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It's Here! A Lip Balm That Will Make Sure You're Getting All Your Daily H2O

It's Here! A Lip Balm That Will Make Sure You're Getting All Your Daily H2O

If we have to sit through one more commercial advertising some new miracle cure for “rough and bumpy” skin— there will be… well, we might not be able to anything about it except complain. A LOT. 

For one, they’re usually geared towards the elderly (or extreme athletes, or pregnant women), as if we all couldn’t stand to hydrate a little more. Babes, if you think the dreamy power of youth is your only bet in the battle for perfect skin, you’re in for a painfully rude awakening one day. Like, Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift rude. Trust us on this. 

Second, they feed into the bogus marketing ploy that all of life’s problems (health and otherwise) can be solved by focusing on the outside rather than maintaining a healthy foundation within our young, taut little bodies. NOT that we’re knocking lotion and chapstick—far from it, lest the goddesses of wellness and beauty strike us down forever. However, like a carton of cigarettes, there should at least be some mention that all hydrating lotions and potions in the world are most effective when used in combination with a clean diet and a boatload of water.

Forget the Surgeon General. Consider this your Exhibit A warning. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 2.33.08 PM.png

Doctors recommend drinking at least eight cups of water a day. Eight. Now, that may sound easy over the course of 24 hours…but for a busy, boss babe on the go, it can be quite a challenge (if you want proof, just head over to youtube and check out any beauty/fitness vlogger’s page—don’t worry, we’ll wait). Sadly, for all the great beauty products out there, around 7and-a-half times out of 10 they just mask the real issue most of us face on a daily basis: not drinking enough water. Even sadder—water is free; beauty treatments are not.

The big companies aren’t stupid. It’s interesting that the only way to get us to consume something we truly need is to make us pay for it. Because, then, we really know it’s good. Think about that the next time you pay nearly $5 for a bottle of “designer” water. Fiji, Voss—here’s looking at you. Cheers! (In this case, toasting with water is good luck.)

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 2.36.25 PM.png

Now, we’re really looking at bkr bottles (pronounced “beaker”)—the scientifically trendy way to take your hydration to the next level.  For the last seven years, bkr has changed the way we enjoy our water with its brand of high-end water bottles. They’re cute, edgy, and even better—environmentally sustainable. But because we’ve all got brains between our blinged-out ears, somewhere in the middle of finding out about these bottles and actually seeing what these babies can do, we’ve probably all thought “what on earth makes this water bottle so special? It just carries water. Big deal, right?” 


Made of soda and lime-glass, these bottles are known for their small mouth openings (like an actual beaker, get it?). Without any metals or plastics, it is free of any toxins that can seep into your precious water and leave the icky aftertaste that sometimes puts us off water. What’s more– its sleek, chic design is something that customers continue to rave about. The 1 liter and 500 ml bottles come equipped with funky, silicone sleeves and easy to carry compact bottle tops that are apparently so fun to carry, they somehow (quite stylishly) lift the burden of chugging down the daily recommended water intake. 

Still not convinced, huh? Wait for it. 

Earlier this month, bkr launched its new “Paris Water Balm,” hydrating lip treatment that’s been five years in the making. On the surface it seems like a vast departure from the fashion-forward bottle designs that has grown the bkr fan base over the years…but is it? Consisting of 16 plant-based ingredients, the rose-colored product was made in accordance to European Union safety standards (which, in turn, only bolsters the brand’s commitment to clean, environmentally friendly health products). According to bkr, the lip balm is “REACH compliant and will never be harmful to humans, animals or the earth.” Plus, remember that cute, compact cap we mentioned earlier? The lip balm container fits inside it, so you will never again spend hours searching for it before a “chance” encounter with your latest bae, and more importantly—you can hydrate your lips after hydrating the rest of your body. Bkr has the right idea on this one; it’s practically scientific. What’s on the outside is only as good as what’s on the inside.

Bottoms up.

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