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Hair Products/Tools That Will Solve Your Hair Woes For Good

Hair Products/Tools That Will Solve Your Hair Woes For Good

Our hair can be mentally exhausting from time-to-time. For example: some people want their hair curly when their hair is naturally straight, some want it straight when it's naturally curly. Some want beach wavy hair, but their hair is too thin. Some want to style it in a high ballerina bun, but their hair is too thick. Let's face it, no woman is ever 100% content with their hair. They always want more or less. But, with the right hair products, the hair of your dreams can become realities. We have included 10 fabulous products that will help you forget about your hair woes. These products will make you feel more confident in the looks you wish to achieve.

When Your Hair is Straight and You Want it Curly

This bumble bee colored wand is going to get your straight hair curled to the maximum. ‘The Wrap Party - Curling & Styling Wand’ by Drybar is ideal for all hair types. This styling tool heats up to 450 degrees, adds shine, reduces frizz and has a 60 minute shut off function juuusst in case you forget to unplug it (don’t worry - we’ve been there).

‘Infiniti Pro’ by Conair is the ultimate tool in getting your straight hair to curly bliss. Conair boasts that you put your hair in the wand and incredible curls come out. Heating up to 400 degrees allows you to get curls that will have you exclaiming “wow” at the end of the curling session. You can choose either loose or tight curls, as well.

When Your Hair is Curly and You Want it Straight

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if your hair is curly and you are dying for your locks to be straight you may want to try GHD “Platinum Professional Performance Styler.” You know this is a sought after product when it wins Allure’s Best of Beauty. At $249, this straightener is a bit of a splurge, but the amount of times you will use this product will outweigh the overall cost.

When you are using a good amount of heat to get your hair straight, you are going to want to use a product that protects your hair from that heat. Amika “Blockage Heat Defense Serum” is just the product you need. This product gives you shine and protects your hair while you blowdry and straighten. 

When your Pixie cut  just won’t Grow Out Fast Enough

The age old saying, “beauty starts from the inside out” couldn’t be more true. Hum Nutrition “Hair Sweet Hair” vegan gummies will get your hair in tip top shape in no time. The benefits of taking these gummies include hair protection, adds shine and promotes hair growth. They come in cute heart-shapes, too.

Kernique “Hair Regrowth Treatment Dropper with 2% Minoxidil” is made to support your natural hair growth. This product is free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. If you’re not really feeling the short hair, anymore then this is the product is the one to pick up. 

When your Hair is Straight, but You Want to Make Waves

Ouai “Wave Spray” is a beach seeker’s dream. This product gives texture without weighing your hair down. Oh, and did we mention it smells divine? With fragrances of lily, blackberry and cedarwood, you’ll never want to leave this product behind.

Evo’s “Salty Dog Salt Spray” is a great product to have on your beauty shelf during the summer months. If your hair is feeling too straight, just grab this product. You will get that beachy, windblown look in minutes. 

When You Want your Curls to stay after Using your Curling Iron

Are you the person finding yourself saying “my curls only last an hour before my hair feels flat, again?” Well, look no further than Paul Mitchell “ Freeze and Shine Super Spray.” This will keep your curls in place and feeling just the way they need to be.

Another product that will keep your curls on fleek is Bed Head’s “Masterpiece Shine Hairspray.” This hairspray is a great one for summer because it fights humidity while giving your hair shine. This hairspray can be used for any length or texture, as well.

When you want color, but you don’t want it to be permanent

If you’re the type that envys the guts it takes for the gals you see with cool hair colors like blue and purple, than look no further than Paramore’s Hayley Williams, Good Dye Young semi-permanent hair colors.  There are currently 11 colors available. The dye lasts for 4-6 weeks and looks punk rock af.

When you’re making a color change, you are going to want a product that dyes and leaves your hair feeling glossy and gorgeous. Try Dphue’s “Color Boosting Gloss + Deep Conditioning Treatment.” They boast that their product will give you the soft and vibrant hair of your dreams. You’ll be loving your hair color in no time with this product.

When you Wish Your Hair had More Shine

When you feel like your hair needs a little nourishment, check out Drybar “Mudslide Nourishing Hair Mask.” This mask is safe for hair that is chemically-treated and color-treated hair. “Mudslide Nourishing Hair Mask” has a long-term lasting effect witth less breakage and ultra shine.

Another fantastic product for hair nourishment is Amika “The Kure Intense Repair Repair Mask.” What makes this mask so great is it works on all hair types, revitalizes damaged hair and is packed with vitamins and minerals. Your hair will be feeling super shiny and healthy after just one use.

When you have Thick Hair, but Love that Ballerina Bun

Ballerina buns are so pretty when they actually work. When you have thick hair, it can end up looking like a mess. You will want to try Conair Bun Maker Kit. This product is lightweight so you will barely notice it is there.

Try Invisabobble’s “NANO the styling hair ring. “This is a hassle-free way to get the look you want. It’s great for those that are so over bobby pins.

When you feel like your hair is blah and needs something else

Some days you can feel like your hair just seems kind of, dare we say, boring. No worries, Urban Outfitters “Regal Rose Engraved Hair Charm Set” will make you feel next level on the days you're looking for something extra. These look great with any festival wear, too.

This pretty headband can take your hair game to the next level. Nasty Gal’s “Head in the Clouds Star” headband with have you feeling like a cosmic queen. Pair with a silver or gold dress to make this a complete look.

When your hair is thin and you want more volume

It can be taught when you feel like your hair's too thin and you want to try out the latest updos you’re seeing on magazine covers. Enter Nioxin “System 1 Cleanser” You just apply to wet hair and gently massage in. You’ll notice thicker hair in no time.

Bumble and Bumble “Thickening Spray” will make your hair feel less fragile. This product will add volume and protect your hair from heat damage. You can pair this product with Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner for ultimate volume. 







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