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Everybody’s A Homebody - Horoscopes for December 10-16

Everybody’s A Homebody - Horoscopes for December 10-16

The holidays are officially here, babes! If you didn’t set up your fake Christmas tree the day after Halloween, or get all your Christmas presents on Black Friday, you’re way behind, love. You might as well not even bother. Better luck next time. 

Anyway, you’ve still got all those Christmas parties to get drunk at, so it’s a good thing most of us will feel the need to reconnect with the fam. Now it won’t feel so much like a drag. Your new cheery outlook on life will help you to be more interested in the ongoings of your family members. You never know: they might have become exciting over the years. 


We’ll also all be on the hunt for those more serious lovers as we always do when the cold fronts hit. Maybe it’s because we want to bring home the “good one” for the family or we really just want some snuggles to keep us warm. Either way, our intuitions will be there to sniff out the ones that are here for the long run. 



You have a daily routine, right? Good. Now change it. You can learn a lot of new things from just a tiny change in perspective. Dreams and insights will bring new experiences and a heightened sense for detail. Now’s a good time to start thinking about the future. That way you’ll not only feel like you have all your ducks in a row, but you’ll have something to tell your family when they inevitably ask about it this Christmas. 

Now what? Your relationships might require a little more affection than you’re used to. Go out of your way to lend a special touch or do something extra special to get your partner noticing just how much you love them. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with those lovey-dovey emotions.



Comfort and familiarity are your new best friends, Cappy. A strong sense of harmony will come from you feeling at home with yourself. It’s time for you to enjoy the holidays and your relationships. You’ve had enough of the drama, so take this week to recharge that old battery of yours. Trust me, you’ll get enough excitement come that yearly family reunion time. 

Now what? You’ll also be getting cozy with commitment this winter. The balance you feel in your life will have you feeling ready for a serious relationship. Go for one! The best time to focus on a relationship is when you feel good about yourself. 


The Moon is in Aquarius this week, and it’s bringing your relationships under the microscope. You might find out that this one isn’t the one to bring home to mama, or that you’ve been stressing for nothing. Whether it’s good news or bad news you’ll get, a confidence boost is sure to come your way. Use it to start new projects and make new friends. Don’t let that courage go to waste!

Now what? Holidays are for impressing people, right? Well, for you they might be. Maybe you’ve been itching to impress your family with an awesome new job or impress that special someone with an act that shows you care. Go above and beyond and blow some people’s minds, babe. 



Ever want to do a puzzle? Not since you were six, huh? Well, this week is a good week to hunt down those boxes in your parents’ attic or find some brain teasers online. This will help you look at other situations with a new eye and get you thinking about the future. Think about where you want to be in the long run and who you want to be with. Start saving for that shiny future and get serious about it. Now’s a better time than any. 

Now what? You could do with a little spontaneous PDA. Your partner might need you to show the world (and them) that you really care. Sure, you might hate it, but they might be itching for the opportunity to show a bunch of strangers that they’re not alone this winter. 



Leave your mind wide open for exciting news and vivid dreams. Insight will come from that and a few eccentric encounters. That person might show you that you’ve been looking at something in a completely wrong light. Don’t be scared to try new things. This new energy will give you the passion that you’ve been missing from your work. It’s been a while since your work didn’t feel like work. Welcome that feeling again.

Now what? Chase your dreams, but don’t run too fast. Being competitive is no problem but there’s no rush to get to the end goal. If you’re playful along with competitive, you’ll get where you want to be in no time. 



You’ll actually want to talk to your family this holiday season, Taurus. With no cares or worries to drag you down, you’ll be talking everyone’s head off. In fact, any problems that you do have, you’ll have that initiative to solve them with ease. Confidence and sensibility is on your side. Take it and run. 

Now what? Use this newfound sensibility in your serious-relationship hunt. It’s a long term investment, if you really think about it, so choose with care. You may come across your soulmate (if you even believe in that stuff). 



Your mind is like an open window, Gem. Let new discoveries fly in like an unexpected bird instead of unwanted flies. Trust your intuitions and those new insights to solve problems that have hung around for way too long. Sometimes, you just need a new way of looking at things. 

Now what? Spending time with your family and friends will bring along strong sentimental feelings. Don’t focus on any issues that may cause you to fight; bring to light those memories that make everyone smile or laugh. 



Inner balance might be something you’ve never heard of, but you’re about to get chummy with it. Drama? That’s nothing to you, babe. Now’s the perfect time to sort out your personal problems because you’re finally able to see both sides. You’re not swept up the minor details that others keep getting stuck. You see the bigger picture and the happy end game.

Now what? Your relationship will see some major stability this week. You’ll both see eye to eye, making your week extra drama free. As long as you stay away from the outlandish showcases, you’re set for the week.



This week is all about new opportunities and chance encounters for you, Leo. Time to get in a magical holiday spirit. Make new friends and build new relationships that are meant to last. Everyone will seem like the glass is half full in their eyes, so take advantage of that. Even if it is just the spirit of Christmas making them feel unusually optimistic. 

Now what? Don’t shy away from sharing your emotions with your loved ones. You’ll build stronger relationships and gain mutual respect this way. If you show that you trust someone, they’ll be more inclined to trust you with their secrets, too.



When your home life is balanced, the rest of your life will fall into place. Now that you’ve got the handle on what’s happening at the house, you can focus on relationships and making new friends. You no longer need to rely on someone to vent and you can work on building up strong bonds instead on leaning on one. Look around you because a strong female figure could be your next unexpected role model. Nope, you’re never too old for those.

Now what? You’ve got one last chance to get your shopping done because you’ve got an eye for sales this week. Be on the lookout for any bargain you find. They’ll be few and far in between this holiday season.



Your daily routines can use a break, Libra. Open up to people from different backgrounds and welcome stimulating conversation. Always be ready for a change in perspective and invigorating conversation topics. Now’s the time to take initiative in any projects you’ve been meaning to start and any relationships you’ve been holding back in. Take the lead and take some charge, girlfriend!

Now what? If you’ve been feeling shy lately (or your whole life), get in touch with your sexuality. Get some of what you want instead of always going with what others say. Never doubt yourself. You know what you want deep down, so grab it. 



You’re comfy, Scorpio. Now that you feel free with who you are, you won’t be pressured to do things that you know isn’t right for you right now. Work if you need to or take a break, it doesn’t matter to anyone but you. If someone is pressuring you to do one or the other, brush them off. Only you are in tune with what you need.

Now what? Now that you feel content with you, your heart will be begging for love from someone that’s close. Now’s a good time to look for commitment and someone to share the holiday memories with. Even if it doesn’t last forever, it’s good to have someone around. 

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