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Grab Your Floatie And Get Ready To Ride... Horoscopes for November 5-11

Grab Your Floatie And Get Ready To Ride... Horoscopes for November 5-11

We’re all really getting in touch with the universe this week, lovelies. This week brings a New Moon into Scorpio which encourages us to stop pushing against life’s currents. Have you ever tried to swim against the waves in the ocean? It’s just as impossible to push up against life as it is to swim against it. So, just let go a little bit this week ladies, but not all the way.


Just because you can’t swim against the current doesn’t mean you get to blank out on your life. You do still need to have some control over what happens, so be present and aware while you float on through life. Embrace every little bit of debris that washes towards you and understand that the universe is giving it to you for a reason.



It’s your New Moon, Scorpios. This week is all about embracing who you are and making peace with that troublesome inner you. No good comes from continuously fighting against yourself, so it’s time to put down the gloves. Don’t let anyone or anything else force you to make this decision. It has to be all you, girlfriend.



Jupiter is shifting its way into your sign for a year-long stay, so prepare for your consciousness to expand into the horizon. But in order for your mind to grow, you have to dump some stuff to the curb. Take a look at your emotional baggage: what have you been gripping with white knuckles? Sometimes you just have to dump some suitcases so you can stand up straight.

Now what? Once you get rid of the dinky old bags that you’ve been carrying around with you, you’ll feel your creativity levels kicking up a notch. It’s a great time to start big projects with this new feeling of weightlessness.



It’s time to close those doors, Cappys. Use those loving hands to pack up those old habits and relationships in a box and put them aside for now. To start new experiences, we have to say goodbye to some old ones and now’s your time. So, use that determination and sensitivity inside you to grab that packing tape and label those boxes to open later.

Now what? It might be bittersweet, but putting those habits and people aside is something that must be done. It’s like that “Friends” episode where the group says goodbye to the apartment. It means something good but it’s hard to do at first.



This week might be way out of your comfort zone, but you can do it. All you need to do this week is focus on not controlling every aspect of your life. Let loose. Sink into life’s rhythm. Lay low and grab a floatie. Sip on that drink and try not to think about how much it’s bothering. You might have to force yourself to relax.

Now what? Distraction might be your new best friend this week. If you can’t let go of the reins, then you should put your attention elsewhere. Grab your friends and make them distract you from controlling everything. You know, sometimes a few parties can help with that.



Next week Mars powerhouses into your sign, so take a look at those uneven boundaries and relationships in your life. Have you been putting too much effort into the other person instead of yourself? Not taking care of yourself can actually cause more problems. You deserve the goodies the world has to offer. Take them and let your relationships prosper.

Now what? Maybe you’ve been letting yourself get the short end of the stick because you haven’t taken a leadership role. Now’s the time to do it. Once you improve your self-esteem, you’ll find that other parts of your life will improve too.



Rough year? You’ve been forced to accept reality and to learn how to slow life down, but that doesn’t really work for you, Aries. So, this week embrace that fire deep within and learn to have hope again. You can find that fierce glimmer in every little situation, just keep that little mind of yours open.

Now what? To re-embrace that fierceness in your heart, you might have to do a little tugging. Try doing something you love that you may not have done for a while. Indulge yourself a little. Do your best to bring out the real you that you’ve been forced to repress.



Let your blood boil with a little taste of obsession, Taurus. Don’t let yourself sink into it, but play with the idea that channeling obsession can lead to great things. That coupled with an intense need to succeed, will bring you closer to where you want to be. Taking a little control will help you to understand your place in the world. Snatch your crown back, girl.

Now what? Once you get centered, you’ll be feeling more empathetic than usual so get to building up those relationships. You’ll be amazed at how much you can listen and learn when you feel at one with yourself.



You’re a fortune cookie, Gemini. What the hell does that mean? Well, it’s time to start listening to those subtle messages your body is giving you. What physical signs suggest something at a deeper spiritual level? There’s profound meaning in your daily routines, so it’s time to get in tune.

Now what? While you look for the deeper meaning in yourself, stop looking for deeper meanings in your relationships. Take a minute to enjoy the friendship part of your relationship. The physical is still important, but it’s not something you should focus on.



It’s time to take a step forward in your relationship by taking a step back. Loosen your grip on the other, Cancers. Allow them to grow individually so they can then grow with you. Deep and intense experiences are sure to come your way. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the new turn your relationship will take.

Now what? Take this week to remember that you need to figure your stuff out before you try to figure out your relationships. And so does the other person. Distance might sound like a bad thing but sometimes it can be a life saver.



The world is giving you a giant hug, Leo, so hug it back. It’s time to get passionate about loving others, yourself, and the world you live in. Basically, just be super happy and optimistic about literally everything. It might be tough but sometimes you need to force yourself to see the good side of your life.

Now what? With this new outlook on life, now is a good time to resolve issues in any of your relationships. Maybe all you needed was to be super positive to handle your problems. After all, new perspectives often bring good news.



Please keep all hands and feet inside the ride, because it’s going to be a bumpy one. You Virgos are about to learn that everything good comes with a price. But that doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Ride out that turbulence with your arms in the air and a scream of joy because at the end awaits pure exhilaration.

Now what? Listen to your gut and everything will fall into place. It can be tricky making decisions when the going gets tough. So, just remember that gut feelings can tell us a lot about situations and it’s always good to follow our intuitions.



Discover the desires within, dear Libra. And not the sexual ones. Sure those are fun, but you need to discover those other desires buried deep within your heart. Let them out and be unapologetic for them. Indulge them a little without any shame. This week is all about your inner soul and you should just let it all out.

Now what? If you do find some unwanted desires down there in the cobwebs, just know that confidence is the key to switching it into something you do want. Don’t be afraid to take control of your own mind. It’s all yours and no one or anything should be in charge of it.

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