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These Are the Fashion Girls You Should Be Following For Slay Worthy Inspo

These Are the Fashion Girls You Should Be Following For Slay Worthy Inspo

Admit it: you get 99% of your fashion inspiration from Instagram. There’s nothing to be ashamed of there. I personally love it, especially with the new saved posts feature. I have folders for summer, fall, impulse buys, makeup, and home décor. But more often than not I found myself seeing the same outfits over and over again. You know what I’m talking about: high waisted Levi’s, smocked top, and a micro mini bag. Not that those aren’t good pieces, but can a girl get some variety? In an age where the Instagram uniform is a very real thing, here are some ladies that are sure to give you the spice and inspiration you need.

Shiona Turini

To say I love Shiona is an understatement. She’s the cool auntie that’s closer in age and still has her fingers on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not. From her Proenza head to toe looks, to her behind the scenes IG stories on set as a costume designer, her page constantly sparks black girl joy and fashion muva all at the same time.

Kristen Noel Crawley

If you are looking for a more fun playful vibe look no further than Kristen Noel Crawley. She’s always sharing her makeup and beauty routine via IG stories, which often consists of bright bold eyeliner. And her one of a kind wardrobe is far more than enviable. And she’s not just a pretty face. She is the creator of the KNC Lip and Eye Mask that you’ve likely seen your favorite influencer (Kim K among them) sporting on Selfcare Sundays. 

Melissa’s Wardrobe

More than a good lewk, I love someone that can keep it 100% real on their page. Melissa is my girl for that. She’s pulled together and stylish but will also show up while bare faced watching Lover’s Island. Not only that but her partnerships seem authentic to her brand which makes it much less painful when you see a sponsored post from her. 

Jennifer Fisher

I’m a jewelry feign. So, when every celebrity known to man popped up wearing this lady’s Samira Hoops, I had to see who was behind it all. Turns out she’s equally as polished. She gives me all the inspo I need for relaxed but still put together New Yorker on the run. Also, be prepared to find out more that a few ways to stack you hoops and bangles. 

London Girl NYC

I might be biased to NYC ladies but hey, this is the center of the fashion world. And even though she is a NYC resident this fair lady hails from London hence the name. Catch a look into a totally normal girl walking the streets on NYC in a full Dries van Noten look. Amanda knows her labels and is proud of it. You can also find her speaking up on inequalities in the fashion world and giving us an insider view on little known facts.  

Rosie HW

via  @rosiehw

I’m personally always on the hunt for inspiration that will elevate my everyday look. And Rosie does it for me every time. Her simple and clean looks are elevated with a large day clutch or simple heels that scream “Hello, I’m sophisticated.” 

Tania Sarin

I follow influencers, but Tania is a bit different from the others. You won’t find any cotton candy colored grid here or skinny tea ads. Her looks are edgy, thoughtful, and still so simple that you know you can replicate them yourself. 

Cover image via The Booklet

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