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The Stars Have Finally Aligned, Babe - September 2019 Horoscopes

The Stars Have Finally Aligned, Babe - September 2019 Horoscopes

Babe, the stars are aligning and that means we can put the pedal to the metal.

September is here and will surely be one of your favorite months of the year because of a dazzling arrangement of the stars above. Every once in awhile everything works in our favor, and babe, so get ready to celebrate #HotGirlSummer. At the very end of August, we had a sassy New Moon in Virgo that will be glitter blessings on over into the beginning of the month. This New Moon is a powerhouse for many reasons, particularly because nearly half of the Solar System has aligned their power behind it. That’s a whole lot of diva power just for you. Mars, ruling passion and drive, Venus, ruling money and love, and Mercury, ruling communication and the mind, all twerk alongside the Sun and the Moon. Whatever we wish to put our minds, actions, and heart toward we are likely to see new opportunities blossom before our eyes. Yassssss, honey, we are here for it! Even more exciting, though, is that Uranus, the planet of surprise, will be shooting champagne on over to that celestial celebration giving us breakthroughs almost out of thin air. This is a perfect time for manifestation because the Universe is opening a massive door to you. You may want to try out Cameo Pearl Drop Earrings For Love & Lemons and Mochi Shirred Mini Dress By Love & Lemon because they’re here to make you stand out.

Virgo season is a time when we look at details of our day-to-day lives. We build a routine that is steady and works for us — in career, health, love, and more. Use this season to create a plan of action that can last for a year or longer that will help you build a life of abundance. It’s time to cash in all those good karma coins, babe. The Universe is paying up!

The stars in September are mostly cooking up gifts, so jot down the following dates for anything extra special: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 12, 13, 19, and 24. Consider how you can start initiatives on those days, go big, and be your best and boldest babe possible. However, we do have some days that will be a little shadier, particularly early on because of some fuzzy energy from the planet Neptune. This sultry but elusive planet is one that can bring inspiration and divine love, but it can also smother you in illusions and fantasies. Talk about a buzz kill. As long as you keep your head on straight, you should be okay. Be cautious on the 4, 7, 10, 14, 21, 22, and 25. But that’s not all for September, babe.

On September 13th, we have a dreamy Full Moon in Pisces. Big culminations will happen at this time that we have been building since last March. Neptune will be a little b*tchy at this time, too, so just make sure you’re not lost in a sea of fantasy. There is a mild chance of cosmic f*ckboys, and you don’t deserve that mess, babe. Pisces energy is highlighted at this Full Moon and so we’ll all be throwing on our best hippy vibes and feeling a bit more imaginative and mystical.

Later in the September, we will notice a big shift when Saturn, the planet of maturity and at times hardship, goes direct on the 18th. Hell yes, babe! This is a big moment where we will see what we have learned since January 22nd about taking more responsibility in our lives. We are ready to incorporate this new information to advance our plans, endeavors, and relationships. What have you learned to carry more easily?

Shout out to all of our Libra babes out there, because birthday season arrives on September 23rd! A shimmering New Moon in this sign invites us in on September 28th. Libra is a sign of diplomacy, partnership, but also pleasure, and urges us to balance our hearts and our minds. In the days following this open window, consider how you can bring more stability to your relationships or find someone who is just your type. Time to find that partner in business, love, or life.

While some cosmic goodies will likely pop into our lives, we need to use this month to build the life we want…and the life we deserve.

Babe Affirmations for September


Get on that grind, babe. It’s time to make your work-life balance bow down to you.


Open your heart, babe. There are rare times in life we cross paths with a soulmate and this could finally be that time.


Get in touch with your roots, babe. Trust your intuition on what needs to stay and what needs to go.


Speak up, babe. You have an important message this month and no one will know unless you rise to the occasion.


Build that bank account, babe. Money really can grow on trees – as long as you work to grow it.


t’s your time to shine, babe. Nobody is you and that is your power. Crack. That. Whip.


Heal and release what is no longer serving you, babe. If you don’t put yourself first, no one will do that for you.


Ring the alarm, babe, you’re popular AF. Your net worth is determined by your network. Make ‘em holla atcha.


You’re the gold star now, babe. Keep on climbing till you see your name in lights.


Soar to new heights and horizons, babe. Integrate new experiences and people into your life and watch how you begin to flourish.


Embrace the urge to merge, babe. Your partnerships need to be balanced otherwise you’ll just feel used and abused. Make sure you’re giving and receiving.


Find your partner, babe. Whether it be in love, business, or collaboration, you’ll benefit when two become one.

Kyle Thomas is a globally published pop culture astrologer who has been interviewed by Cosmopolitan Magazine, Bustle, House Beautiful, Marie Claire, YahooNews, MSN, and more. His work harnesses the power of the stars and he is known for his cosmic guidance from the stars regarding celebrities, entertainment lifestyle, as well as trends affecting people all over the entire world. Astrology has always inspired him and he is a great believer in using the Universe to manifest the life you've always dreamt of. With over a decade of professional experience and clients all over the world, he currently resides in Los Angeles where he works as a professional astrologer, life coach, writer, and producer. Currently, he is the resident astrologer for @Horoscopes + @Horo.ScopesDaily (4.7 million followers) Wit & Delight, DEN Meditation, & Exhibit A, developing episodic content for television and digital platforms, as well as writing lyrics for established pop music producers. Kyle received two Bachelor of Arts for Psychology and English from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and integrates these degrees into his growing research of psychology, personality, and the human condition. Follow Kyle Thomas on Instagram: @MrKyleThomas (http://www.instagram.com/MrKyleThomas) or Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/kylethomasulatowski)). More info: www.kylethomasastrology.com

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