out the metaphorical chocolates and roses and pay attention to your loved ones this week. It doesn’t have to be gigantic gestures and by all means do not forget about yourselves this week. Just pay extra attention to the details and you might find some extra balance in your love life.

Now what? This week is for doing the special things that make the ones you love smile. Maybe you haven’t given them a backrub in a while or maybe there’s something more special that you think you can do. Go out on a limb and don’t be afraid! Your significant other will surely appreciate it.



Time to be a health nut! Now, I don’t mean you have to go the gym five times a week (or at all!, I just mean that it’s time to listen to what your body is telling you. Have you only been drinking soda or binge eating potato chips while you binge watch Netflix? Maybe it’s time to drink some water or eat a vegetable. This week is about balance and that means in your physical life too.

Now what? If you don’t really know how to eat healthy, or have forgotten how then this article will be a lifesaver! Not only will you be snacking like the health nut that you are posing to be, but you won’t feel like you’re “dieting.” Hallelujah.



Romantic creativity is about to become your best friend, sweet Gemini. Let it flavor your life this week and allow it to help you deal with those situations you might not want to be dealing with. The faster you handle those toughies, the faster you can find the balance you’ve been looking for in your work life and your romantic life.

Now what? Take a calming breath and channel your creativity in the ways that you don’t normally do. Creativity is there to push us out of our comfort zones, but it can also help us deal with the hard stuff. Don’t be afraid to do that you beautiful Gemini.



The power of persuasion is yours, dear Cancers. Use this week and your language to engage your hectic life and tone it down to your liking. Remember to not take no for an answer and don’t give up until you find the balance you need. You are fierce and you can do this.

Now what? Grab a megaphone, ladies! It’s time to tell everyone how you feel. But take this week to remember that it’s not always about you. Persuasion also means listening to others and understanding how they feel too. Use that loving empathy that you have to make right the things that have being going oh so wrong.



Put on some pants and get out the house! It’s time to be social, Leos. Every encounter this week will have an impact on you, so take it all in and don’t worry about losing yourself in the experiences. You will always be truly you. This week is also time to get your flirt game on, girl! Take your place in the center of attention and chase after that love that we all need sometimes.

Now what? Make your statement with this Blush Bolero. This coat is the one to keep you warm while you’re out there looking for someone to keep you warm, if you know what I mean. It’ll do all the flirting for you.



Have any desires that you feel in the deepest of your bones? This week is the week to feel them without shame or embarrassment, and just do you. Who cares what anyone else thinks? If you want to dance in the rain, then go for it! This week is all about harmony in your life, so don’t be afraid to find it.

Now what? This week, it’s okay to only do what you feel like you need to do. Instincts are what drives us and now is not the time to suppress them. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do, girlfriend!

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