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Take Out Your Masks And Connect With the Spiritual -  Horoscopes for October 29-November 4

Take Out Your Masks And Connect With the Spiritual - Horoscopes for October 29-November 4

Halloween has finally arrived, babes! In between bouncing between costume parties and trying to trick-or-treat even though you’re way over age, you’ll need to prepare for some emotional trekking. It’s all about connecting with your spiritual side. And no, I don’t mean ghosts.

Once Mercury hits retrograde on November 16, it’ll be time to learn that our core beliefs come from experience. So, revv up the engines and get ready to love adventures, no matter how scary they might seem (thanks Halloween). Retrograde Venus is swapping into Libra’s zone this week, which means we should be expanding our souls and switching up our perspectives without worrying about societal expectations.   




Your spiritual journey involves discovering what desires are here to stay. Maybe you’re a babe of impulsive decisions, but now it’s time to find out which ones will turn into future plans. Eventually, those desires will turn you into the person you want to become. Now, you don’t need to impulsively choose those long term desires because that would be besides the point. Don’t go looking for anything; just be on the lookout.

Now what? This little journey of yours doesn’t need to be done alone. Your brain might get muddled in the process, so maybe a friend could help you out. Of course, that means being completely honest, so if you can’t do that, maybe it’s best to try and figure it out yourself.



Cue the scary music, lovelies, because this week could be a critical time for you. You’ll realize this week that not all relationships are meant to last. Now might be a good time to sift through the relationships you keep near and dear. Some of those relationships might be toxic and could be the source of your problems.

Now what? Dropping those toxic relationships at the drop of a hat might not be the answer. Maybe what your soul searching is telling you is that you need to spend more time away from that person, so you can be you. You can still keep that person in your life, just loosen the hold.



You’re no exception, Cappy. You also need to take a step away from your rational side and cross that line into the lunar powered area of listening to your soul. Go ahead and daydream. Forget about that structured to-do list you might have made. It’s time to go with the flow and stop overthinking things.

Now what? This advice isn’t so clear cut; sorry if that bothers you. Your job this week is to simply listen to what your heart is telling you and act on it.



Do you find yourself tired of the same way of approaching your problems? Well, maybe it’s time to get rid of a few old thinking strategies. A new mental rejuvination is in store for you, boss babe. Don’t go thinking you have to do this all at once because of course that would be too much to handle in between costumes. Take it one step at a time and know that it might take a while to get where you want to be.

Now what? Even if you only make one small change this week, know that it’s okay to appreciate the small success you’ve created. It might just be a small dose of mental stability, but over time it will add up to a whole new feeling.



It’s time to buy your Big Girl Pants, Pisces. Once you realize that sometimes you do have to walk life’s journey alone, the better your relationships will be with your loved ones. Not to say that they think you’re a burden, but there can be a time when you lean on others a little too much. Don’t be so focused on moving forward and know that life is a cyclical thing. Take your first steps alone, even if you stumble. You can have a support system, but they shouldn’t be there telling you what to do.

Now what? Expand your horizons. Maybe a new perspective is what you need to change your mind about going it alone. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing and if you think that it is, then maybe work on that mindset first.



Your mind is an ocean, so get ready for some waves. This week, you might notice a shift in consciousness. But don’t worry; you’re ready for it. Whether you feel yourself going left or right or all over the place, just know that you don’t need to steer yourself in what you think is the right direction. In life, there is no such thing.

Now what? This back and forth could take a lot out of you, so be sure to keep up with what your body needs. Invest in a spa day or hit the gym. The better you feel on the outside, the better you’ll be able to handle the waves on the inside.



Not everything needs to be under lock and key. Do you have some secret desires that you’ve kept hidden away? Whatever your reason for hiding them, know that sometime you just have to air it out to find the answer you’re looking for. You’ll never know unless you’re honest with both yourself and those around you.

Now what? Once you let some of those long hidden secrets see the light, you might feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. This might be a great boost in your confidence and patience, which will give you the opportunity to help your loved ones with their issues.



You’re opposite your Pisces friends, Geminis. Maybe you’ve been going it alone too much. You should realize that you have a support system around you and they’re there to help you when you feel stuck in a rut. Sure, it feels great being all independent, but you can’t be expected to keep it up all the time. So, it’s okay to lean darling Gemini. Someone will be there to catch you.

Now what? If you don’t feel like you have a good support system, this week might be a good time to find one. There’s no designated person for the job. It could be a coworker you’re close with or one of your friends that you might not consider your best friend. Relief can be found in the oddest places, so go looking.



Your mind might already be running at top speed, Cancer. If so, this week is the time to slow it down. Take a mental break before exhaustion kicks in. Life may seem like it will go on without you, but don’t worry. You won’t miss anything important. Besides, nothing is as important as taking care of your mental health. So, go and do that, babe.

Now what? Taking that break might mean that you need to cancel a few get togethers with friends. That endless running around can have you immensely exhausted, so don’t be afraid to tell your friends “no” every once in a while. If they’re the friends that stick around, they’ll understand.



Look through the eyes of your soul and see the color around you. Not everything needs to shine in your face to be extraordinary. You have the power this week to shoot color into whatever situation you see fit. Nothing is gray to you this week, Leos. You are the rainbow of the earth.

Now what? While you’re dazzling the world with your array of colors, your relationship could use a little color too. When was the last time you got your significant other a really good gift? One of those gifts that only the two of you would understand and would make everyone else scratch their heads. This week, it might be time to show that special someone you love them in a more intimate way.



You use your head too much, Virgo. Since this week is all about soul searching for everyone, it’s time you did a little of that too. Anytime you feel yourself analyzing when you know you shouldn’t, make it a point to stop. Give your heart the reins every once in a while and you might be surprised where it takes you.

Now what? While you’re giving your heart control, write down any ideas that come to mind. It doesn’t matter if your brain is telling you they’re foolish. Those dumb little ideas can become great projects later.



It might be time to realize that you’ve been slowly building a brick wall between you and those you love. This week, it’s time to acknowledge where you’ve been doing that and what walls need to be taken down. You don’t need to protect yourself from everyone, Libra. You have those that love you and want to see you succeed.

Now what? What’s the first step in taking down some of those barriers? A heart to heart. Find someone that you want to be the most honest with and start with them. You don’t need to spill your guts; you might just start with telling them that you’ve been holding back. Start somewhere and the rest will follow.

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