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The Fashion Items You Can't Do Without This Spring

The Fashion Items You Can't Do Without This Spring

As March rears itself to a final conclusion, it’s now finally time for us to set all of our internal clocks to the uninterrupted, four-week span that is primetime fashion month. But as any self-proclaimed fashion guru is well-aware of, many of the looks showcased during the winter season are always for the next fall. Looks for the spring are shown in the fall, so on and so forth. The inverted schedule leaves the majority of us wondering what trends are actually hot for the current season and if we should even pay the slightest bit of attention to the ones that are. In the words of Miranda Priestly: “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” It’s hard to not feel lost during spring fashion season. But we’ve got you covered: check out these ten looks below that have been all over the runway and spruce up your closet for the new season.

Statement boots


This past New York Fashion Week, designers aimed to be totally transparent with their collections-- literally. A clear statement boot can add an edgier boost to any outfit, and these RTB Clear Perspex Ankle Boots are no exception. You can grab the sweater, earrings, sunglasses and cross-body bag too if you’re head-over-heels for this look that is ½ Upper East Side chic and ½ millenial Carrie Bradshaw. 

Embroidered jeans


Consider a fresh-twist on a classic white-blouse-and-denim look for spring with a pair of embroidered jeans. If you’re willing to splurge a little extra dough on this Rebecca Taylor number, go for it. You can pair it with this Free People blouse, oh-so-sweet white espadrilles, straw circle bag and retro 90’s sunglasses. You deserve it. 



A pair of culottes are perfect for spring: they’re easy to dress up or down. If you’re looking for a more brunch-oriented springtime look that says “I just got back from the Hamptons and plan on seducing a wealthy billionaire,” consider these culottes with an off-shoulder crop top, mango-colored heels, a sleek bag, chic frames, and burgundy tassel earrings



Carly Simon with a gingham neckerchief. Paired with a monochrome wrap dress, white pumps, and bold red sunglasses, it’s like you’re in a really experimental Nancy Meyers film, and it’s everything.  

A ruched, 70’s-inspired top 


Or, rather, maybe you want a more Joni Mitchell-esque 1970’s fit. Ruched tops are in right now, so consider this off-the-shoulder number with a pair of faded flare jeans, a belt, and sandals, along with a hat for a very Meryl-Streep-in-Mamma Mia!- ensemble. 

Metallic Birkenstocks 


If awards’ season has taught us anything, it’s that Working Girl-inspired fashion is in. Dress down a plaid pant-and-watch combo with a soft pastel sweater, metallic Birkenstocks (metallics have been the hottest thing on the runway this past season, too!) with a fun fluffy purse and pair of rose gold sunglasses

A beret 


Berets are back in and I am SO grateful, TBH. Whether you’re an art student or want people to think you’re an art student, this beret-and-boot piece with a ribbed crop-top, colorful skirt, handbag and statement earrings is absolutely to-die-for. 

A white blouse 


A white blouse is a must-have in your closet that can be dressed up or down at the drop of a hat. Consider putting on a fun tank-top over it and pair it with kitschy heels, a headband, pastel shorts and sunglasses for a very Cher-in-Clueless feel. And don’t forget a glossy lip

A classic trench-- with a twist 


If you’re in a fairly cold or rainy local all-year-long (looking at you, Pacific Northwest!), this suede trench is both ultra-fashionable yet appropriate for the new season. Pair it with a bright bodysuit, long skirt, sparkly heels and an art deco clutch if you want to feel like Lana del Rey for the day. 

Oversized denim


A night on the town? Take a metallic dress and pair it with a 1980’s heel, earrings, and banana-colored sunglasses-- but then throw on an oversized jean jacket for a grungy-yet-still-fresh fit.

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