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8 IG Accounts That Will Have You In All Your 'Fall' Feelings

8 IG Accounts That Will Have You In All Your 'Fall' Feelings

Finally, that magical time of year is upon us. ‘Tis autumn, the diplomatic season that allows summer and winter clothes to peacefully coexist. And with the temperature dropping and sunlight waning, it only makes sense to stay inside and enjoy all the pie and coffee concoctions you can handle (and help you pack on some of that warmth-inducing holiday weight). Arguably the most ‘sharable’ season, there are endless excuses to go selfie-crazy, posting everything from your Halloween efforts, to voicing your opinion on the vote, to your what the hell to wear when it’s 60 degrees outfits. There are so many treasures of this versatile season and but 12 weeks to enjoy it, so here’s a list of Instagram accounts that will inspire you to keep stylish when it’s cold, moisturized when you’re dry, and informed while you're adulting. Oh, and food porn, Thanksgiving edition.


There are two problems with Lauren Ko’s pies: 1) they are so uniquely gorgeous that eating one may feel like a desecration. 2) What sets her apart from other bakers in the gram, besides her psychedelic designs, is the fact that she doesn’t sell pies, only makes them for her lucky friends and family. As complicated as her designs may be, hers is an inspiring account to follow if you are attempting to make your first Thanksgiving dessert. She bakes from intuition, not recipes, which prove that a confident hand can be the best ingredient.


Halloween should be renamed to honor Mimi Choi. She uses both retail and special effects makeup to create incomparable illusions, and has no shortage of nightmarish ideas. If you happen to find yourself in Atlanta this fall, go ahead and contact her for tickets to one of her demonstrations. Learn her techniques at your own risk; it helps if you’re cool with making small children shit their costumes with any of her trippy designs.


Of course coffee isn’t restricted to autumn, but it’s certainly when it becomes a fashionable accessory.  Asaf Rauch, the man behind these most sharable coffee photos, can top any mug with a meticulously rendered cherry blossom tree, a drawn to scale Tinkerbell or any number of freehand designs. If you’re already a fan of art accounts on Instagram, this one marries the basics of painting with our beloved drug of choice.

Alexa Chung

You already know. The forever It Girl is already showcasing autumn’s trends, from animal print to a wearable play on the loose silhouette. What makes her profile so engaging is the undercurrent of quiet creativity. In addition to selfies, she posts photographs, not pics; these are sophisticated.


Saufeeya’s style is timeless and borderless. The growing subset of hijabi fashion on Instagram may not be on your radar, but as the temperature drops, it’s probably close to what you're already wearing. What sets Saufeeya apart from typical fashion influencers is the way she seamlessly integrates a secular look into her traditional outlook. It’s best to follow her if you want to figure out how to pull off fall’s trendy, modest-fitting attire.

The Real PSL

Starbucks’ fall institution has become so beloved that it’s become conceited. Not only can you find it at the coffee house, but you can follow it (or him? her? zir?) around town as it posts selfies with obnoxiously entertaining cool-kid captions. Following this page is a helpful reminder that although watching food porn has become a serious pastime, takeout coffee is to be taken lightly even when it’s consumed heavily.

Queens on Purpose

Your hair and skin will survive the cooler weather with these handmade butters. Every product on the Queens on Purpose line is all natural, and some double as stress reducers or aphrodisiacs (if that isn’t too redundant). It’s best to follow this line if you and your dermatologist seem to have a tighter relationship around this time of year, but you’re about ready to see other people.

Your Local Government

Everyone’s favorite fall day off, Election Day, comes in November. The link above will help you search for your representatives’ names and find them on social media. Following them on Instagram will probably not be enough for you to make an informed decision, but on the very bright side, you’ll be able to carry a conversation at the adult table on Thanksgiving.

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