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Top Nail Artists Across The USA, Slaying The Nail Art Game, One Hand At A Time

Top Nail Artists Across The USA, Slaying The Nail Art Game, One Hand At A Time

Healthy, happy and well manicured hands should be a crucial part of any beauty routine. When our hands and nails are taken care of, we can feel more confident in a business setting, on a date, or while meeting someone new. This is why we should all take the time for nail self-care and get ourselves to a nail salon. Not to mention there are nail artists that have the artistic capabilities to give you the nails of your dreams, and that you’ll definitely want to show off to your friends. Check out these in-demand nail technicians from hot cities around the U.S. Follow their Instagrams and head to see them to get your nail beauty routine game up to the next level!

New York City

Nails weren't always the forefront of Naomi Yasuda’s career. Growing up in Gifu, Japan, Yasuda served coffee and tea to the locals. Her career shifted when she was hired at Rainbow Nail in Nagoya, Japan, when she was 18 years old. According to NailPro.com her dream nails to work on are Michelle Obama and Rihanna. You can find Yasuda working in NYC. Her style is bold, gem induced and well thought out.


Working out of Chicago, Astrowifey (real name Ashley Crowe), says her nail technician name has to do with female empowerment. You’ll have to book an appointment with her to hear the full story! Astrowifey defines her style with scenic pictures, glow in the dark colors and even created a nail design for Lollapalooza (one of Chicago’s biggest music events). Astrostyle can exceed your nail expectations, no problem!

Los Angeles

Ok, Sabella or “Bella” of SweetBCreations is one talented human. Her first crush was nail artistry. And now she is a double major as a tattoo apprentice. With all the creativity flowing through her, you will see your nails transform right before your eyes. Bells specializes in holographic creations full of color and life. When your hands are in her hands, you know you’re in good hands (or something like that?) Anyway, go see her!

St. Petersburg

NAILZBYDEV is so good, that you can barely believe something so good exists. Her hand painted nails are absolute perfection. With her attention-to-detail you will recognize your favorite characters at your request. She has done The Grinch, Scooby-Doo and Disney character masterpieces right at your fingertips. Her art is too good not to show off to everyone you pass by. Check out her hypnotizing YouTube channel where you can oogle at how her talents come to life. 


Meghann Rosales is the boss lady behind Nails Y’all. She is ready to show off Texas in a big way with her taco nails, state outline and sports themed hand painted nail art. Her style is elegant and full of color. She isn’t afraid to get political with her art either - one hand painted rainbow state of Texas and a “Vote Today” thumb says it all! You go girl!

Las Vegas

If you are into big beautiful showgirl nails that will grab attention on the Las Vegas strip, then checkout Samy Nails Doll STAT. She will gem you up til you can barely stand it. In a fast-moving city of luck, she is sure to make you feel like a star with her designs. Try out a multi-colored ombre nail with some bedazzle to match all your bet-ready outfits!


If you are all about the natural nail life, then Annie of GelHiigh is your girl! Upon visiting her Instagram page you will be blown away by the fun, funky and relevant nails she is creating on the daily. She says to bring her any idea, and she can hook you up with the nails you’ve only dreamt about. From fun smiley faces to Gucci nails, Annie is an unstoppable force.

Cover image via Nails Magazine

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