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Beauty Apps That Will Turn You Into Your Own Makeup Artist Instantly

Beauty Apps That Will Turn You Into Your Own Makeup Artist Instantly

Let’s be real: we are always on the go in this modern day society. From morning business meetings to happy hours to date nights - we are going to want to put our best face forward when it comes to our beauty routine. When we look good, we feel good about ourselves and exude the confidence to carry the best conversations.

Our smartphones can be our best friends when it comes to beauty inspiration that you are carry right in your pocket day-to-day. Apps are great resources for beauty, skincare and hair care with many tips and tricks for you to indulge. These can be accessed anywhere you have your smartphone. So, check out these beauty apps that can give you your next best look, on-the-go!

Amazing Face

Amazing Face by Zoë Foster is great in emergency beauty situations. This app will help answer questions like: How do I cover that blemish that snuck up from nowhere when I have a meeting in an hour? How the heck do I create a quick and painless smokey eye for my dinner date tonight? Which lipstick should I wear tonight to match this dress? Don’t worry- this app has got all the answers for all your beauty questions.


Hush states that they are “Beauty for everyone.” They aren’t kidding. This app allows users to check out makeup that fits their price range, but delivers quality products to fall in love with. You will receive notifications about sales and makeup events when prices are dropping. The app is full of color and is visually appealing to scroll through to find you next fav makeup products.


Researching your products can be a lot of work based off how many products you purchase and how much time you have each day. This is where GoodGuide steps in. GoodGuide makes it easy to find products that are natural and better for you. All you have to do is take a picture of the barcode and see the 1-to-10 rating based off the company’s practices, the environmental impact and the safety of the product’s ingredients.


If you are going out and need a striking look that will get you noticed on the dance floor, then Beautylish is the app you are going to turn to. This app is loaded with inspiring looks. The app will show you how to achieve the look and which products to use. You will get reviews from professionals on products, too!


Have you ever been to an event and wish you could get your hair done hours before you step out the door? Sometimes we don’t have time to book an appointment to the salon. Glamsquad is an on-demand beauty app that brings the professional to you. All you have to do is book the appointment through the app for the services you need and that’s it! A beauty professional will show up to your location ready to make you look glam!


If you’re on the search for new makeup products, but have a hard time finding unbiased options online, then check out Bellashoot. This is a community based platform that allows users to tell the true story on products on the market. You’ll also learn about trending makeup and access to beauty blogger tips!

Indulge The Nail Snob

Indulge the Nail Snob App is a dream come true for those who find themselves leaving the nail salon and forgetting what the name was of that gorgeous color they chose. All you have to do is “scan, snap and share” and you’ll have a nail color diary to share with your friends. Never again will you be at a loss for which color you chose at your next nail appointment!

Think Dirty

Think Dirty is another nifty shopping app that helps you keep toxic chemicals out of your beauty products. The app design is super user friendly. You can scan over 550,000(!) beauty products to see how they match up to the ultimate 10.0 rating. You can even utilize the “shop now” and “shopping lists” to make your beauty purchases even more convienient!

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