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How "Beychella" Keeps A Permanent "Wow Factor" On That Body

How "Beychella" Keeps A Permanent "Wow Factor" On That Body

It’s been a week, and I think we’re all finally beginning to recover from Beyoncé’s Coachella—Beychella as it will forever be addressed—performance.  As a faithful member of the Beyhive, (and we all should be in the Beyhive because, well, she is Beyoncé and the genes in that family drip with excellence), and an HBCU student, the performance left me completely and utterly awestruck. Queen Bey delivered peak musical execution, complex dance routines, and top tier vocal control for two hours. Two. Entire. Hours. Okay, I’m fangirling, I know. But she did all of this while looking fabulously fit, and quite frankly, I couldn’t help but to do some research on how Bey stays perfectly fit 100% of the time. That being said, let’s discuss how Bey gets that bangin’ bod!




While pregnant, Beyoncé faithfully attended SoulCycle—one of the most prominent indoor cycling studios in the country. Now, SoulCycle is more than just a spin class—it’s an immersive full-body workout that targets everything. These classes get intense and they aren’t particularly cheap, ranging upward of $34 for a single class.  But, alas, if you want that Beyoncé body, it’s what must be done. 

A Healthy Diet


Most Bey stans have heard about Beyoncé going vegan intermittently.  But, if you aren’t a crazed fan of the Knowles Sisters like myself, Beyoncé often does the 22-day revolution diet. The diet can be found here.  Starting a plant-based diet can be extremely difficult, but this plan gives you strategies, tips, and meal plans to aid you in your fitness goals. Even better? The book is only $20 on Barnes & Nobles!  When the Queen isn’t on a plant-based diet, she still tries to eat healthy.  For all you foodies that like to grub out on home cooked, unhealthy comfort food (myself, included), it’ll take some willpower.  But, if you want to lead a healthy life, a healthy diet is the first step.  Yoncé often cuts out red-meat and replaces carbs like pasta and rice with quinoa. But she does give herself a Sunday cheat day—something we should all incorporate in our diets, because, honestly, we deserve it!



Bey gave us a sneak peak of her routine in a video once and I am here to bless you with it.  In this order, she does standing oblique crunches, V-Ups, shadow boxing, lateral side steps, and lunges. This is all in addition to her regular dancing; Beyoncé usually tours for months, with extremely rigorous routines, so she doesn’t usually need a traditional workout (again, have you seen her live performances??). Make sure you, personally, have an exercise routine that caters to your target areas.

Above all, the most important thing to do is to love yourself! Beyoncé herself stated “everybody isn’t supposed to be the same. Be healthy…but be happy with the beautiful things that make you, you,” and that couldn’t be truer! While Beyoncé’s body is certainly a body goal, it’s important to remember that health trumps all! Fall in love with the beauty of your curves and your body and make healthy choices.  As Bey also stated, “I’m a curvy woman, and I love that. I think that’s beautiful. And I think every woman should love their bodies. The sexiest thing is a woman whose confident.” Love your bodies and get your body goals the healthy route!








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