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Quiz: What Kind of Black Friday Shopper Are You?

Quiz: What Kind of Black Friday Shopper Are You?

Okay…can someone please tell me how it’s almost Black Friday…again?! Slow down time! With so many sales, promos, freebies, etc, coming at you from all angles, your head can feel like it’s going to explode before you even step foot in a mall! So, this year I’m gonna make it easier for you!  With this short quiz, I’m going to not only tell you what type of Black Friday shopper you are and how to improve your shopping.  Let’s get started!

1. How do you navigate your way around the mall?


A. I have an extensive and detailed list of what I need and where I need to go.

B. I drift aimlessly until a store calls out to me.

C. If I have to go, I go wherever the person I’m with wants to go.

D. People still go to malls instead of ordering things online?

2. You see the perfect New Year’s dress and there’s only one left in your size.  You and another person eye it at the same time.  What do you do?


A. I run and get it. That dress is mine!

B. Should I run?

C. I can honestly just get another dress.

D. I really don’t have time for this.

3. What’s your least favorite thing about shopping?


A. Not being able to find what I need.

B. Getting a ton of stuff I didn’t plan on buying.

C. To be honest, shopping isn’t really my thing.

D. Waiting for my shipment to come in!

4. What’s your favorite thing about shopping?


A. Crossing off everything I needed to buy!

B. Window-shopping!

C. Finding something cute by surprise.

D. Everything fits, and I don’t have to return anything!

5. on a scale of 1-10 how excited re you for Black Friday?


A. 15!!!

B. A solid 8.

C. A 3.

D. Maybe a 1.5?

If you chose mostly A’s:

You’re a planning princess, a shopping queen!  If there’s one thing you know how to do, it’s shop and you are in your truest and final form on Black Friday.  Now, you also tend to be a tad aggressive when scoring those sales.  It could do some good to ease up just a bit—you don’t want to scare people…or maybe you do.  Either way, happy shopping!

If you chose mostly B’s:

You’re a wanderer, maybe even a Black Friday newbie.  You love to shop, but you’re definitely not as intense as some people.  You may want to change that for Black Friday.  People get serious about their shopping!  Get a little aggression going!  Put a little bass in your voice!  And, if you see that dress that you’ve been dreaming about, go run and get it!  It also might help to write a list so you’re not blindly spending all your funds.

If you chose mostly C’s:

You’re a dragger.  You don’t really care for shopping (on the surface at least), but you somehow always seem to end up with your family or friends.  You may not show it, but you kinda have fun, at least some of the time.  As you’re getting dragged along for the Black Friday steals this year, pick up something cute for yourself! 

If you chose mostly D’s:

You’re a cyber shopper and you’re waiting for Cyber Monday.  You can’t handle the crowd and you don’t care for the hassle.  You stick to online shopping and you will be getting those sales…just a couple days later.  Now, be careful!  Swiping your credit card can be entirely too easy.  But remember, we’re getting deals not debt! 

Cover image via Pham

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