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How to Tell if Your Summer Fling is For Keeps Or Trash

How to Tell if Your Summer Fling is For Keeps Or Trash

    Summertime is known for being hot in the romance department. And why not? We are bikini-clad, high on vitamin D from the sun’s rays and our moods are carefree as can be. When you start to hook up with that hottie on the beach that you met playing volleyball, you’ll start to get those butterfly feelings. Next thing you know, you’ll begin to ponder if your summer romance is just a fling or the real thing. 

We have deciphered some dead giveaways to tell if the person you’re cuddled up next to at your friend’s backyard BBQ is for real or if they are just interested in a quick summer romance.

It’s More than a Fling if They Introduce you to Their Friends and Family


A guy who is looking for more than just a summer fling will introduce you to their social circle; friends and family included. They will be stoked to show off their gorgeous partner and be 0% hesitant about this. This means that you will be included to important celebrations, too. 4th of July you will make plans together. You will be invited to friend's birthday parties. You will feel included, loved and be introduced as his girlfriend.

It’s More than a Fling if He Gives Physical Signs of Affection in Public

A guy who is still on the summer prowl won’t show physical signs of affection around others. This is especially true if other women are around. Guys who are into you won’t be worried about or focused on other women. He will not be able to take his eyes of you and have that sparkle in his eye and arm around your shoulder during beach hangs.

It’s More than a Fling if if You Connect on the Socials


In today’s technologically driven world, connecting on socials is a way to say, “Hey, I like you. You’re cool.” If a guy is Facebook friend requesting you and following you on Instagram, he’s interested in more than just a hookup. This shows that he takes interest in your everyday life. He doesn’t want to feel like he is missing out on your life updates. He will comment on your pictures and even instavideos of you two hanging out.

It’s More than a Fling if He Takes You on Dates


A surefire sign that a guy is interested in more than just a fling if he is taking you on dates. Taking you on dates speaks volumes in the fact that he is investing in you. He wants you to have a good time. He wants you to have fun and adventurous moments together that are meaningful. This isn’t just a party setting. He is committing to a one-on-one interaction that makes you happy and feel good.

It’s More than a Fling if He Talks about Future Plans


If it’s June and he’s committing to plans in September - he’s into you. Guys that are looking for a fling will not commit to today or the next hour even. This guy is solid if he is buying concert tickets, talking about you attending family events together or the trip you can take months from now.

It’s Just a Fling if They are Never on Time


Two things that people value above a lot of things: time and money. If this guy is wasting your precious time, then it's just a fling. Don’t bank on a relationship when someone disrespects your time. If a guy is interested in more than a fling he would be on time and if he is running behind for some reason, call you to let you know. A fling will leave you hanging and wonder if he is even showing up at all.

It’s Just a Fling if They Disappear a Lot


If you’re riding high on your last hang out, then the guy disappears for multiple days in a row - it’s just a fling. A guy who is gaga over you will want to be in constant communication. When we find someone we are having strong feelings for, we don’t want them to forget about us, so we communicate as much as possible. If you feel like you’re wondering the next time you’ll connect with your summer romance, you may way to keep your eyes peeled for someone who is worth the effort.

It’s Just a Fling if You Only Hang Out at Parties


If you and your summer guy are only hanging out at social events and never alone, it is just a fling. A guy who is really interested will take you on dates and romance you in whatever way possible. Drunkenly kissing at parties every weekend does not qualify for a gold medal in the long-term relationship department.

It’s Just a Fling if They Cancel Plans


If the guy you are “seeing” has the guts to cancel plans on your gorgeous self, he is just a fling. A guy who is ready to commit to someone would never cancel plans on his partner. Guys who are just looking for a quick summer fling will put their priorities above all else. If he is more interested in surfing with his buddies than going to the dinner you planned, then it’s a sign he is a total fling (and a total flake - not cute).

It’s Just a Fling if They Don’t Ask About Your Life or You Don’t Know About Theirs


 If a guy is constantly talking about himself and never asking about you, then this a a major red flag. A person who does not show interest in yourself is a tri-fold of bad conversationalist, narcissist, and straight up fling territory.  A guy who is interested in a relationship wants to know everything about you, so that they can look for ways to please you and make you happy. The same can be true if you do not know a lot about him. If he only reveals himself in small details he may not want to know his secret life with his other summer fling.









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