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Mascaras That Will Make You Forget About Those Darn Fake Lashes

Mascaras That Will Make You Forget About Those Darn Fake Lashes

This is the story about a girl… and don’t worry, her name isn’t Lucky. I think we’re a little past that, don’t you? 

Actually, this girl is a lot like you— in looks and attitude. She wakes up ready to slay the day. She dresses to kill, and is having a picture-perfect hair day…only to glance at her watch and spring into full-blown crisis mode. 

She’s late. No foundation or blush today. And sorry eyeliner, but you’re out too. 

Turning to the only item proven to perfectly frame a woman’s eyes without drawing attention to the areas lacking makeup, she reaches for her mascara—only to be horrified by the results. It’s clumpy, brittle… and what’s more, her lashes look fake (and not much longer for her effort). Basically, they’re a hot mess. 

Ugh. This has been happening a lot lately. 

What she wants—no, needs—is a way to somehow emerge from her bedroom looking natural, but camera-ready. Girlfriend needs some lashes. 

Sound familiar? 

No, I’m not clairvoyant. I’m talking about myself too. 

If this story really was about you, you’re probably tempted to run into the alluring world of false lashes. As a student from the school of “been there, done that—moving on,” I can also tell you how the story ends. 

Again, no special powers needed. 

So, she picks up a set of falsies, and they work.  People begin to compliment her eyes…and for a while, it’s nice. 

But then it’s not so nice. Complete strangers start asking her if she’s wearing fake lashes and where she got them. People begin to compliment the lashes instead of her. They fall out in public. She rushes home to reapply her lashes or has to stay where she is and deal with the embarrassment. She decides to take them off for a day and coworkers– who’ve no doubt grown used to her new look– ask her if she’s sick. 

She’s tired of the upkeep and wants to return to mascara because, let’s face it—the grass is definitely not greener on the other side. Now, she searches for THE MASCARA. You know, the one that will dramatically change her appearance with one coat— as advertised on TV and in magazines. This is what she finds. 

For Every Day Long Lashes 

Clinique is a bit of a jack-of-all trades in the beauty industry—known primarily for its skin care (though its lip tinting chubby sticks are nothing to turn your nose up at). So, imagine our surprise when it came out with a stellar lengthening and volumizing mascara. Though the company boasts this mascara’s dual capability, it’s definitely for those with short, barely-there lashes. Clinique’s “High Impact Mascara” will be your workhorse beauty product, working for you while you work for others (or yourself!).

They’re real! Well, almost. Benefit has struck gold in creating an everyday natural looking mascara. Think: the best possible version of your own, God-given lashes. This award-winning mascara is complete with a special applicator to lift and separate lashes, so no more of those ghastly clumps or cringe-worthy raccoon eyes. Think: the ultimate push up bra… for your eyes.

For Intense Smokey Eyes

Whether you’re looking for a bit of drama to spice up the otherwise boring event you’ve been dragged to against your will (blink those gorgeous eyes twice, we’ll come get you!)—or if you’re channeling your favorite makeup insta-influencer, Tarte’s “Lights, Camera, Lashes” is the boost you need. This four-in-one mascara is vegan (in keeping with Tarte’s promise of cruelty-free products), and sure to lengthen, curl and volumize lashes while nourishing them with provitamin B5. Ladies, if there was a spa solely for lashes, “Lights, Camera, Lashes” would be the preferred treatment.

Better than Sex? Let’s not get carried away. But this mascara does come pretty close. This cruelty-free, made-without-gluten mascara by Too Faced is perfect for those who want multiple, intense… voluminous lashes. It comes in a sexy little rose-colored package that will sit in your bathroom ready for use— when the time is right. The hourglass brush was made to grab every last one of your lashes with a single coat that lasts well into the night… and morning.

For Disney Princess Lashes

If you had a choice, would you rather be a Disney princess or a superhero? With this mascara, you don’t have to choose. IT Cosmetics has branded its “Superhero” mascara as the one that will give your lashes powers you didn’t know they had. Using “elastic stretch technology,” the mascara allows you to condition as you coat, and stretch your lashes to their fullest potential on days where you’re looking to embrace your inner Mulan, Tiana, Anna, or Merida. Talk about a win-win.

Lancôme gives new meaning to the term “hypnotic eyes” with its “Hypnôse” mascara. If the deep-carbon pigmented mascara doesn’t create the most dramatic look possible, its triple-coating system sure will. The smooth, creamy formula is fragrance-free and safe for contact wearers and those with allergies. Because wouldn’t a true Disney princess want to create a beauty product for everybody?

For Doll Lashes

Benefit has earned a second spot on this list for its “Roller Lash Curling Mascara.” True to its word, this Benefit product is the lash equivalent of rolling your hair—a method that holds for about 12 hours. What this mascara lacks in 24-hour wear it more than makes up for with its water-resistance and sleek finish. Let this be your beauty go-to for that glossy-eyed doll look—no tears necessary!

Mally first earned her place as one of the country’s top beauty gurus with this awe-inducing mascara (along with having not-so-secret clients like Beyoncé). The volumizing mascara was born from the makeup artist’s famous hour-long lash lengthening routine. Yes, an hour—and it involves a diamond-cut lash comb, a point of interest for those of us on the bougie side. This celebrity cult-favorite will take those lashes all the way up to your eyebrows… as if you really needed more incentive to try it out. After all, if it’s good enough for Queen Bey, it’s good enough for us!



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