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Phenic Natural Skincare Brings Nature's Glow To You

Phenic Natural Skincare Brings Nature's Glow To You

Gorgeous, luminous skincare products that work and you really trust can be hard to find in today’s beauty market. That is - until Phenic Natural Skincare came on the scene. Phenic Skincare is created with nutrients that have skin healing properties with the secret ingredient:  mediterranean olive oil. When you think Phenic Natural Skincare think: “protective, healing and enhancing.” Your skin will thank you.

Rose Beauty Oil

The rose beauty oil has a blend of Squalane Oil, Unrefined Organic Vitamin E Oil, Unrefined Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Rose Essential Oil. This beauty oil will leave your skin feeling velvety and smooth. Squalane Oil assists with anti-aging properties, while Organic Rosehip seed oil will work to help correct dark spots and dry skin.

For Who: The girl who is seeing dark circles and fine lines in the mirror and is over using tons of cover up because of it.

For What: Help reduce the appearance of dark spots and reducing the appearance of wrinkles for a natural, youthful look.

Coconut Rose Face Mask

Coconut oil is like a magical elixir to the beauty world. The ‘Coconut Rose Face Mask’ will work to “exfoliate, detoxify and soothe the skin.” All you have to do is apply, leave on for 15-20 minutes and wash off! So, kick back, relax and enjoy the benefits of this mask and your smooth, glowing skin!

For Who: The lady who loves an at-home spa day and swears by coconut oil’s healing properties.

For What: Assisting with soothing and healing skin prone to blemishes and hydrating skin to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Jasmine Beauty Oil

The ‘Jasmine Beauty Oil’ will help assist with moisturizing your dry skin, helps to control oiliness and help to promote healthy, glowing skin! The Vitamin E will assist with anti-aging and preventing inflammation. Oh, and did we mention how good it smells?!

For Who: The babe who’s noticed her t-zone had been outshining her face in pictures.

For What: Maintaining oil control and reducing the appearance of inflammation so that skin is healthier and balanced.

Aloe Vera Serum

To brighten your complexion go for the ‘Aloe Vera Serum.’ Grapeseed oil will work to heal acne, moisturize your skin, reduce the appearance of scars and tighten pores. The organic aloe vera gel will help with slowing signing of aging and moisturizing your skin!

For Who: The gal who is concerned about her pore size and wishes they were barely visible.

For What: Assisting in reducing pore size, helping to diminish scars and hydrates skin to prevent signs of aging.

Oil Cream Facial Moisturizer

If you have tried countless moisturizers that just don’t do the trick, then look no further than the ‘Oil Cream Facial Moisturizer.’ This formula is packed full of gorgeous ingredients such as:

Squalane Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Raw Honey, Jasmine Powder, Unrefined Organic Vitamin E Oil, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Organic Jasmine Essential Oil. Phew! Your face is going to be hydrated and glow like never before!

For Who: The girl who is prone to dry, irritated skin in the summer heat and needs hydration...now.

For What: Helps to reduce inflammation,  and combats dry skin with major hydration.

Now, let’s hear from the entrepreneurs themselves and get full tea on Phenic Natural Skin Care!

Tell us about the day you decided you were going to start a skincare company. What paved the way for that specific decision?

Sophia, Co-founder: I was actually working in corporate as a project manager when I began to question my career path. I basically had a quarter life crisis and decided that it was the time to follow my entrepreneurial dreams. I come from a family of small business owners, so I always had the desire within me to startup and run my own business I just needed to find the right platform. I struggled with my skin growing up, and because of that I developed an extensive skincare routine. Skincare is something I am really passionate about. My mother taught me at a young age about how important it is to take care of your skin by using quality skincare products daily. It came naturally to combine my passion for skincare with business. I actually remember texting Alexandra one day “what do you think about the idea of olive oil skincare?”

Alexandra, Co-founder: Around the same time, I was itching for more with my career. I was involved with Marketing but I felt like something was missing. I began volunteering for a entrepreneurial-focused networking group, where I assisted the founders with anything they needed leading up to their annual conference. I began working very closely with one of the co-founders, who is a life and business coach. I believe that she truly opened my eyes to my true potential during this time. I was able to see myself in the position of founder, but I knew whatever path I went down that I would like to have a partner who was as passionate as me. I have always been very passionate about the cleanliness of the things we put on our bodies. Skin is the human body’s largest organ and, quite simply, it “eats” whatever we put on it. Many skin care products, especially in the United States, contain unhealthy and even potentially toxic ingredients. This is terrifying, because, quite simply, we do not know the long term effects of using these toxic ingredients every day.

Why did you choose the name Phenic?

The name Phenic is derived from the French spelling (Phénicien) of Phoenician which is the name for the ancient people of Lebanon. We used the French spelling since French is a common spoken language in Lebanon. The inspiration for this natural skincare line comes from visits to Lebanon growing up. Sophia’s family has a grove of olive trees which they would have picked and pressed for oil each year. The resulting “liquid gold” as we like to call it, is full of skin healing nutrients and antioxidants. It would be used for a variety of purposes from soaps to skin creams, and culinary of course. We are thrilled to bring this mediterranean jack-of-all-trades ingredient to center stage and highlight its amazing skincare benefits. Olive oil is already used widely in the kitchen, but it can be used for so much more than that. The ancient Phoenicians used olive oil to moisturize skin, add a luminous shine to hair, and for various medicinal purposes as it naturally reduces inflammation. 

What is the most MUST HAVE product in the Phenic Collection? Why?

The product that started it all is our Oil Cream Moisturizer. This rich oil cream is a blend of some of nature's most skin nourishing ingredients such as olive squalane, shea butter, and honey. It has a rich texture that melts as it is applied and gives skin such a wonderful hydrated glow. Applying it before bed is how I add a bit of luxury to my daily skincare routine. The recipe for our Oil Cream Moisturizer is very meaningful to us because it is an adaptation of one that was passed down to Sophia from her grandmother and was in her family for generations. We tweaked it by swapping out a few ingredients, with great care to preserve authenticity, but also increase its efficacy and sustainability. We truly believe now that we have something very special and effective. It definitely has a holistic and mediterranean feel that we are excited to share with the world.

How has the brand evolved as your grew? What were some of your roadblocks along the way and how did you overcome them?

Our brand started off with just the moisturizer and it had many variations until we got to the perfect formula. We are very proud of where are today as we hand selected each ingredient and its source. Finding high quality, organic, cruelty free, and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible is very important to us. Putting together products we are proud of took us the longest of the whole process. Phenic is 100% privately owned and we bootstrapped the entire process. This monetary aspect was probably our biggest challenge and roadblock. We overcame this by taking our time and investing smartly so that we never spread ourselves too thin. 

What problem is your brand solving for those who use your products?

Phenic's mission is to bring insight and appreciation of nature as skincare to those seeking an enlightened and pure lifestyle. The current skincare market is pretty tough to navigate with so many products masquerading as clean and natural when in fact they have ingredients that are far from it. We seek to provide products that are completely natural, effective, and affordable. Our ingredients are minimal and include no useless fillers. Each ingredient on our label is thoughtfully chosen and has a specific purpose. That transparency is an issue in today's marketplace and doing things as simply as possible will make it easier for our customers. 

How did you choose the ingredients for your products? Let’s talk a little about the science behind the products.

We selected ingredients that are real power players, those that multitask and offer skin multiple benefits at once. This is how we can keep our ingredient list short, sweet, and easy for customers to navigate. The base ingredient of all our products is olive squalane. Squalane oil is a clear lightweight oil that is highly nourishing for our skin because it is very close in composition to our skin’s natural oils. Since our body recognizes squalane, it absorbs it quickly without any greasy feeling leftover. This makes it an amazing moisturizer and we love that it also provides anti-aging benefits such as fine line reduction.        

What do you see for Phenic Natural Skincare in the future? What is your vision for the future?

As holistic living and clean skincare become more mainstream we plan to expand Phenic’s reach and distribution within the market. We aim to bring Phenic to the shelves of major beauty retailers across the country so it is easier for customers to find and try out the products for themselves. We also plan to expand our line so that it emcompasses all the steps within a skincare ritual: cleansing, moisturizing, treatment, and sun protection.  

Are there any new product releases in the near future you would like to get our readers excited about?

Right now we are really excited about an under eye roller that we are in the middle of developing. The formula is a blend of botanical carrier and essential oils. It has been scientifically designed to reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes. As a company we are passionate about the many holistic uses of oils and are thrilled to be able to bring to market a product that will help your anti-aging routine utilizing pure and natural ingredients. We are also working on a mineral-based sunscreen that has no harsh or harmful chemicals so you do not have to worry about damaging marine life while protecting your skin.

What celebrity would you choose to be the spokesperson for your products? Why?

It would definitely have to be Priyanka Chopra. Her skin always has a luminous dewy glow which shows just how well she cares for her skin. Even when wearing makeup, her looks are simple and clean thus allowing her healthy skin to shine. Aside from being such a natural beauty she uses all-natural and holistic ingredients on her skin. She regularly features these through DIY recipes that she shares. Her attitude towards skincare is very much in line with our brand. It is all about using ingredients that are natural, clean, gentle, and nourishing.

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