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Celebrities Who Have Become Everyone's Hair Muses

Celebrities Who Have Become Everyone's Hair Muses

Celebs are always on the cutting edge of must have wardrobe staples & lifestyle trends. They have influenced our look for years --- most notably our hair. In honor of a new year, and a chic AF new look, we picked the hottest, and easiest styles for you to #reglamp for the season.

Platinum Badass - Zoe Kravitz


Not only is Zoe Kravitz dominating the bleached blonde look, she is also winning with one bad ass pixie cut. She combined the two most perfect hair trends to make her look strong and beautiful simultaneously. Hollywood in general is going strong on Pixie cuts. We saw many celebrities cut it all off towards the end of 2017. 2018 will surely be a year of very short hair, and making it look just as sexy and beautiful as having long locks. 

Golden Girl - Jennifer Aniston


As we mentioned, Jennifer Aniston has been a hair icon ever since rocking “The Rachel.” This sun kissed goddess now sports golden highlights.

 At  L.A.'s Sally Hershberger salon, they suggest a professional to craft this look yourself because the highlights can look “messy” if not properly placed.  Golden highlights are sure to have you looking like a California dream in any state, any time of year. 

Pretty In Ombre - Lucy Hale


Lucy Hale proves how much the Ombre coloring technique can bring dimension to your face, and also bring forward an undeniably gorgeous glow. Oh, the power of hair color!

Did you know ombré is a French word for “shade” or “shaded”? Well, now you do. 

 To achieve the ombré look, you will want to aim for darker shading at the roots and lightens near the midshaft of the hair. The framing around the face of lighter color is really important, as it makes your skin glow and makes your locks blend effortlessly together. 

Celebrity stylist, Nick Arrojo, says this is a great way to bring brightness to the hair in a subtle way.

Bangin' In Balayage - Chrissy Teigan 


We all know that Chrissy Teigen is a beauty with some major luscious locks. She likes to rock the balayage look while keeping it 100.

   Surprise! We have another French word which means “to sweep.” Apparently the French are really great with hair fashion and we are thankful for their tricks of the trade. 

   To achieve this look, celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward states that this balayage is a hand painted technique that achieves a natural look with no harsh regrowth lines. We love that.

Sexy in Sombre - Mila Kunis


Sombre is almost like the chill sister of ombre. Sombre is a softer version of the more vibrant ombre. We think the name sounds cool, too. Mila Kunis is the poster woman for this look. 

   Major factor here is that sombré requires less maintenance than ombré, but is a celebrity favorite. Feel fabulous without all the hassle?! We’re game.

Soft But Sassy With Babylights - Miranda Kerr


Miranda Kerr is all about rocking those babylights. Babylights are subtle highlights that frame the face to lighten up your look. 

   Miranda Kerr works with celebrity colorist George Papanikolas who says the look is geared toward looking natural “as if you spent a little extra time in the sun.” We love that sun kissed glow without the potential skin damage (PSA: Wear your sunblock and go for the babylights). 

Rosy With Ronze - Amy Adams


If you’re about all about gorgeous red hair lightning up the room, try adding copper tones for your look like Amy Adams. 

This gorgeous on-the-rise hair technique is called “Ronze” it sounds edgy and looks great. We are so about that life. Redheads rejoice for this exciting new styling technique!

Splashlights - Jessica Biel


Jessica Biel is into her hair recovering the splashlight treatment. Splashlights are a new trend that is making waves. 

   The look is meant to emulate the look of sun hitting your hair in a horizontal streak. You can choose a subtle effect or go even bolder like Jessica does. So, when any type of light hits your hair, it maximizes the effect and looks fabulous in pictures. Cue the *heart eyes emoji.*

Glossed and Glammed - Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer López is no stranger to her hair looking red-carpet ready. 

   A wonderful pick-me-up for hair is to go for a hair gloss. This will va-va-voom your hair back to life. The technique reduces frizz and is easy on the eyes with the after effect. 

Lopez’s hair is a perfect example of what hair gloss can do for you look. It makes you look like you’ve eaten 1,000 avocados and took plenty of vitamins. Shine on, sister!

Silver Blonde - Ellie Goulding


Ellie Goulding looks incredibly cool with her silver blonde hair.

This look is super modern and cutting edge. Literally any clothing you wear will go along with this look. You could even add a little pastel purple to the look to make it even a little more edgy and fun! Rock on!

Opposites Attract - Selena Gomez


  Oh, hello! Who are you, again? Have we met? 

  Selena Gomez shocked everyone when she showed up at the American Music Awards blonde! She was almost unrecognizable. We all jumped for joy when we finally figure out this blonde woman was Selena! 

   Switching up your color from dark to light can be exciting and make you feel like a revamped, new you! It’s almost like meeting everyone, again for the first time (except for those pesky exes- we’ll leave them at the door).

Tortoiseshell - Gisele Bundchën


Gisele looks good with any look, really, but we adore her tortoiseshell locks. Tortoiseshell is meant to look natural and soft, blending tones of chestnuts, caramels, and blondes. Paired with killer smile, this look will have you looking absolutely ravishing, dahhling. 

You’ll be the belle of the ball with this gorgeous coloring technique. Get ready for the *swipe rights* and sea of hair compliments.









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