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How To Dress Like Your Favorite 90’s Television Icon

How To Dress Like Your Favorite 90’s Television Icon

What does Friends, Saved By the Bell and A Different World all have in common? Women with exceptional fashion sense. One of the best things about the 90’s, besides the music, was the fashion! Their effortless head turning fashion statements is exactly why we adored and wanted to be them. How many times did you spend your life watching Carrie Bradshaw, and wasn’t Denise Huxtable the flyest? In 2018, the 90’s are vibin', and if you want to dress like your favorite television fashion icon then read on as I show you how and where to dress like your favorite 90’s television icon.

Rachel Green


So, I can shamelessly admit that I never actually got into Friends when I was growing up but I certainly knew who Rachel Green was. Not only was “The Rachel” the most popular haircut in the 90’s but the girl could rock some overalls! Most people think of overalls and imagine a dirty, sweaty farmer but on the contrary, Rachel kept it sharp! To recreate this look try out these casually chic overalls from Lindsey’s Kloset over a cropped sweater.

Fran Drescher


If she wasn't the most regal lady on television e-v-e-r than I don’t know who is. Miss. Fran Fine was certainly one fine woman. Seriously, who could take care of a home and three children looking the way she did? She was always polished, posh and fancy. Get this dashing off-shoulder, plaid dress from GoJane.com and pair with bright red accessories.

Whitley Gilbert


This gorgeous gal made you think twice about showing up to class in your lame sweats. Whitley Gilbert was the most stylish woman on campus. You would never catch her in the cafeteria, or lecture hall looking like any ol’ regular college student. She always showed off her Southern charm. Catch these funky green pants at PrettyLittleThing.com and finish with heels and bangles.

Denise Huxtable


Everyone looked up to Denise Huxtable when it came to style in the 90’s. She was bold, fierce and unapologetic! From the different funky hairstyles, dresses and hats, Denise was the queen of 90’s trends. Tap into this vintage look by getting some high-waisted plaid pants from Forever21; keep this look simple yet eclectic.



Somehow Elaine managed to stay ultra feminine while being amongst men. Her signature flower dresses have made a major comeback since their primetime. Scared this look died in the 90’s? Well have no fear because flower power is in full effect. Get yourself this cute little number from SheProm. Try accessorizing this with a long strap purse and platform boots!

Lisa Turtle


Not only was she saved by the bell but she was also saved by the fashion gods! Lisa Turtle was very iconic in the 90’s. Even though her style seemed to be influenced by the 80’s she was still a 90’s television fashion icon. Want this look? Check out Luella Rockerfella. Leopard is versatile so let your personality shine!

Carrie Bradshaw


Every woman during the 90’s loved and hated Carrie Bradshaw for one reason: her closet! Carrie Bradshaw made moving to New York City  and spending your entire paycheck on Alexander Wang seem worth it. Carrie was everything we could have ever want to be and more. Jazz up your wardrobe with this sleek vest pantsuit from AliExpress.com and a killer designer bag.



I know you didn’t think we could forget about clueless - as if! This iconic yellow plaid suit has been recreated many, many times before. These glamorous girls are the reason we woke up two hours early on a Monday to select the perfect outfit to be seen in the halls. Want something a little more 2018? Try this rendition from PrettyLittleThing.com with some large hoop earrings.

Laura Winslow


Do not sleep on Laura Winslow! She was the epitome of the girl next door. Not only was she just plain gorgeous to look at but her signature style was unlike any other woman’s on television at the time. Laura kept it very casual, simple and neat - proof that less is more. Pick up this shabby chic knitted vest from Shein.com and dress up a black or nude romper.

Vanessa Huxtable


This fashionable apple definitely didn’t fall far from the tree. Just like her tv big sister Denise, Vanessa Huxtable was a style icon in her own right. The best thing about Vanessa’s style was her love for “ugly” sweaters. You can try your hand at thrifting or make your life easier and browse the online inventory of DirtySouthVintage.com and pair with some skinny jeans.



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