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8 Outfits To Show Your American Pride on the 4th, Without Looking Cheesy

8 Outfits To Show Your American Pride on the 4th, Without Looking Cheesy

Fourth of July is right around the corner, so you know what that means—horrendously corny fits with the American flag plastered anywhere possible.  For some, the Fourth of July is an excuse to get off work and eat burgers.  For others, it’s just another day.  Yet, for some, the Fourth of July is a go hard or go home holiday: they’re wearing red, white, and blue from head to toe.  This is the group of people that tend to take things to the top and not in a good way.  Now, if you happen to be in that category, or if you just feel like wearing red, white, and blue without looking like a buffoon, I am here to help.  With this list of fab red, white, and blue finds, you’re sure to have all eyes on you at whatever Fourth of July festivity you’re attending, and not because you look like Uncle Sam’s and Captain America’s lovechild.  

Sleek Americana


This outfit incorporates red, white, and blue in a way that isn’t overdone.  What’s great about this outfit is it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the shoes.  If you wore some cute sandals, this could easily be worn to a barbecue with friends (the one that your crush just so happens to be attending, so you have to look extra good).  Now, if you wanted to dress it up and wear some heels, this outfit could easily take you from a casual daytime look to a fun evening party. The pants can be found on Lindsey’s Kloset (and there’s a sale this weekend, yay!), the shirt at Forever 21, and the purse is from Aldo.

Casually Sexy American On A Budget

Casually Sexy American -1.jpg

So, I am all about saving a coin and this outfit does just that.  It’s perfect for if you’re going for a laidback look with your family.  It’s also great if you’re more of a simple girl and tend to go for calmer outfits.  You still get a fun pattern with the striped top, and you also get the quintessential Fourth of July colors.  This look gives you all of the Fourth of July fun without the Fourth of July corniness that tends to pervade during the holiday.  And most importantly, like I said before, the outfit is super cost effective! The shoes may seem a bit more expensive, but they’re an additional 30% off! (Shirt: $5.90 ; Jeans: $32.99 ; Shoes: $49.99)

American Comfort


With this outfit you can play with shape and patterns while still being super comfy and stylish.  It’s the perfect look if you’re going to the park to watch the fireworks or have a cute Fourth of July picnic.  It’s also great for the heat of the summer because the pants are super airy! The shoes also give this look a great pop of color! Naturally, I’m all about saving you on funds—that’s just the type of girl I am—so the shoes are also on sale and the top is an ungodly level of cheap (shirt: $5.97; pants: $39; shoes: $49.99)

American Girl On A Date


Paired with some pants or jeans, this is perfect for a Fourth of July date night with your boo. You still get to wear red, white, and blue, but in a much more adult way.  It’s still a festive look, but instead of looking like Captain American threw up on you, you’re giving us a subtle, more mature way to handle the Fourth.  It is possible to celebrate the holiday and still look like a baddie! My favorite thing about these outfits is that you can reuse them.  With most Fourth of July fits, you only really wear them once (who really is sporting the American flag on a daily basis?).  But, these pieces can all be mixed and matched to wear with other outfits. (Shirt: $40; Shoes: $45; Purse: $16.00).

American Curves Don't Lie


For all my curvy mamas, I’ve got some looks for you too! This one’s a casual look that, paired with these heels, is a bit more dressed up.  It’s still casual, so you could go to a picnic or cookout with ease, but it’s a nice change of pace from the typical flats or sandals that people wear.  Add some red accessories to accent the shoes and really get that subtle, yet festive, Fourth of July spirit going! This is also a perfect look if you really don’t give a damn about the Fourth, but you want to look like you care, at least a little bit. (Shirt: $17.90; Shoes: $22.38; Pants: $68.90).


Okay, so please, please, please, do not kill me when you see how much these accessories cost.  I know I’m all about saving money, but they were just so cute I couldn’t resist showing them to you.  Honestly, you can always just swap the shoes for another pair of red shoes—even flats—and the look would still be hit.  This dress is cool and breezy, perfect if you’re vacationing or on a cruise somewhere.  With a cute floppy hat and some banging red sandals, you could even dress this look down if you were headed to the beach to soak up some Independence Day sun. (Purse: $150; Dress: $22; Shoes: $129)


Some people like to go all out for the Fourth of July: they throw cocktail parties or lavish parties on boats with champagne and fireworks.  If you happen to be attending one of these formal celebrations, this outfit is the one for you.  Again, all the pieces can be worn again (maybe not together next time, so you don’t look like Uncle Sam’s mistress) which is totally cost effective!  You also get to festively attend a fancy party looking bomb without looking like a Fourth of July clown.  It’s mature, it’s sultry, and it’s sure to have all eyes on you. (Dress: $88.90; Shoes: $80; Necklace: $11)


What was once a simple blue and white dress has been transformed into a very sexy outfit for a night out.  Whether you’re going clubbing with your girls on the Fourth, or going out on a date, this look is definitely going to turn heads.  And you’re still repping the Fourth of July colors—without looking corny.  Get some cute accessories, beat your face, and go be lit! Of course, if you wanted to tone it down, you could always replace the heels with some flats.  But why tone down when you can turn up?! No matter what you’re doing for the Fourth of July—if you’re even doing anything at all—have fun, be safe, and look good while doing it! (Purse: $350; Dress: $25; Shoes: $90)





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