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Grab Your Hiking Boots, It’s Going to be a Rocky Road  Horoscopes for October 15-21

Grab Your Hiking Boots, It’s Going to be a Rocky Road Horoscopes for October 15-21

Anyone know Miley Cyrus’ song “The Climb”? Yeah, that’s going to be all of us this week, babes. Get ready to put on the work gloves and get your metaphorical sweat on because nothing really comes easy in this world. This week’s Waxing Moon in Capricorn means that we’ve gotta use all that energy we saved from last week’s Libra New Moon to push us into motion. Hope you didn’t exhaust yourself from partying too hard.  

Look at it this way: if you work extra hard to make it through this week, you get to reward yourself by next week. Whether that comes on its own or you actively go treat yo’ self, that doesn’t matter. As long as you don’t push yourself over the limit, it will all be over soon.




Say hello to self-confidence! You might be more inclined to treat yo’ self prematurely because no one will be able to get enough of you this week, LIbras. Not only will you be the center of attention, but you might just keep stumbling into sale after sale. And it’s okay to shop for a bargain, but don’t get too reckless, okay? Remember, this week is all about the uphill climb and nothing comes without consequences.

Now what? Because you’ll be hit with a major self-confidence boost, it’s almost necessary to feel good in what you’re wearing. And sometimes, that means buying a little something new for a steal. Check out this Sweetheart Mini Dress from Lindsey’s Kloset, and find a way to make it ready for the fall. C’mon, get those creative juices flowing.



How do you find a balance with rose colored lenses? Well dear Scorpios, you’re about to find out for yourself. This week, instead of preparing for the next big thing to hit you, find what you need to balance yourself out. That might mean throwing on a pair of pink shades and looking at your life with a romantic gaze. Maybe that rebalance is only telling you to show some love to the people that matter. Or even throw that L-word to someone who doesn’t know about your feelings.

Now what? Maybe you don’t own a metaphorical pair of pink shades or you just don’t know how to use them. Well, all that means is don’t look on your life with a harsh glare. Watch a few sappy rom-coms to get in the mood and then get out there and shed the love!



Grab your tiara girl, because you are officially queen of your own universe. This week’s Waxing Moon is here to remind you that no one else can make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. You have the ultimate right to be here and to make your life your own. So, don’t take any crap from anyone this week and discover the power hidden within you. If that means throwing others’ problems to the side to figure out your own, then it has to be done. You might ruffle some feathers along the way, but queens are not here to please.

Now what? Once you realize you own hidden strength, you might feel it coming out in your physical life. Now’s a good time to hit the gym and maybe pick up a good habit. But you don’t have to go alone! Grab a friend and make it a fun competition. It’s a win-win situation.



The ball is in your court, Cappys, and so is the moon. This week is the time to explore what parts of your life need refreshing. It might not be anything big: maybe you just need to pay a little more attention to your relationships. But don’t worry, it won’t be too strenuous because you’ll have the gif of the gab this week. Your gift of intuition mixed with your ability to smooth everything over will have you feeling relaxed and refreshed in no time.

Now what? If you talk yourself in the right direction this week, you might find your romance kicked up a notch. Or two. So, prepare a little. Make yourself feel sexy and empowered and get ready to meet the love head on.



Freeze and put your hands in the air, babes. This week is all about surrendering. And that means stop reaching for what you think you need and take a look around you. Relationships with your friends or maybe even your significant other could be taking a turn for the worse while you have your eyes on the prize. Take a moment to have a conversation with that person and see where your future is. You might find that you two have completely different ideas of what that is.

Now what? Even if you do find that you and your loved ones have different plans for what’s ahead, you’ll be gifted with sensitivity, so you’ll be more understanding to their mindset. This is a perfect time to try to work out a plan so you don’t have to give up someone you love so dearly.



You are a force to be reckoned with, boss babes. Don’t be afraid of that power. This week is a good time to connect with that trembling force within you and use for the good. Express yourself in some way: maybe make art with it, like drawing, singing, or writing. Or it might be time to finally tell that certain someone your true feelings.

Now what? You should never be afraid to express yourself. Nothing good comes from shoving your true self into a corner. But if you need more incentive for shining a light on your real feelings, once you do it, it could lead to some seriously heated romance. I think I’ve said enough.



Maybe instead of climbing the mountain in an avalanche, it’s time to wait it out in a cave instead. This week, your endurance will be tested, dear Aries. But as we know, all things pass in time. So, try not to struggle too much and decide which parts of your life require you to wait and fight that battle later.

Now what? In the meantime, tap into your creative mind. Use your hands to make something that is completely your own or work on your ability to communicate. It’s a good time to start asking for favors or take initiative in your relationships. I said this week was all about action, didn’t I?



You’re not Alice in Wonderland anymore, Taurus. It’s time to get serious, no matter how hard you think that is. This week, you need to cut through the illusion and see yourself and the problems around you for what they really are. Know that self-acceptance is the key to being confident and that ultimately will solve some of your more problematic situations.

Now what? There will always be those things that we can’t change about ourselves. But know that you’re not alone. Even the most beautiful models find problems with their bodies that they wish they could change. So, once you learn that you are beautiful the way you are, many other things will fall into place.



Tap into the waterfall of your emotions, sweet Geminis. It’s time to take a look at what you’re feeling deep within. You might find that some issues with your friends and loved ones comes from you not speaking up when you should. Sometimes it’s okay to hold back what you’re really feeling, but if it happens too much then you become submissive and people might take that for granted. So, don’t be afraid to speak your mind: it will help you in the long run.

Now what? Say hello to smooth sailing by the end of the week! If you do decide to let your feelings out, it will clear up any issues you have with those around you. They might finally realize that they’ve been overstepping some of your boundaries. Of course, you should speak in a way that clearly communicates your feelings. That means no yelling! Just say what you mean without anger.



Life is like a balancing act, and you’re about to know it all too well. This week, you must find the balance between helping others and helping yourself. Of course, they go hand in hand. Your powers of intuition and communication will help you to heal others, but know that you can always turn that power back in on yourself. Treat yourself like one of your friends when they’re going through a tough time. Just listen to what you need.

Now what? Your ability to see the bigger picture will assist you big time. You might even find that your dreams are more vivid and illogical, but they will help you to look at things with a different lens. Sometimes all you need to do is take a step back and look at things differently.



Put your foot on the pedal and don’t let go, Virgos. This week is going to be a helluva ride. Not that you can’t handle it. This week is not about losing control and hanging on for dear life. Oh no, you’ll be in control the whole time. This new speed will help you feel alive and productive, so do things that compliment that. Don’t be afraid to have fun while also having a busy lifestyle.

Now what? Maybe feeling alive means buying some new threads that make you stand out. And no one can miss you in these Silver Surfer Pants from Lindsey’s Kloset. You’ll feel empowered and unstoppable once you pair these with the perfect outfit.  

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