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Preparation Can’t Come Early Enough Horoscopes for November 26-December 2

Preparation Can’t Come Early Enough Horoscopes for November 26-December 2

As 2018 comes to a close (finally!), Jupiter gets ready for the long haul in Sagittarius. And so should you, babe! You shouldn’t wait until New Years to think about the new year. Mercury and Jupiter’s pairing with the sun this week will give us all a glimpse of what’s to come. Whether it’ll be a good year or a bad year is, believe it or not, up to you. Sure, the planets have a little say so, but don’t be afraid to grab the bull by the horns and do some damage of your own! The good kind, not the bad kind.

While you’re taking the world by storm for the rest of this year and next year, don’t forget to learn and grow the whole way. Doing what you want is great and all, but you don’t want to end up a stubborn old lady that your family just tolerates, right? So, be that cool aunt that everyone is jealous of and do a little self-growth.




Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun are all in your sign this week, babe! Your opportunities for growth are bigger than ever, so take them! This planet trio will swing the world in your favor. Take a step into the unknown and let the universe handle the rest. All you need to worry about is planning next year to go the way you need it to. Just be careful not to dominate others; it could cause some tempers to flare.

Now what? Some family members might not need tempting to push you to your limits. Whether they’re doing it because they want what’s best for you or they just love to push your buttons, it doesn’t matter. Don’t let their problems get to you and don’t let yourself overreact; you might do some things you’ll regret.



This week, take a look backward to make a move forward. It’s time to look into your past and your subconscious and use that look as a learning experience. One of the best ways to grow as a person is to take a look inward in a objective way. Play with the idea that you might not always be the victim and you could be the one behind the hurtful actions and words. Be careful not to let this self judgement seep into your anger towards others. This week is all about what you can do better.

Now what? Crankiness and anger often go hand in hand. An easy way to curb your mean words is to simply get some rest. Like a full night’s sleep. You’d be amazed at what feeling well rested feels like. You might even turn into a whole different person.



It’s all about shameless self-promotion, ladies! You are a brand, and sometimes you just gotta sell who you are. You do it in interviews and when you make first impressions, so it’s extremely important that you have a cohesive story. Take this week to really work it out and don’t be too stubborn to constructive criticism. You never know how you look to other people, so take all the help you can get.

Now what? While you’re so wrapped up in yourself, don’t forget to share the limelight. If someone else needs to get on up there with you, then let ‘em! This year is all about growth and this is one way to do it.



Get ready to rev up your ambition, boss babe! Once you get a taste of success this week, you’ll be begging for more. Optimism will drive you forward in your endeavors, so don’t let those Negative Nellies get you down. You’ve already got enough on your plate, especially if you bite off more than you can chew. Watch out for big projects that just can’t be done alone. Your pride may tell you yes, but your physical limits are sure to tell you no.

Now what? You might notice some power imbalances in your life, but there’s no need to worry.  It will eventually sort itself out, or you’ll sort it out yourself, but anxiety can get in the way of your glorious ambition.



Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun are in your house of exploration this week, dear Aries. Take chances when you can and learn from each experience. You are in tune to understand deeper truths and connect them to what you believe. You can truly make a difference, but you don’t need to be the face of it. You can do just as much without anyone noticing and you might learn to love it.

Now what? Changing the world can be exhausting and you might need some alone time, but that doesn’t mean you can just drop off the face of the earth without a word. Your friends and family will understand if you need some time to yourself. They just want to know where you are. So, vocalize what you’re feeling to avoid some unneeded tension.



There are no shortcuts on the road to self-growth. I just sounded like your grandpa, didn’t I? Well, he has a point. Dive deep into your psyche and discover where you need to be. If you get lost or need some help, your friends and family will be there for you, ready to lend a hand. Just remember that all relationships are give and take, so don’t ask too much of them if you aren’t willing to help them in return.

Now what? Be careful not to work against yourself this week, Taurus. Distractions can come even when we’re doing something we love. Don’t let yourself be gullible and fall into a rabbit hole you can’t get out of. Now’s a great time to jumpstart your way into a fabulously productive new year.



Close your eyes to the world because it’s all about you, and just one other person, sweet Gemini. How long has it been since you had a one-on-one conversation with somebody? Too long. Those intimate conversations can bring out the best in people, so don’t be afraid to get up close and personal. You never know what you can learn from each other.

Now what? All this private conversations might spark up a secret romance between you and another person. Maybe sharing a secret just between the two of you could kick things off and spice things up. Pay attention to what everyone says and see what you can uncover.



Efficiency? What’s that? Well, it’s going to be you this week, Cancer. Now’s a perfect time to tackle old projects you have lying around polish those skills you’d like to work on. Procrastination is no longer in your vocabulary, you working machine! As long as you take breaks and don’t overwork yourself, you’ll be well on your way to an unrecognizable contributing member of society.

Now what? All this leftover energy that you’ll have this week has to go somewhere. So, put it towards working for something that you believe in. Do some charitable work every once in a while. Just stay away from trying to change people. There’s not enough energy in the world for that.



It’s time to let your darling Leo energy out for the world to see. Be bold and luck will follow. Take a step into the abyss, knowing that a net will be waiting for you at the bottom. You have not a care in the world, and that can bother some others. Your liveliness can cause tension between you and your significant other, but there is a way to turn it into a sensual tension. Let it spice up your love life. No need to get angry for no reason.

Now what? Don’t get upset when people don’t respond the way you’d like them to. Your life is all about the unknown this week, so learn to love it. You can’t control what everyone is going to say, so don’t let their actions bother you.



Delve into the familiar, Virgo. You. An improvement in your home life can help you look into your past. This can assist with personal reflection and self-care. Learn everything you can about yourself, so you can stay centered. The best way to keep balance with yourself is to know exactly what you need, when you need it.

Now what? Try new self-care routines that you’ve been aching to try. Or that you’ve been too scared to try. A small change in your pampering can inspire a new look at yourself that you had never thought of before.



This week is all about speaking your truth. It’ll be a sneak peak into what the planets have in store for you next year. All you need to worry about is reaching the right people. Think outside the box to do this. It might be time to speak to people you haven't tried to speak to before. Or maybe it’s time to reconnect with old friends.

Now what? You might talk a big game this week, but your challenge may lie in walking the walk, too. While you speak away, you might want to think a little before you let it come out of your mouth. Some things you can’t take back.



Stay true to your roots, Scorpio babe! You might think that possessions can get you the happiness you want, but sometimes that isn’t always true. This week, it’s time for you to provide for yourself, without material items. Focus on your true needs and nothing else. Those are the things that will enhance your life.

Now what? You’re still the adult here, even if you don’t want to be. But there are some perks there. Do what you want this week because only you can be the boss of you. Live the life you want because no one is here to tell you otherwise.

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