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12 Hairstyles That Will Step Up Your 'Do' Game This Fall Season

12 Hairstyles That Will Step Up Your 'Do' Game This Fall Season

When seasons change - so should your hair. Season change is the perfect excuse to reflect on your goals, pick up some gorgeous new pieces to add your wardrobe and create a new look (or looks) for your hair! There is just something inspirational about switching up your hair each day to keep your fall as fashionable as possible. Check out these hair trends that are happening, now. From cuts, to color, to accessories - these are some ways to get your fall locks kicking off in the right direction! 

Sleek-and-Chic Ponytails 

Fall is the time of year where we can become our busiest. There are football games, apple picking and pumpkin carving going on. With all this busy going on, there is nothing better than throwing your hair into a sleek-and-cheek ponytail. Just blowdry your hair in the direction of the ponytail, secure the ponytail to the head apply a light gel for the flyaways and you’re done!

Finger Waves

Fingerwaves first came about in the 1920s and they are uber classy. Fingerwaves are all about molding and shaping the hair into an s-shaped curve. This style works really well on a bob, but can be achieved with longer hair, as well. To start, you are going to want to create a deep part on one side of your head. Then, create the first section about 1’ away from your part. After this, use a clip to pin this part down. Create an identical part about 1” away from the first s-shape. Continue to do this until complete on both sides. You will want to start curling these sections. Spray on a setting hairspray and mold into curls. This style takes a bit of practice, but once you nail it, the final result is to die for! 

Pops of Color 

Time to reinvent yourself! If you are afraid of putting color in your hair (because of any damage or work related reasons) then a simple pop of color will be a perfect starting point. You can really choose any color you imagine. Get creative with this. You can place the pop of color along the mid-section of your hair towards the front of your face like Selena Gomez, so you don’t have to worry about roots. This hair color placement can grow out naturally and you can choose whether to continue the color pop or not!

Braided Crowns

Keeping your hair out of your face during the windy, cool season is super helpful and efficient. This is where braided crowns come to the rescue. You can look both chic and feel fall functional. Start by parting your hair in the middle from the back. Take three strands on one side of the part and start to Dutch Braid your hair. Work across the top of your forehead until you finish the braid. Repeat on the other side. Have the braids meet and bobby pin and hairspray to secure!

90’s Inspired Barrettes 

90’s inspired barrettes are making a comeback on the runway and in celebrity style. Emma Stone shows off her simple, yet sophisticated bobby pin look. There are a wide array of barrettes you can choose from. This look is quick and great for a study session or you can glam the hairstyle up with some red lipstick and a cocktail dress for a night on the town. Whatever way you decide to play with this look - it is sure to be a hit!  

Bright Red

Now let’s talk about color. Bright red is the ideal color for fall. The color mimics the colorful changing leaves and looks warm, inviting and sizzling hot. Think vibrant and bold when going for this color. This is for someone who wants to be seen and feel like a total rockstar. Anyone can rock this color no matter what skin tone you may have. Rihanna looks flawless with her gorgeous curly locks with ruby flair. 

Natural Textures

Natural hair has been taking over the runway. This means no added color, extensions or straighteners. The natural textures trend is allowing for your hair to take a much needed break and be it’s natural self for awhile. We know this may be tough to break out of your daily hair ritual, but after awhile it’s going to feel so dang good to get those compliments from friends, family and strangers about how ravishing your natural hair is! 

Slicked Back

If you are prone to flyaways then look no further than the Slicked Back hairstyle that is trending, right now. All you have to do is spritz on some texturizing spray, blow dry and use a boar bristle brush to add volume while brushing from your crown to the back of your head. 

Top Knot 

The Top Knot look is gorgeous, slick and versatile. You can go with a braided top knot if you’d like to glam it up a bit. To get a perfect top knot that you desire you are going to want to start by pulling your hair into a high ponytail. Then, split your hair into two sections within the ponytail. Add a small amount of mousse to both sides.Start to twist the two sections together. Wrap your hair around the hair tie. Pop in a few bobby pins and hairspray. That’s it! Now you’re ready for coffee at your favorite shop with your best friend! 

Curtain Bangs

Fringe Bangs are flirty, fun and easy to maintain. Check out Camila Cabello’s bangs for inspiration. These bangs elevate any updo and turn on the glam when your hair is down. You should get your bangs trimmed about every month, but don’t worry - you will be paying a fraction of the cost that it takes to get a full cut. Bonus that you will get extra chances to chat with your hairstylist that you love!

60s Flip 

Rihanna really nailed the 60s Flip that is making a comeback into modern times. This look is super polished and only takes seconds to pull off. To create  this look all you have to do is after washing your hair, work in a styling mousse. This allows the flip to hold. Divide hair into sections, roll them with a round brush while blow drying. Before unrolling your hair, blast with cold air. Finish off with some setting hair spray and you’re done! 

Blunt Bobs

A blunt bob is so in this season. Dua Lipa is great inspiration when going for the blunt bob. This look is bold, sexy and clean. If you have thought about cutting your long locks and making a radical change, then this is the one to go for, right now. Just think about how much less blow drying time you will have to worry about. What used to take 20 minutes can now take only 10 minutes! 

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