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Let’s Gobble Like Turkeys - Horoscopes for November 19-25

Let’s Gobble Like Turkeys - Horoscopes for November 19-25

Looks like we’ve all got the gift of the gab, babes! This week’s full moon in Gemini will have us all breathing easy in our communications with others. We’ll find ourselves knowing all the right things to say and how to smooth over any rocky situation. And while we’re comfortable there, we’ll be lit up by our curiosity and need for spontaneity. Get ready for the craving of surprises in both endings and beginnings.

The sun is in Sagittarius’ zone this week, but that doesn’t stop the rest of us from tapping into that same energy. That heart pounding exhilaration that comes from those surprises in life is what will fuel us all into next week. The sun is here to teach us to take risks, and jump off the edge of a cliff into the unknown. So, take a flying leap, and get ready to trust in the universe.



Happy birthday, sweet Sag! You’ve probably noticed that with each passing year, people get more and more hardened in their belief systems. That can be great and all, but we live in an ever-changing world and you’ve gotta keep an open mind. Well, treat this birthday like a New

Year resolution and open yourself up to new possibilities. Use the burst of energy you’ll get this week and absorb the world around you.

Now what? Maybe this birthday doesn’t have to be all about you. I know, the idea sounds crazy, but if you want to flip yourself around, it’s always good to start with listening to others. And more often than not, you’ll feel just as good about it in the end because you learned a lot about another person.



It’s time to make yourself comfy on the couch inside your mind. Sharing is a good thing, but to build a healthy relationship with yourself, you have to keep some things private. So, this week sit back and decide which of those parts of you need to be kept hidden. With this new exclusive you, you’ll be free to dream with no interference from the outside.

Now what? Stay alert! Some much needed flashes of insight may come your way, which will lead to a better sense of you. Learning who you are doesn’t always just come from staring at yourself for a long time. Maybe other stimulations will give you a few hints and set you on a path of self-revelation.



Take off the mask you’ve been looking at the world through, and face reality. The term reality always seems like such a harsh word, but this week will be all smooth for you, babe. This Full Moon is asking you to gently strip yourself of all the illusions and look at the universe the way it was meant to be seen. Not everything is evil and gray. Learn to see the color where you haven’t seen it before.

Now what? The key to stripping illusions is to not fight it. It might be hard for those of you who have been hiding behind them for too long, but it’ll be worth it. Try to change a little bit of your behavior so you can look at things in a new light.



Your soul has begun to feel like it’s covered in a shroud, dear Pisces. You might have a tendency to tuck everything under your cape like the dark princess that you are. Well, it’s time to stop hiding because some of those hidden treats might begin to feel like a prison instead of freedom. The good part is that you get to let it all out on your terms. Don’t rush it; just know that it needs to come out at some point.

Now what? While you’re a little obsessed with yourself this week, don’t forget to pay some attention to your family members. It doesn’t have to be anything overly affectionate, but let them know in a practical way that they still mean a lot to you.



You love that go, go, go lifestyle but you need to chill out, babe! Stop fighting to change the world and let the world shape you. It’s great to be completely you, but it’s not so great to be rigid as a person. Let those around you influence you just a little this week. You’re always up for trying new things, right?

Now what? While you’re restraining your mountain moving power, you might start to feel pent up and anxious. Now would be a good time to let that creative energy flow with projects and whatever gets your brain stimulated. But remember, try not to rebel too much.



Throw that sensibility out the window, and get ready to partay! It’s time to be that reckless teenager you used to be (or never got a chance to be). Gemini’s Full Moon encourages you to do what feels good in the moment and makes you feel alive. How long has it been since you’ve felt the vibrating energy of risk taking? Get ready to feel it pulsate through your veins.

Now what? While it’s great and all to be reckless without consequence, have it in the back of your mind that consequences still exist. Even for you this week. Watch for injuries and hurt feelings, but don’t let it ruin your fun.



Taking ownership? Pfft, not you. Well, this week it is you. Sure, ownership means taking responsibility for the wrongs you did, but it also means taking credit for the good stuff, too. Take this week to get control over what others might have gotten comfortable taking credit for. It’s your life, and you belong in it. Now, be present in it, and don’t take no for an answer.

Now what? With your newly developed  ownership-taking skills, now would be a great time to start a really big project. And take credit for it! It’s about time you got some recognition for that super awesome thing you did. As long as you plan strategically, everything will go smoothly.



Oh honey, you’re wound up tighter than a college student during finals. Unclench! This week’s Full Moon is begging you to just allow. Let it be. Go with the flow. You are a water sign after all, so act like it! Sure, you might be doing some things you don’t want to do, but that’s the beauty of life. Amazing things come out of situations we don’t want to be in.

Now what? Maybe it’s not something that’s asking you to change but someone. Want some good advice? Do it. Try it out. Appease them for once. You might surprise yourself and like the person you become.



Why do you hide, little Leo? Why hide parts of you, that you don’t think belong? Gemini’s Full Moon is here to put a soft hand on your shoulder and tell you that you belong. Every part of you belongs. No one should have to cater their personality to fit each situation; that’s no way to live. So, let it all out, girl! Don’t be ashamed of who you are.

Now what? Letting it all out can be hard when it’s just you. A change of routine could help you get on your way to accepting all of you without holding back. And keep in mind that not everyone has to like the person that you are. You weren’t put on this earth to please them.



Remember those epic tales you used to read about as a kid? Now it’s your turn, feisty Virgo. This week will be your modern adventure filled with adventures that both exhilarate and scare you. You don’t have to leave the country on the hunt for a lost love, but do the things that give you the same feeling. Get out there and enjoy the challenges that come your way.

Now what? Every adventure comes with an adversary, so be prepared to face one of your own. Be cautious in the way that you handle this person because one wrong move and you can ruin that relationship forever.



Duck and weave, babe! Drama is a-coming, so you better start a-dodging. This week, you might feel like you’re getting whiplash from all the zigging and zagging you’ll be doing, but believe me it will all be worth it. Do anything you can not to get hit with that trouble because you just don’t have the energy for it, babe. Use any means necessary, even if it means barricading yourself up in your living room.

Now what? This new alone time could be really beneficial. Take this time to get in touch with yourself and don’t let anyone dictate what you’re going to do for the day. It can be very refreshing doing what you want to do when you want to do it. Almost like the first time you moved out of your parents’ house.



Don’t you enjoy that feeling of wishing and hoping for a dream that’s far away? That feeling of optimism that can only come from something so very far in the distant future. Chase that feeling this week. Tap into your dreams and passions and allow yourself to long for them. Don’t worry about whether they’ll come true or not. Just let them be.

Now what? Use that buildup of electric energy to let yourself be brave. Optimism can take you a long way, so let it. Let your dreams fuel you into doing the daily things that you might not have done otherwise. This week is yours for the taking.

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