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IG Style Watch: Blanca Miró Scrimieri

IG Style Watch: Blanca Miró Scrimieri

Most of the time I’m logging onto Instagram, it’s not really to check in on anyone I know in real life, because I’m a lot more interested in those who are constantly creating inspiring content. Recently, I’ve been finding so much outfit inspiration from fashion Instagram-girl Blanca Miró Scrimieri. (@BlancaMiro). Based out of Spain, this girl is always flying around the world, attending fashion shows, amazing vacations, and posting photos of herself creatively styling outfits. Blanca is basically the face of it-brands such as Ganni and Baum und Pferdgarten, and combines outfits with pieces of luxury brands like Dior, Loewe, and Celine, mixed with fast-fashion brands like Zara and H&M. Blanca shows almost daily how easy it is to blend all kinds of high and low in an effortless way. 

I personally follow Blanca because she creates out-of-the-box outfit combinations, whether it’s different colors, textures, or patterns. I love the daring styling of mix-matching jewelry and crazy shoes that show off her personality in every post.  It makes me feel differently about walking out of the house in all black because it’s a missed opportunity to express who I am!

Check out 10 of my favorite looks from Blanca Miró Scrimieri and what I take away from each post for future outfit ideas.

Black and Yellow

Via  Instagram

Pictured in Paris during PFW, Blanca sits on a Parisian balcony in such a casual yet cool look. Blanca reminds us that anytime you travel to Europe, you’ll want to have a leather jacket on hand. She pairs a classic leather jacket with quirky yellow pants that will definitely stand out no matter what the destination. I love that she styled the pieces with funky boots that make the outfit seem more like her.

Get The Look: Yellow Printed Pants

Via  Zara

Via Zara

Dainty Plaid

Via  Instagram

Never would have thought of putting ballet flats and a plaid flannel together, but Blanca makes this outfit look cool.  I don’t know if it’s because ballet flats are traditionally super feminine and flannels are seen as more tomboy-like, but the combination gives off the perfect in-between vibe. Throw on a pair of personality earrings like Blanca’s and you have a great fall outfit!

Get The Look: Ballet Flats

Via  Asos

Via Asos

High Low Formula

Via  Instagram

Blanca is the queen of mixing high and low fashion brands. She balances on top of her suitcase with a dress by the British-based Shrimps brand paired with structured loafers and calf socks. As usual, I didn’t expect this combination but I love that the loafers and socks tone down the dress to make it more casual to wear to the airport or even hanging out with friends.

Get The Look:  Loafers

Blue Cowgirl

Via  Instagram

Very into many things about this outfit, but my favorite is the bib detail on the Ganni dress that is giving me cowgirl vibes, perfect for fall. The unexpected twist? The blue and green color combination that made her stand out when she wore this look at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Get The Look: Plaid Dress

Girl of the 21st Century

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a lot of Zenon Supernova Girl vibes from this shiny leather jacket and patent leather green skirt combination. Blanca makes an everyday black staple even cooler by adding in the lime green into the mix. Looking forward to colder temperatures so that I can rock a warm combination like this.

Get The Look: Green Skirt 

Clashing Patterns

Via  Instagram

Take a hint from Blanca and don’t wait until Christmas to pair red and green together. She pulls the two colors together perfectly by wearing wildcard leopard-print shoes that make it more of a fall feel. The outfit wouldn’t have felt so put together without the touch of the structured black croc-bag to elevate the look. 

Get The Look: Structured Black Crocodile Bag

Groovy Shoes

Via  Instagram

Not sure how a boxy blazer and matching shorts look so good with orange Adidas Gazelles, but leave it to Blanca to pull it off. She looks like a structured cream-sicle with the clementine orange shoes and yellow polka-dot bandana and striped t-shirt. The extra Blanca touch? Green statement earrings.

Get The Look: Orange Gazelles

Band Together

Via  Instagram

Hanging out in London during LFW, Blanca poses on the staircase in yet another cool ensemble. The outfit formula is easier than you’d think, but she makes it effortless. For a night out this fall, try a red leather jacket, band t-shirt, striped banks and bright blue boots to stand out.

Get The Look: Striped Pants

Pop of Color

Via  Instagram

Reinvent your regular black dress with some cool new pieces like a structured yellow purse and some python-print boots. Blanca shows us the cool way to blend them all together by adding some cool John-Lennon sunglasses.

Get The Look: Snakeskin Boots

 Leopard and a Pop of Color

Via  Instagram

If you already own a pair of leopard pants, think twice before throwing on a white t-shirt and a jean jacket. Think outside of the box like Blanca and grab a bright Kelly green cardigan to show you can style the animal print trend this season. 

Get The Look: Leopard Pants

Cover image via Instagram

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