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What You Should Wear In The Bedroom According To Your Sign

What You Should Wear In The Bedroom According To Your Sign

When planning for a sexy night in with bae, it can be a little difficult and daunting when trying to figure out the best thing to wear. If you have been together for a long time, then you may be looking to switch up the norm a little bit. Or, if your relationship is new, maybe you want to show your babe that you are not afraid to try new things. Either way this list will give you the perfect outfit to wear in the bedroom according to your sign and the personality that comes along with your sign. So, have no fear and put down the Victoria Secret catalog, because we are here to help you feel confident in the bedroom while also wowing your significant other!


DKNY Classic Lace Bodysuit  $29

DKNY Classic Lace Bodysuit $29

An Aries is very determined and confident in nature, so this definitely carries over into the bedroom. They are not afraid to go after what they want until they get just that. They are also not afraid to try new things and be a bit aggressive when need be. This is why a lace body suit is the way to go for this sign. They will show your significant other that you are the type of girl who knows what she wants and is not afraid to ask for it! 


Alexa Zoe Guipure Lace Corset  $41

Alexa Zoe Guipure Lace Corset $41

A Taurus has many great qualities… they are reliable, practical and responsible. This sometimes makes it a little hard for them to let loose in the bedroom, even when they are with someone that they truly feel comfortable with. This is why this Alexa Zoe Corset will be a great choice for them to wear for a sexy night in with bae. This is nothing that they would normally wear and will have their beau completely knocked off their feet, in a good way. This still provides some coverage, so a Taurus won’t feel completely exposed but will definitely help them open up more ;)


Felinda Red Slip  $335

Felinda Red Slip $335

Geminis are already very affectionate in nature so dressing up for the bedroom will come almost natural to them. They love…. well love and so they will do anything to make their bedroom experience even more intense. That is why this striking red slip from Agent Provocetour will keep them and their bae up ALL NIGHT LONG! The key to having a great night is making sure that the mood is set because Gemini’s tending to be a bit nervous. So, spend the day relaxing and decompressing before a night of fun with the one you love. 


This is where things may get a little bit wild to say the least! Cancers tend to have huge imaginations which make for very interesting times in the bedroom. Since a Cancer has such an imagination they can get bored easily, which is why they may switch things up often, as far as the bedroom is concerned. This is neither a great thing or a bad thing depending on how flexible their partner is (no pun intended here). This Caged Bustier may look a little bit wild at first but it is just the right amount of intricate and intriguing thing a Cancer will rock with ease. 


Dot Flowers Lace Bodysuit  $168

Dot Flowers Lace Bodysuit $168

Whenever a Leo is around a good time is sure to be had by all as they are some of the most lovable and humorous people around. However, a Leo can also be a bit inflexible, so the bedroom can act as an escape from all of this, it can be the one place where they actually let loose and be themselves. That is why this Flower Lace Bodysuit from Neiman Marcus is perfect for a Leo. It is totes sexy and will leave your partner begging for more but also fun and will mirror your personality. Lingerie is most effective in building a babe’s confidence and wooing their partner when it reflects the wearers personality because that will shine through. 


Lace Detail Gown And Panty  $39

Lace Detail Gown And Panty $39

Virgos tend to work so hard and so much, that they lose sight of what is really important around them. They have a hard time letting loose because they are so critical of themselves. This can make getting into the bedroom mood a little difficult. This lace gown and panty from Venus, will be a total score for a Virgo because it doesn’t expose too much so they won’t feel shy or uncomfortable, but it is also sexy enough to seduce your partner into doing just about anything….and we mean anything. 


Garnet Babydoll 2 Piece Set  $24

Garnet Babydoll 2 Piece Set $24

Libra’s are known to be diplomatic, always trying to make everyone around them happy. And when it comes to the bedroom, things are no different. But listen up Libra babes, YOU MATTER TOO! So, get your confidence stroll down pat, spritz on some of your favorite perfume and slip on this 2-piece Felina Babydoll Set from Nordstrom before walking into that bedroom like you own it. With this sexy little number your confidence will skyrocket, and you won’t have to worry about pleasing your partner because, well, that comes with the territory ;) 


Ruffle Plunge Teddy  $58

Ruffle Plunge Teddy $58

A Scorpio can be a bit of a wild card in all aspects of life but, you haven’t really met one until you’re both in the bedroom. When they love someone, they LOVE it hard — which is why when it comes to intimacy, the more passion, the better. This Dream Angels Ruffle Plunge Teddy is perfect for a Scorpio who knows what she’s working with; and, it will get your partner as ready as you. going for you and your partner ALL.NIGHT.LONG. So bring bae to bed and get ready for an unforgettable time. 


Black Teddy Kaye  $24

Black Teddy Kaye $24

Sagittarius’s are known for their generosity, humor, and most notably, impatience.  So the only outfit that a true sagittarius may really embrace is one with a little less of a buildup, and a little more of the action. Once the Halter Plunge Teddy is wrapped around your figure, both you and your partner will be ready to romp in no time. So, don’t worry Sagittarius, this look won’t keep you waiting for too long. 


Pleated Babydoll  $49

Pleated Babydoll $49

Capricorns, the one’s who are most likely to own the lingerie boutique than wear any, have a ton of self-control, and love anything with a classic, practicable twist. With this Pleated Babydoll look, you’ll be beautiful, confident, and like the HBIC. With just the right amount of sexy, you’ll be ready to make them work for it — you are a capricorn of course.


Silk Slip  $99

Silk Slip $99

Known for going against the expected and embracing originality, Aquarius’ tend to be independent. But, once you break through that tough exterior they are full of love and ready for all the feels. This Silk Slip from Intimissimi, is simple but, allows the Aquarius’ salacious and enamoring personality to do most of the seducing.


Vince Camuto Lana Bell Sleeve Lace Thong Bodysuit  $56

Vince Camuto Lana Bell Sleeve Lace Thong Bodysuit $56

Now a Pisces is one of the best when it comes to anything sexy because well, they just feel you. With emotions dripping as fast as their tears (no shade), they are both gentle and compassionate. This Vince Camuto Lace Bodysuit is perfect for a Pisces; it’s a little dramatic but, v thoughtful. Cue the Justin Bieber — our resident Pisces — light the candles, and open up the red wine, because your partner is about to get emotional.  

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